This Scary Footage Is Leaving Viewers Baffled

These clips are creepy!

Ever watched a video that has made you stop and think about what you just saw? Well that’s exactly what you can expect from this scary footage that is leaving viewers baffled.

6. Scary Footage: Creature Spotted in Woods



This creepy footage comes to us from an unknown source. What we can say is that this person filming certainly had a lot of confidence to go walking in such a dark and spooky woods with some sort of creature lurking about!

The video opens in the middle of the woods and it’s difficult to see what’s happening at first. The videographer then presents the scene more clearly with the help of a flashlight as an eerie sound begins to echo in the woods.

At first, it sounds like somebody could be injured in the distance, but as it gets louder, it’s obvious that whatever is making the dreadful noise is anything but human! After wildly flailing about with his flashlight in an attempt to get it to focus in the distance, we see a terrifying creature peering around one of the stumps of the trees looking right into the camera. It looks sickly thin with terrifyingly sharp teeth and greasy hair. Some viewers have even likened it to an insect.

It’s no wonder that the person filming immediately flees. We can hear the huffing and puffing of his chest as he attempts to escape whatever has been stalking him through the woods.

What would you do if you were walking through the woods and encountered such a creature?

Is this a creepy cryptid caught on camera?

5. Paranormal Activity Captured in Bathroom


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The scary footage from this tape was uploaded by we.are.not_alone. The video opens up on the scene of a public bathroom. The floors are polished, the stall doors clean, and the water faucets free of mess. It’s obvious that the night cleaners take this job quite seriously. Unfortunately for the videographer, it’s not any night-time cleaning crew that’s causing the commotion that leads him to investigate the area.

At first, the tap goes off on the far left sink. It’s a motion-activated tap, and there is certainly no human hand waving in front of it. As the videographer continues to comment on the eerie happenings, the hand dryer turns itself on and begins to blast hot air.

While this takes place, the tap continues to turn itself off and on. It’s easy to tell by the reflection in the mirror that the man filming it has just about reached his horror limit. All it takes is the slamming of one of the toilet stall doors to send him running.

Have you ever had mysterious events happen to you while in a public toilet? What do you think caused the taps to turn themselves on and off?

4. Strange Black Objects Flying Above the Ocean



This creepy footage, captured by Nick Brint, first aired on the Australian morning TV program Sunrise. While walking along the shoreline in Noumea, Brint managed to captured something unusual on camera.

In the clip we see two strange black objects hovering just above the water. They drift back and forth throughout the footage.

There appears to be no manipulation of the video, and no hard cuts have been made. At first, people thought that the floating objects were kites. However, they lack the opacity that kites typically have, plus they’re flying quite low to the water. Unfortunately, Brint’s battery ran out when he was filming, which means we miss the departure.

Brint said he’s not interested in selling the footage for money, and that he has an open mind and simply wants to find an explanation for the bizarre sighting.  He teamed up with one of Australia’s best UFO researchers, Doug Moffat, who was very helpful and curious about just what could have caused the dark blobs to appear in the first place. He was  surprised by Brint’s genuine curiosity saying that real people all over the world are seeing things that can’t quite be explained.

Viewer reactions vary with this curious piece of footage. Some say it’s kite surfers, birds or even drones. Ultimately the jury is out on this sighting with no definitive conclusion being reached.

What’s the most terrifying scary footage you’ve seen of UFOs?

3. Scary Footage: Proof of a Haunted House?



This ghostly trio of scary footage was uploaded to Youtube by Youngboi Lloyd. He has certainly had his fair share of mysterious happenings. In this series we see that a possible ghost has set up residence in his home.

The first bit of scary footage begins with Lloyd just chilling on the couch, looking at his phone. Out of nowhere, one of the nearby plants tips over. Lloyd stands up to put the plant back where it belongs when suddenly one of his children’s trikes begins to approach him.



The second video starts with Lloyd sharing his intentions to get rid of the ghosts by burning sage. He lights the sage and starts sharing stories of what has been occurring in his home. As he is talking, one of the chairs at the table that he’s sitting at tips over and clatters to the ground with a loud slam. Lloyd jumps up from his own chair to investigate.



The third video is the longest of the trio and really shows how Lloyd is psychologically impacted by the spirit. After explaining his situation to the camera, he gives an emotional plea for understanding before the cupboard door behind him begins to slowly open. A few moments later a bowl flies off the shelf and lands on the ground. Lloyd stands up and demands the spirit leave his home. In the final moments, as Lloyd reaches for the camera to give viewers a better view, you can see the cupboard door moving on its own.

Gauging Lloyd’s reaction to the events in the third video, it seems he’s had just about enough of the eerie haunting plaguing his home.

2. Shadow Person Caught on CCTV

Shadow person manifests and fades on home CCTV camera from r/veryspookyvideos


This Reddit gem comes from user Amajormalfunction and features a rather disturbing happening within an otherwise calm residence.

The event took place on the 2nd of November 2015 at around 3:46 in the morning. All was still until the CCTV camera captured the figure of a slumping dark shadow walking across the far edge of the room. Firstly, the lights begin to flicker. Then the strange figure emerges from the left of screen.

The ghastly figure begins to walk towards the right, it seems to almost hover as it drifts along. It looks as though the figure is holding its head down low with its shoulders relatively slouched forward.

Some commentators have suggested it might be an intruder prowling the house. However, the sheer darkness of the figure leads one to believe that this entity may not be of this world.

Have you ever caught anything particularly disturbing on CCTV footage in your own home? What do you think was this shadowy humanoid figure’s reason for lurking?

1. Scary Footage: Poltergeist Haunts House



This scary footage comes from an unknown source. But it appears that a malicious spirit is lurking in their home.

The footage opens up to a scene of a seemingly typical kitchen. It isn’t long until we hear the voice of a terrified woman threatening whatever being is causing her grief. The woman resolutely swears at the invisible creature, and demands it leaves. Apparently, the spirit doesn’t take kindly to these demands as a two-tier step stool slides towards the filming woman in a rather aggressive fashion.

The response was so sudden and unexpected that the woman begins to walk backwards. In disbelief, she attempts to rationalize what was going on. “There’s nobody there, there’s nobody there,” the horror-stricken woman whispers on and on. She begins to trip over several objects behind her as she backs to safety.

The final thing we see before the footage cuts out is a dark-colored pot holder flying off the white stovetop from the kitchen and towards her in the darkness. It seems this ghost wants her out of the house.

If your house was haunted, what would you do to fight back in order to save your home and loved ones from such an aggressive poltergeist?