Eerie Ghost Photos Skeptics are Struggling to Rationalise

With smartphones that take amazing photos at the click of a button, it’s no wonder there are more and more eerie ghost photos surfacing. Here are some ghost photos that skeptics are struggling to rationalise. Read on and see what you think…

6. Haunted Post Office?

New Zealand Post office haunted by ghost of old lady.

When it comes to eerie ghost photos, this one captured by Andrew Watters in St. Bathans, New Zealand has resulted in a lot of curiosity.

Watters and his partner set off in search of spiritual activity that reportedly haunted the local town. However, even Watters confesses that he is neither a supernatural enthusiast or a skeptic. When the two heard of the supposedly haunted Vulcan Hotel, they decided to capture plenty of photos.

After taking the photos, they went off to the pub, buzzing with excitement. Yet, it was not until Watters examined one particular photo of his partner in front of the St. Bethan’s post office that he began to realize what they had stumbled upon.

A portrait of an unknown figure appears in the window of the post office. It almost looks like an old lady sitting in the top floor window. Jude Cavanagh, the current manager of the Vulcan Hotel, admits this was the first time she heard of any ghost appearing at the post office. However, she goes on to concede that the town has a reputation for being haunted.

The post office in question has been preserved since the 1950s. It had been vacant for the year prior to the photograph being taken, effectively adding to the “legend of the place” for locals and tourists alike.

Amanda Ware, community relations manager for the city’s Department of Conservation, adds that the floor in question historically comprised the postmaster’s living quarters. She wondered if the figure was the postmaster himself coming back to visit.

Some viewers have noted it could be a reflection of clouds in the sky creating a case of pareidolia – the curious tendency humans have to see familiar patterns in random stimulus.

Watters admits he was shocked by the discovery, but affirms the photo still did not sway him to one side or another regarding his belief in the supernatural. However, it seems clear Watters would not have shared the photo in the first place had it not shaken his disbelief even slightly.

5. Eerie Ghost Photos: Unknown Presence

Group photo may reveal ghost.
Lisa Venezia

Wisps of ghosts and suggestions of spirits can send the mind into overdrive. But there is something about corporeal spirits that is utterly shocking. This appears to be the case in some eerie ghost photos like this one.

Some paranormal enthusiasts say you have to be fast to capture a spirit. They tend to be there one second, gone the next. Most people who capture these eerie photos will swear no one else was in the room with them. Yet, things are very different when it comes to a corporeal being. In Lisa’s case, the phenomenon occurred in a photo taken at her cousin’s sweet 16 party in Brick, New Jersey. If you look closely, there is a little girl hiding in darkness in the corner.

Lisa asserts that no one involved in the photo had any idea who the little girl hiding behind the rack of coats in the corner could have been. Nearly shrouded in darkness, the girl is nevertheless fairly easy to make out. Rather than a shadow or simple reflection, it seems quite clear that the girl truly was present in the corner.

In this case, the corporeal being is nothing short of mystifying. Upon looking back at the photo, Lisa says, “It’s just a freaky image that nobody can explain”.

The girl’s identity is unknown among the guests. It leaves us to question if the ghost may be some unknown family member or a previous resident of that home. Her identity will likely always remain a mystery.

4. Toddler Sees Ghost

A toddler looking at a ghost.

This photo is nearly enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The photo in question depicts a toddler in a baby walker.

Unfortunately there’s very little information to go on with this picture. It’s believed that the person who took the photo was wondering why the toddler was so distracted. They took out their camera to capture the odd moment.

The photo in question is inherently unsettling. The toddler faces away from the camera and looks at the figure on its opposite side. The figure is out of focus. It looks to be wearing a white dress and is reaching down with a thin arm toward the toddler.

What’s more, the idea that the toddler can see the figure in question adds another level of disturbing quality to the photo. It lends credence to the idea that while the photographer may not have seen the figure, the toddler certainly did. Having an eerie figure haunt one’s home is bad enough – having it reveal itself only on film and to one’s toddler is even worse.

3. Eerie Ghost Photos: Entity Haunts Child

Creepy witch face appears in photo of young girl. Eerie ghost photos.

A photo submitted to the Express website raises questions regarding the safety of another toddler, along with the safety of their entire family.

What should have been another innocent photo of a toddler near a sofa, has become one New York family’s source of unexpected dread. Near the girl, positioned on the sofa, appears to be the clear outline of a ghostly face.

The two-year-old girl in question had apparently already told her family of her spiritual visitor. She told her family that she was routinely scared by an elderly woman by the name of Peg. The girl’s story gets progressively worse. She went on to warn her family that Peg would often scare her by coming into her bedroom in the middle of the night.

While her parents made sure to investigate these instances, they confirmed they had never seen Peg or any other presence in their daughter’s room. Chalking it up to a child’s imagination, it is easy to see why the parents may have assumed they had nothing to worry about.

However, as the tale of many such ghost photos goes, this changed when the family took this picture. Eerily, the parents had to agree that the face in question appeared to be that of a hag or a witch.

The father chose to remain skeptical, chalking it up to a reflection in the sofa’s material. He nevertheless had to concede that he was disturbed by the coincidence. With his daughter often disappearing into a trance and claiming to see a presence much like the one in the photograph, even this skeptic’s faith has been shaken just a little.

2. Eerie Ghost Photos: The Haunted Truck

Black and white photo of old pick up truck, may show ghost inside.

Featured on the website GhostsnGhouls, the story behind this photo may never be fully known, but is worth examining.

Hearkening back to eerie ghost photos of yore, this sepia-toned, old-timey photograph captures a seemingly old and abandoned vehicle.

The story behind the photo asserts that the truck was being towed away, after an unknown number of years sitting abandoned. A police officer snapped a photo of the vehicle for his records.

However, it is likely the police officer in question was in for quite the surprise upon reviewing this photo. While one can be relatively sure the officer inspected the vehicle thoroughly before calling for a tow, it seems improbable someone could have been seated in the vehicle as it was towed away.

This lends credence to the idea that the face clearly photographed in said vehicle was, in actuality, the face of some spirit or apparition that resided in the vehicle.

Naysayers think it’s a clever photoshop job touched up many years after the photo was taken. Others believe that the face may belong to some forgotten soul that had a strong tie to the vehicle in life.

Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly an unsettling photo, one that raises questions about the true nature of the afterlife.

1. Figure Spotted in Newark Castle

Newark Castle, eerie ghost photos.

Captured by one Lenny Low and submitted to the Mirror, this photo of a Newark Castle ghost appears to bear some historical significance.

As with many of these eerie ghost photos, this one was captured in search of spiritual activity. Low himself is a paranormal investigator. It is likely he knew exactly what to look for to get a picture such as this.

The photo itself, which was taken in Newark Castle in England, sports an oddly blurred corner just where a strange figure can be seen. For some reason a black shroud appears to be floating right near a semi-transparent woman.

According to Low, the woman is dressed similar to a fisherwoman that would have existed in the castles prime. As though one is watching a snapshot from the past, the woman appears to be frozen in time. She is still attending to her duties.

Low also clarifies that the area of the castle which the woman appears to walk towards would have been the pantry area of the castle. This lends even more credence to the fisherwoman theory.

Oddly historically accurate, this photo has less potential to scare and more potential to awe its viewers. You must decide for yourself if this photo truly captured a piece of history.