These Chilling Videos Are Sure to Shock You

Which Of These Chilling Videos Is The Strangest?

From strange figures filmed on a rooftop to startling footage of a UFO interacting with a falling satellite, these chilling videos are sure to shock you.

6. Ghost Seen at Radio Station


At the East Coast Radio Station in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, a DJ named Sirshin became the subject of a rather chilling video.

The DJ, who hosts a popular late-night show at the radio station works from a closed-off booth and is usually the only person in the studio. However, one night, his lonely night shift turned into a terrifying ordeal when someone or something was seen walking the halls.

The footage shows the DJ sitting at his desk when suddenly, the entire studio is enveloped in darkness.

Sirshin quickly picks up the phone to call someone who may know more about the power outage. As he speaks to his colleague, something eerie happens just outside the studio’s window. In the brightly-lit hallway, we see a mysterious figure in a black cloak walk slowly past the window. Used to working alone and most likely still a little spooked by the power outage, Sirshin goes to the window to investigate. However, the figure seems to have disappeared.

To make the video even creepier, the area where the studio is located is tightly secured at all times. Any employee wishing to enter the area has to scan their fingerprint at the entrance to gain access, and only authorized people are allowed in. The fingerprint scans are then recorded. On the night in question, the only print recorded in the system was Sirshin’s; no one else had entered the studio all night. So who, or what, was the mysterious cloaked figure? A ghost perhaps? The staff of the East Coast Radio station has no idea.

5. Mysterious Ball of Light


This chilling video was uploaded to Rob Freeman UFO World Explorer‘s YouTube channel in July, 2017.

The footage was shot near the Stawamus Chief Mountain in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. Often simply referred to as “The Chief,” this mountain is one of the largest granite monoliths in the world, and the site of numerous paranormal sightings.

Among the sightings, several residents have reported seeing bizarre balls of light floating in the sky near ‘The Chief.’

Freeman and his team of investigators decide to attempt to capture the phenomenon on film and, shortly after dark, the crew manage to catch a glimpse of a ball of light using their camera’s night vision.

According to the crew, the orb was huge and yellowish-white in color. The footage shows the orb moving in a perfectly straight line above the mountain. The light quickly travels into the woods, illuminating the surrounding trees, before disappearing from view.

Subsequent research performed by the crew showed that the International Space Station would not have been in the correct location to cause the light. The team also noted that is was unlikely to have been a plane as the light seemed to make no noise whatsoever as it moved above the treetops.

Many attribute the strange sightings to the fact that ‘The Chief’ has significant spiritual meaning to the Squamish, the indigenous people of the area. They believe that the orbs that have been spotted near the mountain may be spirits that are attempting to make their presence known.

As with most unidentified lights spotted in the sky, it has been suggested that this ball of light could be some sort of alien space craft that is inexplicably drawn to the area.

What do you think? Could this mysterious ball have extraterrestrial origins? Or is it more likely to be spiritual in nature? Let me know your thouin the comments section below.

4. Creepy, Moving Christmas Doll


No list of chilling videos would be complete without a cursed doll caught moving on camera. This clip, uploaded to MBJREPORT‘s YouTube channel shows an heirloom that has become the center of a bizarre family mystery centuries in the making.

According to the doll’s owner, it has been in the family for over 400 years. It originated in either England or Germany and has been passed down to various family members ever since. In the video’s description, the owner also suggests that when their aunt gave them the doll, she seemed very glad to be rid of it. As it turns out, it wasn’t long before the new owner discovered why.

If you watch the footage closely, you can see that the doll’s mouth slowly closes. Shortly after, a puppy appears that seems oddly preoccupied with the nutcracker doll. The canine must sense that something strange is happening as a few seconds later, the doll slowly begins to rotate itself away from the camera.

This creepy footage seems to solve the mystery of why the previous family members have been so eager to pass the doll on. However, the exact cause of the nutcracker’s strange movements have yet to be discovered. Perhaps the spirit of a long-deceased family member has attached itself to the doll so they could keep an eye on later generations?

3. Ghostly Figure Leaps from Hill


This video, uploaded to YouTube by Thomas Ajit shows a group of friends driving in the Nandi Hills in Karnataka, India. Surely not expecting to see anything too strange as they make their way to the top of the infamous incline, what they actually captured on camera that night is truly shocking.

Nandi Hillis is an ancient hill fortress built by the Ganga Dynasty. Prisoners are said to have been thrown to their death from an area known as Tipu’s Drop, a site that is now popular with tourists, mostly for its breathtaking sunrises.

Unfortunately, the area is also known for being the site of frequent accidents. A simple Google search shows that the location has seen more than its fair share of disasters over the years. Indian news outlets regularly report injuries and deaths in the area, typically the result of violent car crashes or climbing accidents.

No one is sure why Nandi Hills is such a dangerous spot for visitors. However, this footage may be one piece of the puzzle. When the group reaches the top of the hill, they notice a mysterious figure standing atop the fence at the edge of the hill. The figure is clad in a flowing white garment that covers it from head to toe. As the group approaches the figure, it suddenly leaps from the fence and disappears into the darkness.

Some viewers believe that this video is fake, showing an ordinary person covered in a sheet. However, Nandi Hills reaches an impressive height of 1,478 meters (4,849 feet) at the top of the hill where the footage was supposedly captured. A person jumping from this height could not do so without sustaining serious injuries. This has led many to suggest that the figure seen in this video could actually be a ghost.

While no one knows who or what this strange figure is for certain, some speculate that it could be responsible for the hill’s chilling reputation. Unfortunately, without further information this video will have to remain a mystery. At least for the time being.

2. Mysterious Figures Filmed on Rooftop


Most chilling videos seem to be recorded at night. However, this footage uploaded to YouTube by Niko V shows that occasionally creepy things can also be caught on camera during the daytime.

In this shaky video clip, the cameraman zooms in on a nearby building. It quickly becomes apparent that they are attempting to capture the strange movements of two figures on the rooftop who appear to be wearing large, flowing cloaks.

Some viewers have suggested that they could simply be maintenance workers. However, what they are wearing seems far too unusual to be work attire. In addition, the figures do not appear to have a normal body shape. They have small heads and their necks are far longer than that of an average human.

Since this video first surfaced online, several theories have developed attempting to explain the strange figures. Some claim that they could be vampires. While others believe that their bizarre body shape could be a sign that they are actually aliens. Some viewers have even noted their similarities to Slenderman, the tall, thin supernatural entity known for terrorizing those unlucky enough to spot him.

What do you think? Could these figures really be something supernatural? Or is there another explanation for their bizarre clothing and strange movements? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

1. UFO Interacts with Falling Satellite


In this video uploaded to YouTube by Celestial Insights, a New Zealand woman’s attempt to film a satellite falling from the sky, takes a very bizarre turn. The footage now seems to have many viewers contemplating the question – are we truly alone in the universe?

As the space debris falls through the earth’s atmosphere, it leaves behind a trail of fire and smoke that resembles the tail of a comet. However, as the satellite descends, another object suddenly appears in the sky. The UFO moves in from the right side of the screen and seems to pass through the trail of smoke.

The dark, oblong shaped object moves at an incredible speed making it almost invisible to the naked eye. However, when the footage is slowed down and the color enhanced you can see the strange ‘craft’ rather clearly.

To make the video even more compelling, the UFO then appears to briefly interact with the tail of the satellite before ascending back into the sky.

So far, there has been no earthly explanation for this chilling footage. The UFO seems to move too fast to be anything ever made by humans, which has led many to speculate that the mysterious object could in fact be an alien craft.