Supernatural Encounters That Will Give You the Creeps

These Paranormal Events Are Sure To Spook You!

From a ghost captured on Snapchat to a shadowy entity seen on CCTV, we look at supernatural encounters that will give you the creeps.

6. Ghostly Girl Caught on Camera


Uploaded to YouTube by user Dima Maslennikov, this scary video involves an investigation of what appears to be a creepy, abandoned mansion. A person who’s probably used to supernatural encounters, Maslennikov is certainly not out of his element in this eerie setting.

As the YouTuber films himself walking through the mansion, he inadvertently captures footage of what appears to be a small, ghostly girl standing just behind him.

It seems that at the time of filming, the girl went unnoticed by Maslennikov and it was only upon reviewing the video that he noticed the creepy figure.

What makes this potential ghost sighting even creepier is the idea that the little girl could have been following him from room to room as he completed his investigation of the eerie old mansion. It seems that it was only through sheer luck that he was able to capture video evidence of the girl by simply being in the right place at the right time.

Videos such as these serve as chilling reminders to supernatural investigators of the potentially paranormal forces that could be lurking around them in locations like this.

5. The House of the Haunted Doll


Posted to the YouTube channel Paraphysical Activities, this next clip shows another supernatural investigator exploring a creepy, old house.

After searching the house and its surrounds, the investigator takes a supposedly cursed doll that he found into a bedroom. For several minutes, he tries to elicit a response from the doll, however, nothing appears to work.

Seemingly giving up, he falls asleep on the bed. Then suddenly, the doll begins to move. While slight, its movements seem to make enough noise to awaken the investigator from his slumber.

Startled, he tosses the toy to the floor and begins to stomp on it. He then takes it outside and sets it on fire, presumably attempting to end the paranormal activity once and for all.

However, it seems that the investigator’s actions were in vain. After returning to the bedroom, a mysterious, black figure can be seen moving to the right of screen.

The investigator appears unaware of the ghostly presence as he gets up and walks into the bathroom. As he does, the same shadowy figure can be seen entering a doorway.

While no harm seems to befall the investigator while staying in the house, both the video’s description and audio are in Greek making it difficult to know for certain what he actually encountered. If anyone can translate the audio, we’d love to know what he is saying. There’s a link to the original footage in the description box below.

4. Ghostly Figure at Top of Stairs


Posted to the YouTube channel tracyslaughter, this next clip presumably features a family as they film an uninvited visitor. The video begins in darkness with the camera pointed towards the top of a staircase and, like many supernatural encounters, those present seem unsure if what they are witnessing is actually some sort of spirit.

While difficult to make out at first, there looks to be a pale, white figure at the top of the stairs on the right-hand side of the screen. Despite being barely visible, the figure appears to be moving.

Then, as the camera holder continues to film the strange shape, a white, wispy light suddenly flies down the stairs towards the group. Clearly spooked, they quickly scatter as several chilling screams can be heard. The video then abruptly ends.

In the video’s description, the uploader claims that if you watch the footage carefully, you can actually see two different figures. Even creepier, they believe that you can also see a little baby running across the landing just as the orb comes flying down the stairs.

While this video is certainly mysterious, it’s difficult to make out exactly what is actually happening. What do you think? Has this family really managed to capture video proof of more than one ghost haunting their house? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Ghostly Orb Spooks Cat


This next clip, uploaded to YouTube by Randy Zuckerman features a phenomenon that is hotly debated in the world of supernatural activity – the floating orb.

While some believe these floating orbs to be the mere result of light reflecting off of dust particles, others think they could be some kind of spiritual manifestation.

In this video we see a large, floating orb hovering towards a cat that is lazily lounging on the stairs. Seemingly spooked by its presence, the cat suddenly gets up and runs away.

Videos such as this seem to support the idea that these orbs could be something supernatural rather than simple specs of dust. While they are usually invisible to the naked human eye, animals are often seen cautiously reacting to their presence.

As with most videos of this nature, it is ultimately up the viewer to decide what it is that they are seeing. What do you think? Could orbs really be supernatural? Or are they little more than innocuous dust particles? Let me know in the comments section below.

2. Dark Shadow Follows Woman


This next video, entitled “Grandma’s Ghost Caught On Camera” was posted to the YouTube channel Caters Clips.

The creepy CCTV footage was supposedly captured on a property in Oregon. The home owner, Lacey Turner, believes that the entity that appears during the video is actually the ghost of her boyfriend’s grandmother who died at the property during a fire.

The clip’s description says that at the same time the footage was being recorded, Turner’s boyfriend, Joe was awoken by a strange noise. He then decided to check on Turner through the camera’s feed.

After reviewing the footage, the couple were chilled to discover what the camera had actually captured.

The clip shows Turner tending to her garden in the middle of the night. With the timestamp showing the video as having been captured at 12:30 AM, the woman’s odd nighttime gardening practices are somehow the least jarring events in the video.

Appearing roughly 20 seconds into the clip, a strange, black shape enters the screen from the bottom. At first, it’s logical to assume that the shape is simply the woman’s shadow. However, what happens next suggests otherwise.

Turner continues to maneuver around the garden, yet the shadowy shape stays in the same place. Then, as the clip continues, the shadowy figure suddenly moves! It does it twice as if attempting to slowly creep closer to Turner unnoticed. Both times it’s movement is so slight that if you blink you might miss it. However, it is unmistakable nonetheless.

Turner soon finishes the watering and begins to head inside. As she does the black figure begins to follow her, seemingly behaving as her shadow once more.

This clip is certainly hard to explain. Even the notion that the black shape could be a bug on the camera seems unlikely as at one point, Turner shines her torch across the area where it is and the light can be seen reflecting over it. This means that whatever the dark shape was, it was on the ground and not on the lens.

While footage like this would usually be enough to scare most people, it seems that in this case, the couple believes that the spirit could be Joe’s deceased grandmother. Let’s hope for their sake this is true. Otherwise, one shudders to think what the dark, shadowy entity was actually doing following Turner around outside in the middle of the night.

1. Teen Catches Ghost on Snapchat

Ghost captured on Snapchat.

Thanks to the rise of social media platforms, people are more frequently capturing photos and videos of what is happening in their lives. While these clips are usually meant to showcase one’s social life, their prevalence means that more and more social media content is capturing potential supernatural encounters.

Such is the case of this ghostly image snapped by Grainne Dowdall on Snapchat. In the picture, the teen is seen taking a typical mirror selfie. However, positioned right behind Dowdall there appears to be a disturbing, ghostly face peering through the window.

The photo of the teen quickly went viral soon after it was posted online with many viewers offering their own opinions on the mysterious onlooker. Some, more concerned viewers suggested that it might not be a ghost at all but rather a real person lurking in the darkness outside.

Twisted in a distorted expression, there is little that seems friendly about the face. Potentially even more disturbing is the idea that the face may have gone unnoticed by the girl had she not taken this selfie at the exact right time.

In a related newspaper article, Dowdall’s sister even noted that they had experienced several spooky occurrences in their house. These included noises and footsteps and even people being tripped.

While it’s impossible to know for certain whether this photo shows a ghost, person or just a trick of the light, it seems likely that this teen will be keeping her curtains closed from now on!