Crazy Dash Cam Footage May Prove Afterlife

With more and more cars and trucks investing in dash cams to catch accidents in the process, it’s no wonder there is some crazy footage surfacing across the internet. These examples are the eeriest of the lot! Check out this crazy dash cam footage that may prove afterlife.

7. Ghostly Bride Caught on Camera

This crazy dash cam footage captured by Karina Dmitrieva and submitted to the Daily Mail seems to confirm decades worth of hauntings.

Filmed in western Russia, the footage captured by Dmitreiva seems to show a woman in a white gown standing in the snow. As someone passes the camera, the woman in the background vanishes from view.

Local folklore says that in 1989 a newlywed couple were heading to a local park to celebrate with friends. Their car allegedly smashed head on with a truck, killing the bride instantly.

The spot where that horrific accident happened decades ago, is said to be just metres from where this striking footage was captured.

Since that day over 30 years ago, locals have attested to multiple accidents in the region located between the towns of Lyubertsy and Lytkarino in western Russia’s Moscow Oblast region. All of these occurred on the same stretch of road where the bride was killed all those years ago.

Known as a blackspot, it is said that the same area has seen 10 fatal accidents in recent years. The spot has also been known for producing sudden blinding fog and other bizarre phenomena. This has caused even more drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

The spot has been so riddled with accidents and ghost sightings that one Russian paranormal investigator, Ilya Sagliani, confessed to studying the location for over eight years. Sagliani even claims to have seen the bride’s ghost himself.

The footage captured by Dmitrieva appears to corroborate with the story of Sagliani and so many others. Dmitrieva claims to have seen the woman’s shape before pulling over to investigate. She got out of her car in order to look at the woman. The video clearly shows a ghostly woman who seems to disappear right after Dmitrieva walks past the camera, further solidifying the ghost’s reputation.

6. Weird Shadow Crosses Road



Captured by a man from Maine named Chet Cook and sent to The Sun, this video has effectively stumped paranormal investigators. Cook appears to be driving along a perfectly average stretch of road. However, the footage quickly shows a mysterious black shape scurrying across the street just in front of Cook’s car.

Not appearing to be corporeal in any way, the substance in Cook’s video appears more like a shadow than a person. Cook said he felt a nagging feeling to review the dash cam footage.

While Cook explains he reviewed the footage expecting to see a deer run across the road, he instead saw the odd shape. Working in IT, Cook had a fairly good idea that it was not a camera malfunction that had led to this figure. He was fairly positive he hadn’t actually seen anything in front of his car that night.

So spooked, Cook sent the footage off to a paranormal team in order to conduct their own investigation. Instead, the crazy dash cam footage stumped the investigative team. They noted an animal would not have appeared to be so transparent.

As for Cook, he explained to The Sun news outlet that people who live in Maine are generally used to creepy sightings and that there’s a reason a lot of Stephen King’s stories are based there.

What do you think this strange black mass is? Deer or something more sinister? Let me know in the comments below.

5. Taxi Swerves to Avoid Strange Mist

Uploaded to the YouTube channel Hidden Underbelly 2.0, this piece of dash cam footage is bizarre to say the least.

The footage shows a red taxi making its way along a winding road. However, things change suddenly, and dangerously when a white blur appears out of nowhere. The strange light, which some have called a ghost, seems to slam right into the vehicle ahead.

The vehicle immediately swerves off the road, crashing into a tree. The driver of the vehicle with the dash cam swears, clearly just as surprised as the rest of us by the incident.

It appears the ghostly figure quite literally knocked into the vehicle in question, causing the accident.

Some viewers have called the event a coincidence. Some say it’s just the headlights of the car hitting a patch of mist, then the taxi swerved for a completely separate reason. Others however find this explanation hard to buy, saying that the strange spectral light flies out of nowhere and is in fact the cause of the accident.

4. Ghost Caught on Dashcam?



When one thinks of a ghost, it is likely there is one image that immediately comes to mind. It’s that of the white, flowy, blanket-like spirit. However, it is very rare for ghosts to be spotted in that form, or actually depicted that way in the media these days.

Oddly, this crazy dash cam footage posted to YouTube by user crookedpixel seems to corroborate the idea that there is some reason behind this classic depiction of ghosts. It also supports the idea that ghosts that look like this are potentially very, very real.

Captured from a vehicle driving down an otherwise empty street at night, viewers first glimpse the floating white silhouette from a good distance away. In fact, from a great distance. It might even appear as though the figure has been suspended in some way, designed to scare passersby.

However, once the vehicle gets close, it seems quite clear that there is nothing holding the white figure in place. The ghostly figure continues to billow in the wind and float just above the vehicle as it passes by. It’s seemingly unphased by the vehicle’s presence.

Is this just some CGI trickery or a genuine inexplicable sighting? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

3. Ghostly Near Miss

Covered by the Irish Mirror, this next piece of crazy dash cam footage shows yet another chilling brush with death. What could have been a fatal accident is barely avoided. But it has been captured on camera for the world to see.

In the footage, a couple drives down a dark road. They come face to face with a mysterious figure standing in the middle of the street. What looks to be a female dressed in a white top and blue skirt, the couple is faced with the dangerous possibility of a collision.

Panicked, the couple yells to one another. The couple swerves out of the way; a dangerous manoeuver which could have caused an entirely separate accident.

Confronted with the image of a ghostly woman standing in the middle of the road at night, arms outstretched, the couple may have slowly reached a supernatural conclusion themselves.

Is this a genuine ghost sighting or just a confused pedestrian who narrowly missed being hit?

2. Strange Light Anomaly



Uploaded by YouTube user MollyTheLag, this footage is the sort of eerie occurrence dash cams are perfect for capturing. As two men are driving down the street, one of them suddenly exclaims just how creeped out they are at something they had just seen.

The viewer is able to make out a bright light far in front of the vehicle. Suddenly, the light seems to completely disappear as the vehicle gets just a bit closer.

The passenger explains that he had seen a man on what was either a bicycle or a motorcycle, flashing a blinding light in their direction. However, as the light seems to disappear, so too does the figure entirely.

Describing the figure’s appearance as almost that of a hologram, the passenger is very obviously spooked by what he just witnessed. The driver had no idea what they were seeing. Instead, the passenger recounts just what he had witnessed, thankful they would have the dash cam footage to go back and review after the fact.

Some viewers have said the footage is simply a trick of perspective. They claim the light is just a street lamp up ahead that appears to disappear as the road curves in the distance.

However, later in the footage the uploader shows a map of where the incident took place. It seems to show that the road isn’t as windy as it appears in the footage. It also shows that there’s no roads that a vehicle could turn off on.

Upon review, the street lights also seem to flicker just after the light vanishes.

What do you think these two men witnessed? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

1. Figure Appears Out of Nowhere



Posted to the YouTube channel Dash Cam Owners Indonesia, this piece of crazy dash cam footage perfectly illustrates the sort of classic ghostly appearances one might miss without a dash cam.

In this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it ghostly appearance, an unsettling figure appears to be standing directly in the middle of the road. While not visible for a good stretch of the road, the figure appears suddenly.

Eerily, the man appears to face away from traffic and doesn’t move at all. While oncoming traffic must quickly swerve in order to avoid the man, he does nothing. The fact that the vehicles up ahead had to swerve means that the man was physically there. It also makes it less likely that the footage has been digitally manipulated in some way.

When this sort of story may seem far-fetched to anyone who has not had such an experience, dash cam evidence becomes extremely vital for proving one’s case – and potentially proving to oneself that they hadn’t simply imagined the figure after the fact.

While the man was clearly physically present and appeared unmoving, his exact motives remain unknown. If he was a spirit, one would have to wonder just what sort of evil motivation would lie behind such a reckless haunting. And if it was a living person, why would they just wade into oncoming traffic like that?