Mysterious Videos That Will Blow Your Mind

The world is full of mystery, and with cameras in every pocket, more and more of those mysterious moments are being caught on film. It’s no secret that we all use our phones everyday to capture videos and photos that document our lives. While some people go out and seek supernatural footage, for others it comes as a complete surprise in the background of an otherwise innocent video or photo. If you think that the world is simple and easy to explain, these mysterious videos may just blow your mind. Here are 5 mysterious videos that can’t be explained away.

5. Person Appears on Street


Dashboard cameras are one of the latest innovations in personal security. Many drivers install them in their cars to document evidence in the event of an unexpected accident. The driver who captured this footage most likely wasn’t expecting to record any mysterious videos when they bought the dash cam. They quickly learned to expect the unexpected.

The video starts out normally enough for dash cam footage. We see that the driver is heading along a moderately busy stretch of highway. As they come around a curve in the road, a van or SUV is approaching in the opposite direction. Watch this vehicle closely. As it heads slowly along the road, something unexpected happens. A man suddenly appears on the road right next to the vehicle.

The man appears to be falling onto the road from an unknown location. It’s almost as if a portal opened up and dropped him on the road. The doors of the vehicle never open, so it is clear that he didn’t fall from the doors. Even if a glitch in the video caused the camera to miss a door opening, the man appears right next to the front tire. This is much too far forward to have fallen from the vehicle.

The other option is that they fell out the window, but the fall is far too sudden. Someone falling from the window of a moving car would cause much more of a commotion.

Without knowing the identity of the man who seemingly teleported onto the highway, it’s impossible to come up with an explanation for his mysterious appearance. Did he come from another dimension? Does he have some sort of preternatural powers? Unfortunately, for now, these questions must remain unanswered.

4. “Giant Robot” Spotted in Area 51



Choosing random locations to explore using Google maps is the latest trend in internet boredom. According to UFO Sightings Daily, there is more than meets this eye to this innocent activity, which is producing some mysterious videos. Numerous YouTubers have found bizarre things while exploring the world from the comfort of their own homes, such as this terrifying discovery from Area 51.

Paranormal enthusiasts from around the world are most likely familiar with Area 51. It’s a top-secret government site in a desolate part of Nevada that many believe is the headquarters for secret research into extraterrestrial life. YouTuber Scott C Waring decided to use Google Maps to explore Area 51, hoping that satellite imagery might reveal something interesting. They were not disappointed.

When zooming in to look closely at Area 51, they saw what appears to be giant robots outside of one of the buildings. By comparing the figures to the surrounding buildings, they estimate that the robots are around 50 feet tall. This leads many to believe that they must be extraterrestrial in origin.

Some theorize that the robots are actually just shadows of buildings. However, the YouTuber claims that the figures seem to move in ways that a shadow would not.

It is possible that these robots are simply a case of pareidolia: the human tendency to see familiar shapes in inanimate objects. However, no one really knows what goes on behind the closely guarded walls of Area 51. It’s possible that the desolate site is filled with bizarre alien technology that we can’t even begin to understand. These alleged robots might be just the tip of the iceberg. What do you think?

3. Mysterious Videos: Strange Creature Spooks Teens



If anyone can be counted on to take photos and videos at every possible moment, it’s teenagers. As a result, they are much more likely to inadvertently film mysterious videos that defy explanation. These teens certainly weren’t expecting to capture this bizarre footage that has shocked many viewers.

The footage shows a group of teens standing in what appears to be a small courtyard. The area is fairly well enclosed, with only one passage allowing anyone in or out. The kids are kicking a soccer ball back and forth while a friend records their attempts to keep the ball in the air. The footage is fairly normal, almost boring, until suddenly, something happens that causes the scene to erupt into chaos.

The teens are terrified when a small, dark figure suddenly appears from nowhere. The entity is only about half as tall as the teens. It is completely black and seems to be wearing a cloak of some kind. The teens immediately begin to scream and run when the creature appears. The figure continues to move slowly across the courtyard, taking no notice of the bedlam it has caused.

To make matters even more bizarre, the entity appears from a spot in the courtyard where it would have been impossible for anyone to sneak in unnoticed. The only entrance to the courtyard is on the opposite side from where the figure appears. Certainly, the teens would have noticed if a creepy little figure had crawled into the courtyard. Where did this terrifying figure come from? What even is it? With only this short clip to go on, these questions have remained unanswered.

2. Mysterious Figures Caught on Camera

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Not all of the creepy, mysterious videos on the web are supernatural in origin. Sometimes, humans are just as terrifying as the paranormal, which is what we see in this clip. In this video captured by TikToker bilbeybaggins, a mysterious group of people were spotted walking through the woods.

When three young men decided to go for a hike in the forest near their homes, they expected to see some nature and maybe some interesting animals. What they weren’t expecting was to hear the sounds of a very unusual group of people chanting deep in the woods. The video shows the group looking surprised, confused, and a little creeped out as they record what sounds like religious chanting as they explore the woods. Despite their curiosity, they decide not to head deeper into the trees in search of the source of the strange sounds.

Later, near the edge of the forest, the group of guys see something that might just answer some of their questions: four mysterious figures in long, white, hooded cloaks walking in a single-file line through the trees. They are too far away to pick up any distinct features on camera but they are mysterious nonetheless. Who could these strange, hooded figures be?

The guys who recorded the footage theorize that they might be some sort of cult performing a ceremony in the forest. They wisely decide to keep their distance from the alleged cultists, so it’s unclear what exactly was happening out in the forest. However, their strange attire and bizarre chanting are certainly spine-chilling.

1. Mysterious Videos: UFO Spotted Over Washington DC



In this series of mysterious videos from YouTuber AI M, it seems that multiple people in the Washington DC area on 19 December 2018 may have had an extraterrestrial encounter.

In the first video, we see footage from three different sources around Washington DC showing shots of the evening sky. The sky is mostly clear, except for one area directly above the Pentagon. In all three accounts we can see a strange triangle shaped object flying in the air. On some angles it can be hard to see, but there is indeed something there.



The theory that the pyramid is extraterrestrial in origin seems to be confirmed by the second clip. This one was  supposedly filmed with a hidden camera at a closed meeting of the United Nations. It purports to show Aliya Prokofyeva, CEO of Galaktika, speaking about the footage. Galaktika is a company whose mission is to create cities in space where humans can live outside of the earth’s atmosphere.

Prokofyeva addresses the United Nations, declaring that first contact with alien life occurred on 19 December 2018, in the form of a metal pyramid above the Pentagon in Washington DC. She states that the craft, hovered at 500 meters above the ground, rotating as it flew. Apparently NASA received data from the craft, which was investigated and determined to come from an unknown origin. She concludes by saying that the CHIME laboratory in British Columbia intercepted the same signals and is working with NASA to determine the source.



The footage took the internet by storm. However, not long after the footage was released, analysts examined the video and much to the disappointment of the paranormal community, the UN video appears to be fake. In this video you can see a side-by-side shot of a UN meeting.  Despite this evidence, many UFO enthusiasts point out that the original footage of the pyramid over the Pentagon has not been disproved and still remains a complete mystery. Were all three separate pieces of footage set up and doctored? Unless further info comes to hand, it’s likely we’ll never know the truth about that happened in Washington DC on December 19th 2018