Mysterious TikTok Videos That Shouldn’t Exist

These TikToks are creepy!

While in the past, ghosts seemed to stay out of the limelight, these days they seem to be popping up everywhere, including TikTok. As with any new social media platform, it was only a matter of time before ghastly and mysterious TikTok videos became viral. Let’s take a look at some of these mysterious TikTok videos that shouldn’t exist.

6. Mysterious TikTok Videos: Shadow Figure Caught in Background

@diegogranadostNew Year’s Eve 🤙🏽✨ ##baile ##foyoupage ##fyp ##parati ##dance ##trend ##foryou ig: diegogranadost♬ Put It Down remix by ur fav couple – wowbrey

TikTok is all about adding music to videos, so amateur dancers can show off their ‘skills’. However, user diegogranadost showed off a lot more than his upbeat music in this video, with dark and eerie things happening behind him.

In this video, the user decides to take to TikTok to share his New Year’s Eve fun with his followers. His celebration seems to consist mostly of him dancing and lip syncing to a popular song. However, as he shows off his moves, the doorway behind him quickly becomes the star of the show.

In the middle of his performance, something seems to be amiss in the dark doorway leading out of the room. If you watch closely, you’ll see what appears to be a dark, shadowy figure running across the open doorway. The figure looks human in size and shape, but is running in a crouched position, as if trying not to be seen. It looks like a shadow, making it impossible to discern any specific characteristics.

Shadow people are common in ghostly lore and mythology. Typically, they appear in already dim areas, making the witness question whether they experienced a trick of the light, or really saw something unnatural. Many believe that these creatures are shades of the underworld who return to sow fear among the living. However, some scientists claim that these creatures are products of our imaginations and are brought on by fear. This explanation could hold water for someone alone in a dark house. However, seeing one in the background of a brightly lit, upbeat video is another matter entirely. What do you make of it?

5. Boy in Blue Appears out of Thin Air

@katherinegisellem🤣##xzyabc ##xzyabc ##foryou ##parati ##fypシ ##mexico🇲🇽♬ original sound – 🌟💫✨Sanjana ✨💫🌟

Some mysterious TikTok videos, such as this one shot by user katherinegisellem, have to be watched a number of times before you can figure out exactly what seems to be amiss. Even when you see it, you end up scratching your head, completely perplexed as to what you just saw.

On its surface, this clip seems to be just another upbeat, music video created by a group of kids. As the music begins, we see only a field with several cows watching from behind the fence. Then, a group of kids of various ages walk into the shot from behind the camera. They take their places along the fence before beginning their dance.

However, not everything is as normal as it seems. If you watch closely as the first two girls enter the shot, there is clearly enough space between their bodies to show that there is no one walking in front of them. Yet, as the other kids enter and clutter up the space, a young boy in a blue shirt suddenly pops up in front of the girls.

Where did he come from? No matter how many times you watch it, there is no logical explanation for how the boy could have entered the shot unseen. Could he be a ghost? Other than his seeming ability to appear out of thin air, there is nothing unusual about the boy. He looks just as corporeal as his friends. The video seems almost like a glitch in time, and so far, no one has been able to explain it.

4. Mysterious TikTok Videos: Haunted House?

@dreezperrySo I tried this earlier and the blinds moved but I thought it was just some wind or something…officially scared! ##ghost ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzcba♬ original sound – dreezperry

When Dreez Perry started to suspect that his house was haunted, he did what any young person would do. He started making mysterious TikTok videos to document the strange occurrences that have him convinced he is sharing his home with something supernatural. In a series of five videos, strange things happen that would have anyone questioning whether it was time to find a new place to live.

In the first video, our TikToker explains that he has been seeing strange things in one particular room of the house. The room is messy and filled with toys, suggesting it could be a child’s play room.

He asks that the spirit move something to show itself – a can on the desk inexplicably falls over. Moments later, he asks again for another sign. This time, a small toy car rolls out from behind the fallen can. He zooms the camera close enough so we can see that there are no strings attached.

@dreezperryThis is Part 2 the spirit does it again! I think it’s a kid or atleast it’s kinda friendly ##ghost ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzcba♬ original sound – dreezperry

In the same room, he makes another video to lure the spirits out. He asks if there are any young spirits in the room looking to play a game. Right away, a ball falls to the floor and rolls toward him. He holds the ball up to the camera to show that it’s just an ordinary ball. The ghost then knocks on the floor, to indicate that it is a friendly spirit.

@dreezperryI’m not sure if this is a ghost or something worse but I’m scared! Lol ##ghost ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzcba♬ original sound – dreezperry

On the advice of his viewers, the TikToker sprinkles flour on the floor in hopes of finding further evidence of a ghostly inhabitant. Shockingly, he finds child-sized footprints in the flour, as well as hand and foot prints on the walls. The fact that the entity seems to walk on walls clearly makes him nervous.

@dreezperryThis seems to be the biggest object I’ve seen it move. Can Ghost move stuff or is it something else? ##ghost ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzcba♬ original sound – dreezperry

His nerves may be justified. In the early hours of the morning, he hears knocking coming from another room. When he asks the spirit to show itself, a shoebox flies across the room toward him.

@dreezperryYet another experience from my friendly ghost lol Almost 💩 myself I keep that light on for my daughter ##ghost ##paranormal ##fyp ##foryoupage ##xyzcba♬ original sound – dreezperry

In this final video, he enters the hallway when he hears odd noises. He suddenly finds himself in darkness as the ghost shuts off the lights.

The uploader explains that he’s tired of people in the comments saying that he’s been using strings and other tricks to create the haunting seen in the videos.

There’s quite a lot of videos on his Tiktok account that show other possible ghostly activity. It’s well worth a watch.

3. Mysterious Tiktok Videos: Creepy Hand on Window

@vampire_chick_03I messed up 🙁 ##neverfitin ##albumlookalike ##jamsession ##bakingrecipe ##learnfromme ##foryoupage ##foryou ##fyp♬ original sound – tobeepaik

Just like other mysterious TikTok videos, this clip from Vampire_chick_03 shows that ghosts don’t always have to resort to the terrifying theatrics of a poltergeist to scare unsuspecting witnesses. Even without boxes flying through the air or lights unexpectedly shutting off, a spirit can still make its eerie presence felt.

Like many mysterious TikTok videos, this one begins with music. A young woman cranks up the tunes and shows off her dance moves while the camera rolls. It wasn’t until later that she realized that something bizarre was happening behind her as she danced.

We see a dimly lit room with a dark window behind her. The two panes of glass appear solid black, showing only the inky night sky. However, they don’t stay this way for long. Slowly, a pale handprint begins to appear on the lower pane of glass.

Other than this single handprint, the spirit leaves no evidence behind, leaving the young woman to wonder who, or what, decided to sneak a peek at her from outside the window.

There are three possible explanations for this video. The first, is that it’s all a hoax. A friend was sitting outside pressing their hand on the window.

The other two explanations are equally troubling. It could indeed be evidence of a haunting or someone was sitting outside the window watching this girl as she danced.

I’ll throw this one out to you the audience. Hoax, ghost or stalker? Let me know in the comments below.

2. Possessed Roommate?

@shawnhatestiktokIn the spirit of Halloween I’m posting my most viral possessed roommate video (3.4 Mil views) ##haunted ##possessed ##halloween♬ Scary Music Box – Cauldron City

According to shawnhatestiktok, there’s nothing worse than a roommate who snores. Except maybe one who is possessed.

This unfortunate person begins making his mysterious TikTok videos to complain about his roommate’s snoring. However, the loud sounds quickly become the least of his worries as the roommate begins sleeping with his arms straight up in the air. Soon after, his nightstand drawer slowly opens and a bottle slides off the top.

In later clips, we see the roommate sit up in his bed when another object falls to the ground, his back unnaturally straight. Other clips show him thrashing violently in his bed and crouching mysteriously in the corner of the dark bathroom. Each of these incidents have made viewers more and more certain they are watching a genuine demonic possession.

It’s hard to tell from the short clips if there’s any possibility that this all a hoax. However, if the clips are genuine, shawnhatestiktok should probably begin looking for a new roommate.

1. Shadow Figure Haunts Basement

@elfrancoandresvdiganme que tambien lo vieron porfavor y que no era la sombra de la puerta ##foryou ##parati ##misterio ##paranormal ##creepy ##ghost♬ sonido original – elfrancoandresv

In a series of videos from elfrancoandresv, we begin to see why so many people are scared of their basements. After all, anything can happen down in the dark.

The first video begins innocently enough with the homeowner playing with his adorable cat. He stops suddenly when he hears a strange sound coming from the nearby basement door. He runs toward the basement, but quickly freezes in fear when the door closes behind him.

@elfrancoandresvme estaba apagando y prendiendo la luz y decidi grabar y nuevamente se mostro ##foryou ##parati ##misterio ##paranormal ##creepy ##ghost♬ sonido original – elfrancoandresv

Later, he again hears unusual noises that seem to be coming from the basement, and takes out his camera to document the bizarre occurrence. As he zooms in on the open doorway that leads to the basement, something about the shadows seem off. On closer inspection, there appears to be a shadow person peeking around the corner watching him.

@elfrancoandresvno quiero seguir dandole atención a eso 😕 ya cansa. ##foryou ##parati ##misterio ##paranormal ##creepy ##ghost♬ sonido original – elfrancoandresv

A third video shows the basement door opening and closing on its own while the room’s light fixture swings wildly from side to side.

@elfrancoandresvsubi corriendo porque se cayó un cuadro del primer piso. Acaba de suceder ##foryou ##parati ##misterio ##paranormal ##ghost ##creepy♬ sonido original – elfrancoandresv

However, it is the final video that is the most shocking. A camera placed at the top of the basement stairs shows a broom suddenly fall to the floor on its own. A moment later, a terrifying figure appears. It looks like a young woman in a white nightgown standing barefoot on the stairs. Her dark hair covers her face as she stands unnaturally still. The man runs down the stairs, seemingly oblivious to the mysterious figure waiting for him. He makes it part of the way down the staircase before turning back in terror. What do you think he saw?