Scary Videos That’ll Make You Scream

Thanks to the digital age, scary videos have the ability to travel far and wide across the internet. They are being capture on more and more devices. Then they are finding their way onto our screens. This means everywhere you turn, you are faced with things that can’t simply be explained away. Here are 6 scary videos that will make you scream.

6. Sinister Face Peers Through Window



Some scary videos remain creepy regardless of whether or not there is a supernatural source behind them. Such is the case with this video uploaded to YouTube by user macintosh1321.

It first seems to be an innocent video depicting a group of friends hanging out and playing video games. However, it immediately turns into something slightly more sinister when you keep an eye on the window.

It can be hard to see at first, but there appears to be a sinister face looking in from the dark window. The face moves around throughout the video. Yet the men in the video don’t notice its presence at all.

At times the head appears to be illuminated, revealing an expressionless face. Some people think the video has captured a peeping tom that has wandered up to the window. Others have suggested it’s a ghost, noting the strange illumination and and blank expression.

While the uploader claims the video to be 100% genuine, some viewers are not so sure it’s not all just set up. The angle of the camera for one is a little suspicious. It almost looks like they’re trying to frame the window and not show the friend playing videos games as it was allegedly intended. Some keen eyed viewers have even suggested the face isn’t outside at all, rather it’s a reflection of someone sitting opposite to the window.

So what do you think this video shows? A creep lurking outside, a ghostly head or is it just a hoax? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

5. Eerie Activity



This video was uploaded to Youtube in 2014 by user James Maclean. It begins with the uploader stating that he’s been hearing noises all night. He investigates. Suddenly, a guitar can be heard being strummed in the back room. As the camera holder investigates, something chilling happens in the hallway.

A picture frame inexplicably falls to the ground, along with, what looks like some wood paneling.

The camera holder is clearly frightened as he backs away from the incident.

According to a post on Reddit, an old friend of James’ died in the back room where the guitar can be heard. It’s alleged that James often had dreams of his deceased friend that seemed unnaturally real. It was as though he was talking to him in person. A undefined figure was also often seen lurking in the house but would quickly disappear.

The Reddit post also announced that James sadly passed away of a heart attack in the same room in March 2019. He was 40 years old.

Could this footage show James’ friend attempting to make contact?

Some viewers have noted the blurry quality of the footage, suggesting it was a hoax and that some string might have been used to pull the picture frame to the floor.

However, considering the tragic backstory it seems unlikely that someone would fake the footage for some cheap thrills.

4. Ghost Roams Impound Lot?



This bizarre footage of an Oklahoma parking lot has made its way around the internet since it was first captured in 2002. Like many infamous scary videos, the footage has become something of a legend.

Known as the impound ghost, something truly unsettling was captured on CCTV camera.

The news clip features the impound lot employee, Kathy Henley, who first noticed the odd figure on the security cameras. The worker claims to have been frightened by the footage, which seems to show a ghostly figure circle its way around an impound lot.

The figure is stiff and white and seems almost to teleport its way atop a circle of vehicles. Clearly scared of what she was seeing, the impound lot worker then claims to have asked one of her coworkers to go and see what was going on.

However, as with many of these cases, the impound employee found there was not a single soul in sight when they went to investigate the odd occurrence. It seemed the figure could only be seen on video, with other videos online offering extended footage of the ghost’s odd behavior.

The employee in the news clip explains that three of the vehicles in the impound lot that night were from fatal accidents. One accident had only just occurred that night. A paranormal investigator floated the theory that the ghost was likely someone involved in one of the deadly accidents – perhaps it was even looking for their car.

The figure appears to be circling, lost and confused by the wreckage left behind. With that in mind, this footage becomes even more tragic

3. Creepy Figure Watches Window



As we’ve seen, not all scary videos need to feature verified supernatural activity to be scary. In this clip posted to YouTube by user Alex Nice, something eerie was recorded outside the uploader’s home in the middle of the night.

The uploader noticed a strange person loitering just outside their home. The figure appears to be looking directly up at the uploader’s window. They are wearing an oversized hat and jacket, perhaps as an attempt to deliberately obscure themselves. It almost looks cartoon-like. However, given the circumstances, it’s likely the uploader found their presence anything but amusing. The figure is large, imposing, and downright creepy. Mostly unmoving, at times it seems to look down and around themselves.

The figure then appears to stretch multiple times. It’s as though they had been holding that position for a rather long time. Then, the figure almost appears to be speaking to itself, as its arms begin to gesticulate to no one in particular. It then turns away from the window.

Truly bizarre and downright creepy. Almost no one would find being on the receiving end of that figure’s glance to be in any way amusing. Obviously unsettled by what they saw, one couldn’t blame the uploader if they couldn’t get to sleep that night. Or for a few nights after.

2. Security Guard Films Something Strange



It almost always seems as though security officers get the short end of the stick when they’re the only one around in often deserted buildings.

This video, which first appeared on LiveLeak and was later uploaded to YouTube by user TempestZero, is yet another example of this. It’s not clear whether the building in question was already known to be haunted. However, it seems it certainly was being haunted at the time this video was recorded.

The footage was captured by the only security guard on duty in a Costa Rican office. He introduces the video by explaining that he had been hearing weird noises coming from the women’s restroom. Not only this, but the door to the restroom was seen opening by itself.

Going against all horror movie lore, the security guard actually turns on all the lights in the building so he can get a better look. He says he can hear odd sounds when suddenly something creepy happens in the background. Although it is difficult to see, the security officer claims that the chair moved by itself.

The chair moves yet again, this time more visibly. It happens just before a door in front of the officer closes by itself, ending the footage. Without knowing the conclusion of the odd event, one can only hope the security officer left the building without experiencing too much trauma.

1. Christmas Creeper Caught on Camera



Unlike the previous video of a face staring in through a window, the last of these scary videos provides viewers with slightly more obscured footage.

However, just because this footage is obscured, it doesn’t mean it is any less creepy than the other clip. Keep an eye on the window.

Whereas the other video featured a face, this one features a larger and less humanoid figure. The figure’s shape is blurred and not quite as easy to make out. This gives the figure a creepy, otherworldly vibe that is extremely unsettling.

Meaning to film their Christmas tree and spread a little Holiday cheer, the uploader heard a strange noise at their window and went to investigate. That’s when they saw the bizarre, white shape peering through their window. The figure almost looks like it floats off, feeling more ethereal than a real-world creeper.

Sadly there’s not a lot of info on this clip so it’s hard to speculate further on what this strange figure could be. A genuine ghost or festive peeping tom, I guess we’ll never know.