These Scary EVPs and Sounds Will Scare You Stiff

Are these really the voices of the dead?

A creaking door, a ghostly whisper, a distant howl: each of these sounds is enough to terrify all but the bravest of souls. This is proof that you don’t always need to see something paranormal to be scared stiff. If you don’t think sounds can be terrifying, listen to these scary EVPs to see how fearless you really are.

6. Scary EVPs and Sounds: Terrifying Howl in Abandoned Tunnel

abandoned tunnel from r/veryspookyvideos


Redditor GowdonWamsay posted this unsettling bit of footage. When this urban explorer set out down this abandoned tunnel, he was most likely hoping for some terrifying thrills in the darkness. However, it turns out that something much more menacing was waiting in the shadows.

In this short clip, we can see the camera holder head into the dark, decrepit tunnel with only the light from the camera to cast a faint glow on the run-down, shadowy walls made of crumbling gray stone.

For the first few seconds of the video, the tunnel is almost silent. The only noise that intrudes on the eerie quiet is the sound of the explorer’s footsteps as he heads deeper into the tunnel. Suddenly, the silence of the tunnel is shattered in the most terrifying way imaginable, as a horrifying howl echoes through the blackness. The howl is strange; it doesn’t sound like any animal, but also doesn’t sound entirely human.

Some viewers have speculated that another person was waiting deep in the tunnel to make the terrifying noise. Yet, something about the howl seems too animalistic. Other viewers believe that some sort of creature or entity made the sound as a warning: turn back now, or suffer the consequences. Either way, would you be sticking around to find out?

5. Villisca Axe Murders House Investigation



YouTube channel Soul Searching is known for sharing haunting videos and scary EVPs. In this visit to the Villisca Axe Murders House in Villisca, Iowa, USA, terrifying noises become the star of the show.

According to the investigators, the ghosts responded to several attempts to make contact. The scary EVPs they recorded are truly haunting. Firstly, while the crew was just setting up equipment in the barn, a tape recorder caught the phrase “I’m Noah” and “The cats lie on me” being whispered by a disembodied voice.

Later, in one of the bedrooms, strange banging noises are heard along with the phrases “It’s out there” and “I’m Katie”. Even creepier, EVPs were captured in the children’s bedroom: a voice saying “Cast out the Devil,” “My head,” and “Goodnight”. In another bedroom, investigators recorded “Dream that dream” on a digital voice recorder and numerous orbs on a video camera.

This home belonged to the Moore family in the early 1900s. In the early morning of June 10, 1912, all six family members and their two house guests were found murdered. A lengthy investigation resulted in several suspects, two of whom were brought to trial, but were found not guilty.

The house has been owned and lived in by several families since these murders took place. None stayed long. Each family reported strange happenings, including disembodied footsteps, things moving, voices, apparitions, and strange shadows. I don’t think this house will be going off the market again any time soon. Would you be brave enough to live there?

4. EVP Caught in Baby Video



When Slapped Ham viewer Crystina received the first video of her newborn nephew, she wasn’t expecting to hear any scary EVPs. But it seems like this little guy has managed to catch a ghost’s attention in his first days of life.

The video, recorded in Valley Medical in San Jose, California, USA, shows the baby’s mother attempting to awaken the sleeping child in his hospital bassinet. While filming, the mother doesn’t notice anything unusual. But when she was editing the video later, she noticed a harsh, ghostly voice whispering “Wake up” to her sleeping son.

Many paranormal believers claim that children are more easily able to perceive the supernatural than adults. This video seems to offer some proof of that claim. Just after the voice speaks, the baby opens his eyes and begins fussing in his bassinet. Is it possible that he heard the terrifying voice?

This video was recorded while the mother and child were still in the hospital, so hopefully the spirit remains there. Hospitals are a common location for ghosts to hang around because of the high number of deaths that occur in their rooms. If this little man is lucky, this will be his last encounter with scary EVPs.

3. Scary EVPs and Sounds: ‘Get a Life’



In this video from Ghosted UK’s YouTube channel, a ghost seems to have spoken up either in an attempt to help — or to be terrifying. Listen closely to the video and judge for yourself.

The video is almost entirely black as an unexpected power outage has plunged the group of paranormal investigators into darkness. The presence of a ghostly entity can wreak havoc on electricity, so it’s possible that the loss of the lights is the first clue to the presence of a paranormal visitor. For much of the video, we can only hear the voices of people scared and exasperated by the loss of electricity. People call out into the darkness, instructing others to find a light. After a few seconds, a faint light illuminates the area, allowing us to see some of the people who were caught in the darkness.

At first, the occurrence doesn’t seem that unusual. However, if you listen closely while the people are calling out for light, it becomes clear that one of the voices is not of a natural origin. As the cacophony fills the air, a ghostly voice growls the words “Get a life” or “get a light”. If it was the latter, he could’ve simply been trying to help. On the other hand, if he was saying “get a life,” there might be some creepier connotations to these scary EVPs. Which one did you hear?

2. Scary EVPs and Sounds: Unknown Drumming

Drumming Noise outside of infamous King Philip War battle grounds in Bristol RI. Street across named after King Philip (aka Metacomet) a Native American Chief, who was also beheaded on the street recorded. 100% recommend looking into. Some scary stuff from r/OfficialSlappedHam


Redditor codymoniz64 lives near the site of the King Philip War battlegrounds in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA, which is believed to be haunted. The scary EVPs recorded here seem to justify this claim.

One night, the usually quiet area was interrupted by the rhythmic beating of a snare drum. The drumming heard in the video is reminiscent of the types of melodies drummed in old wars as the troops marched into battle. According to the codymoniz64, the drumming continued to echo through the neighborhood for three hours.

King Philip, otherwise known as Metacomet, was a Native American chief who was beheaded on the very street where this video was recorded. His death occurred during a long and bloody war in which Metacomet led a group of warriors from several Native American tribes in an attempt to push European colonists out of New England. In 1676, Metacomet was fatally shot. The vicious war lasted for another two years after his death, resulting in a colonial victory and countless casualties.

Could the eerie drum beat be somehow linking back to this violent past?

Given its bloody history, it is unsurprising that paranormal energy would abound on the spot where Metacomet lost his life. Perhaps these ancient battlegrounds are best left undisturbed?

1. Scary EVPs and Sounds: Contact with Robin Williams?

When actor and comedian Robin Williams died in 2014, the world was shocked and saddened. His laughter and humor would be missed by many who were heartbroken by the loss. However, because of a series of videos uploaded to YouTube by Charlie Chittenden Paranormal and Huff Paranormal, some believe that the beloved comedian may not be gone for good.

Charlie Chittenden recorded his videos using a ghost box, attempting specifically to make contact with Robin Williams in the afterlife. Ghost boxes operate by scanning radio frequencies in an attempt to capture EVPs. At first, the ghost box seems to make contact with other spirits, one of which says “Robin’s gone, that’s over.” Charlie continues his questioning, with some ghostly voices seeming to provide answers to his questions. However, it isn’t clear if it is Williams’ voice.

In Charlie’s second attempt to communicate with Williams using the ghost box, Charlie again asks Williams’ spirit to come forward and speak. The scary EVPs continue in this session, with ghostly voices popping up occasionally, providing unclear and cryptic responses to Charlie’s questions.

In the Huff Paranormal video, the host also attempts to use a ghost box to communicate with the late actor. The first attempt at making contact occurred on the day that Williams died. A voice speaks up saying “We’re waiting” in a tone that the investigator believes matches Williams’ voice in life. The voice makes other statements that sound like Williams and could suggest that he is in the afterlife, such as the phrase “I must have got it wrong.”

The investigator makes further attempts to contact Williams. In his third attempt, the most compelling EVP comes through. The voice states “I’m dead” in a tone that sounds exactly like Robin Williams. This session ends with the hopeful phrase, “There is light,” and “I’m here with Dad,” suggesting that the beloved actor may have found peace wherever he is.