Creepy Videos That’ll Leave You on Edge

The internet is ripe with creepy videos. From an eerie supernatural haunting to genuine footage of an intruder, here are 6 creepy videos that are sure to leave you on edge.

6. The Haunted Closet

@yoshualucesto cada vez peor nosé q hacer ##terror ##miedo ##fantasmas ##paranormal ##misterio ##perturbador ##fyp##vibras♬ sonido original – Luan


Posted by TikTok user yoshualuc, this footage appears to have caught something truly mysterious taking place.

At the beginning of the video, an eerie knocking sound can be heard coming from a closet. The camera holder and another woman in the room appear to be spooked by the strange banging.

Quickly, one of the closet doors flings open, scaring those present. They pause and stare at the closet for a moment, only to see one of the shirts twitch on its own. Seconds later, a face appears in the closet. If you slow the footage down there is definitely something there.

The camera holder quickly searches the closet to see who or what may be hiding in there. He pulls the clothes back and searches around. Eerily, there’s nothing to be found.

An on screen message mentions that the haunting presence seems to be getting stronger. They plead with viewers to report any other strange happenings they might witnessed in the footage.

So what do you think? Was the face inserted into the footage digitally? Otherwise, how is it possible that the closet turned up empty?

5. Creepy Ghost Videos: Something Lurking

@savannahstuebsI took this video when me and my cousin worked at subway 😳… I literally have goosebumps wtf is that.. ##scary ##halloween ##ghost♬ original sound – Savannah Stuebs

This video was posted to TikTok by user savannahstuebs. The person who took the video had no idea what they were recording at the time. They claim to have only stumbled upon the video while going back through their old Snapchat Memories.

According to the uploader, the video originally meant to capture their cousin. They were visiting their cousin while she worked at Subway. But the video just also happens to pick up something unsettling happening in the background.

As the uploader’s cousin walks to and fro, they pass a trash bin set up in the restaurant. If you look closely, you can clearly make out the outline of a pair of eyes looking out from the bin.

In fact, it appears as though someone is actually sitting inside the bin. As the mysterious figure peers out from the rubbish bin, their eyes shine in a disturbing way.

There’s several possible scenarios at play here. One, the uploader genuinely didn’t know what was happening and there happened to be someone hiding in the bin. Two, the whole video is a setup, but that still means someone crawled into a bin in a Subway restaurant – in which case the jokes on them. In either scenario, the person in the bin loses.

Hoax or no hoax, the bin juice is real.

4. Burglar Watches Woman Sleep



Captured by Angel Robinson and reported on by local Wichita news, this clip is more about tangible, real-life horrors than speculative, supernatural ones. This is what makes it one of the most creepy videos out there.

As the article explains, this creepy surveillance footage was shared after an unknown teenager walked into their residence through an unlocked door. The teen allegedly stole a tool and then stood watching the resident’s daughter. The teen girl was asleep on the couch in the living room.

While his intentions were certainly anything but good, the family will likely never know the teen’s true plan. He ran away just as the teen girl woke to find him standing in the room and staring at her while she slept.

Clearly terrified, the family alerted the authorities and handed over the disturbing security footage. Clearer photos of the intruder captured by surveillance cameras were then posted to Facebook by Robinson in an attempt to identify the intruder.

With the help of social media, the teen was later identified, found, and arrested. After such a disturbing experience, one could forgive the Robinson family if they had a hard time falling asleep in the nights to come.

3. Creepy Ghost Videos: Unknown Screams in the Woods

Last night i was in the middle of this forest at midnight, i freaked out when i heard those screams i was so scared cause this place is known for witchcraft and alot of other stuff, those voices were like surrounding me. from r/Ghosts


This creepy video was posted to Reddit by user Stix-zadinia. The uploader had been told that these woods were rumoured to house witches. He had heard stories of bizarre things happening deep in the forest and so decided to explore them for himself.

The uploader still seems to have been relatively surprised at just what they found in their midnight excursion to the witchy woods. They captured a shaky, flashlight-lit, first-person video of themselves walking through the dark woods.

While nothing particularly frightening is seen in the video, the faint sound of screams and cries can be heard in the distance. The uploader claims to have been properly terrified by the screams, explaining that it felt as though the screaming voices had surrounded them in those woods.

While some Redditors have asserted that the screams likely came from nearby foxes, the uploader is adamant they would have been able to tell the difference. They claim the screams were  distinctly like those of children.

Viewers will have to make up their own minds as to whether these screams were truly conjured by the witches of the woods, or whether they were simply emitted by a band of foxes.

2. Footsteps in Mausoleum


This creepy clip which was posted to Reddit by user Nbucky99 seems to have captured some truly unsettling sounds.

Filmed in a graveyard in Somers, Connecticut, this footage shows a group of curious explorers peering inside what appears to be a mausoleum.

The uploader explains that the three friends captured and experienced this horror at the same time. Just approaching the fence, the group heard noises that sounded like a scuffle coming from inside the building. The group then heard what appeared to be the sound of footsteps running towards them.

If you take a second listen, it does indeed appear to sound like someone in heavy boots walking or running toward the camera. It’s clear there’s no one inside the mausoleum when the stomping sound is heard.

While the video does not capture any physical evidence of supernatural beings, the audio sounds shockingly real. The terror of the three explorers is palpable. One of them yells in disbelief as the clip comes to an end. It seems clear the group was just as thrown as the viewers.

Short of the clip being staged, the spooky audio from this clip is truly unsettling.

1. Strange Black UFO

The last of these creepy videos was uploaded to Youtube by Indiana resident Roy Campbell. It was then reported on by the news outlet Express and seems to have sparked the interest of the internet – as well as caused some controversy.

The slightly shaky video shows what would have otherwise been a fairly average, overcast day in Indiana. However, the dark shape lingering in the sky gave Campbell enough pause to warrant recording and sharing its presence.

Since the short clip has been uploaded, it has sparked multiple theories. Some believe it’s a UFO, stopping and scanning multiple areas as it glides through the sky.

Seen moving both carefully and slowly, it appears to be operating methodically. Dark and boxy, the shape is unlike any typical aircraft.

However, there are naturally those who are less inclined to believe in the presence of aliens. Some think it’s nothing more than a dark banner being dragged across the sky by a plane that is just out of shot. Others think it could be a kite or drone. It’s also possible the dark splotch was put in digitally long after the footage was taken.

However, UFO expert Scott Waring is convinced the object is extraterrestrial in nature. He notes the craft is flying against the wind, as noted by the way the reeds in the foreground are blowing. This would rule out the possibility of a kite, at the very least.

Bizarrely, one Youtube commenter was convinced, after frame-by-frame analysis, that the object was a square bird.

So it would seem the jury is still out on this piece of curious footage, as no one can seem to come to any clear consensus as to what that strange flying shape could be.