Terrifying Photos Found on Reddit

Reddit is a place for funny memes, thought-provoking discussions, and adorable animals. You may be surprised to learn that it is also filled with terrifying photos that might just give you nightmares. Let’s take a look at a few terrifying photos from Reddit that some users regret ever coming across on the popular website.

7. Something Eerie Caught on Trail Cam

Captured on my friends trailcam. Anyone have an explanation? from r/Ghosts


Trail cameras are a popular CCTV technology frequently used by hunters hoping to spot potential targets in forests near their homes. When a friend of Reddit user CGrazia checked his trail cam, something much more disturbing than a rogue deer appeared.

The images are black and white, but the first shot shows the forest clearly. The trees in the area are in sharp focus. However, there is something else in the shot that is more difficult to discern: what appears to be the figure of a person walking through the woods. Whatever it is is blurry, as if caught in motion. Its back appears to be to the camera, so no facial feature can be distinguished. All that we can tell is that it appears to be a man walking with his hands in his pockets.

At first, users assumed that the camera had simply caught the image of an ordinary person walking through the woods. However, CGrazia pointed out that the camera takes pictures in bursts, capturing numerous images over the course of a few seconds. This figure only appears in one of the photos. In addition, another photo was captured in the same burst that is much more terrifying: a close-up shot of what seems to be the head and shoulders of a brightly glowing figure staring directly into the camera.

Combined, these two terrifying photos paint a much more disturbing picture. Could there be some sort of ghostly entity walking the trails near this camera? Redditors are hoping that additional photos will shed some light on the issue, but for now, the figure remains a mystery.

6. Shadow Figure Evidence

My moms god daughter has been telling us about how she keeps feeling a presence in her apartment and she can see a dark figure out of the corner of her eye often specially when being alone at home, well she took a pic in her room and this is what she caught. from r/Ghosts


Reddit user justcyn1, posted this eerie picture in mid-2020. They said their mom’s god daughter had been feeling weird in their apartment lately.

According to the god daughter, she has suspected that she is not really alone ever since she moved into her new place. She often feels a strange presence in the apartment, especially when she is home alone. Sometimes, she sees figures in the corner of her eye, but is never able to get a good look. An innocent selfie ended up giving her the clearest indication of what may be haunting her. In the background of her photo, peeking around a doorway, appears a shadow: a humanoid shape, but entirely black. It appears to have long hair, or be wearing some sort of veil over its head.

The Redditors who saw the photo were shocked by the image. They believe that the picture clearly confirms the existence of shadow people. According to one commenter, the girl in the photo should be careful; shadow people tend to drain positive emotions from those they visit unless they are properly banished.

Not much is known about shadow people, except that they lurk in dark corners, terrifying those unlucky enough to encounter them. If a shadow person has latched onto this young woman, she should indeed be wary.

5. Strange Feet

This picture was taken by a family friend late 2017 on a cheap phone. The puppy passed away shortly after from parvo. There are perfect human feet in the background. She said she was the only one in the room. from r/Ghosts


Some terrifying photos come with a tragic backstory, such as this image shared by Redditor mjmj101. What was meant to be a loving tribute to a beloved pet turned sinister when something odd was spotted in the background.

The picture shows a dog curled up in a comfy dog bed. Unfortunately, the pup’s time was limited; shortly after the photo was taken, the dog passed away from parvovirus. This fact makes the oddity spotted in the photo even more terrifying. Just behind the pup, we see a set of strange feet that appear to be walking through the room. The person who took the photo says that they were alone with the dog when the photo was taken, but the image suggests otherwise.

Viewers have noted that the legs don’t seem to belong to an ordinary person. The feet are fairly large, but the legs are extremely thin. However, the position of the feet suggests that they don’t belong to a small, frail person. They are extremely far apart, indicating that the legs belong to an exceptionally tall person. The skin is also very pale, adding to the sickly look of the spindly legs.

No one is sure who or what these strange feet belong to. Some viewers have suggested that the ghostly figure was hanging around, preparing to escort the pup to the afterlife. Could these legs belong to some sort of canine grim reaper?

4. Intruder Caught on Baby Monitor?

Taken from motion sensing baby monitor, while wife and I were outside. from r/Ghosts


The last place where you want to spot terrifying photos is on your baby monitor. Unfortunately for Redditor slaggardly, this is exactly what happened when they reviewed footage from when their infant was asleep in their crib.

The image is disturbing. It shows the crystal-clear image of a figure leaning over the crib, looking closely at the sleeping child. Because of the position of the camera, only the figure’s legs and lower torso can be seen. Both parents were in the yard at the time the photo was taken on the motion-sensing camera, and no one else lives in the house.

Viewers have suggested three possibilities, and all options are equally terrifying. This figure could be some sort of ghost peering in at the child. Or an intruder has snuck in or worse still a mysterious person could be living secretly in the house. It isn’t clear from the picture if the figure is looking in on the child in a loving way, or if something more sinister is happening in the nursery.

Whether the figure is a ghost or a human, one thing is clear; these parents had better keep a very close eye on their child when they are asleep in this nursery.

3. Creepy Floating Face

Was taken around 14 years ago and I still can’t figure out what this is from r/Ghosts


When Redditor Connorparry2003 was a kid, Halloween was an exciting holiday. However, on one particular year, things got a little scarier than they had hoped.

The youngster posed for a picture in their costume before heading out to trick or treat. When the pictures were developed, it became clear that the child’s costume wasn’t the scariest thing in the image. Just over the child’s shoulder, there appears to be a sinister face peering out of the shadows. The face appears to be a brownish-green color with a mass of dark hair.

Some viewers of the photo are skeptical, believing that this could be case of pareidolia: the human tendency to spot faces where none exist because the brain is naturally wired to search for recognizable patterns. However, others are certain that a ghostly entity was lurking in the shadows on that Halloween.

Is this face simply a part of the couch behind the boy, or is there something ghostly happening? Take a close look at the photo and judge for yourself.

2. Eerie Figure Appears on Security Cam

Strange woman caught on my game camera in my yard. I live out in the woods at the top of a hill. I Should mention the ashes of the lady who lived here before me were spread on the property. from r/Ghosts


Redditor native_meraki installed outdoor cameras for security, never expecting to end up with terrifying photos. However, it seems that a spirit may have had other plans.

The image was taken by a camera in the driveway late one night. A few yards away from the camera, a woman appears to be walking through the tall grass. She is a translucent white color from head to toe. She appears to be wearing a long dress, and has her arms wrapped around her torso.

The Redditor wanted to believe that she had just caught herself on the camera. However, she never goes out into the driveway at night without a flashlight and doesn’t own a dress like the one in the picture. According to this Redditor, the former owner of the home passed away and had her ashes spread on the property. The area was also once home to Native American tribes, some of whom are likely buried nearby.

Could this figure be the ghost of a former owner? Or that of a Native American woman who once called the area home? For now, the identity of the figure remains a mystery.

1. A Visit from Dad?

Photo from a year after my dad died from r/Ghosts


When Redditor staggernaut lost their father as a child, they were devastated to know that they would never see him again. However, a photo taken at a family event seems to suggest that he might be closer than anyone thought.

In the photo, we see the Redditor posing in front of a delicious feast with their mother and two siblings. The family is smiling, but it’s clear from their expressions that they were missing one crucial member of the family on that day. On the left-hand side of the happy family photo, something seems amiss. A streak of bright light appears in the photo right next to the Redditor’s mother.

While some may believe that this mark is just a flaw in the film, others are skeptical. The Redditor is convinced that the photo proves their father was with them on the day the photo was taken. This event happened in the same year that their father passed, so it isn’t unreasonable to believe that his spirit could still be around.

Is this a photo of a lost family member, or merely some damaged film? Take a close look at the photo and decide for yourself.