Creepy Videos That’ll Feed Your Insomnia

Do you often find yourself staying up long into the night, listening to the creepy sounds of the house settling and creaking, peering into the shadows in the corners of the room looking for ghostly figures and glowing eyes? If you love to scare yourself awake, these creepy videos are sure to provide some fuel for that late-night insomnia.

6. Creepy Videos: Ghost Caught on Security Cam

Something set off the security alarm on one of our properties two nights ago. This is the footage we found after nothing was stolen. from r/Ghosts

Redditor riman8 is the owner of several properties in their area. Being a landlord isn’t usually a job that involves paranormal encounters. However, when the security cameras at one property were triggered late one evening, the result was some creepy videos that had them thinking seriously about getting rid of that particular property.

The security cameras in this particular property are triggered by motion. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone on the property that evening, so when alarms started blaring, the owners were obviously concerned about a break-in. However, when they inspected the place, there was no one around and no sign that anything had been taken or damaged. This prompted them to check out the security footage closest to where the alarm went off. What they saw was certainly unexpected.

If the slow the footage down, a dark, translucent shape moves across the room. It emerges from a darkened doorway and heads quickly out the main door. The figure is vaguely human in shape, but because it’s mostly translucent, it’s hard to say for sure. It seems to glide across the room, moving swiftly to escape the confines of the room.

Even the most hardened skeptics who have seen this footage are hard-pressed to come up with a rational explanation for what appears in the video. The clip is clear enough for the owner of the property, who states that they don’t plan on going back there any time soon.

5. Creepy Videos: Ghostly Fisticuffs

@anna_banannaaaaaUmmmmm ok… ##spooky but what was that ?♬ Scary – Background Sounds

TikToker anna_banannaaaaa doesn’t usually share creepy videos. However, when an alleged spirit interrupts one of her beverage reviews, her TikTok takes on a much eerier vibe.

The footage begins with our TikToker holding up a canned drink. She begins introducing today’s review, when she seems to notice something odd on the camera. If you were closely watching the curtains behind her, there seems to be someone, or something, trying to get a sneak preview of her video. The long curtain is partially covering a sliding door leading to the outside. As the TikToker begins her video, hands seem to be touching the curtain from the other side, almost as if someone was trying to push the curtain aside to come into the room.

Immediately after she notices the strange movements, the TikToker leaps into action. She runs across the room and strikes at the curtain with her fists, then pushes her body through the curtain. Much to her surprise, her attacks meet nothing but air. There doesn’t appear to be anyone on the other side of the curtain.

It is dark on the other side of the curtain, so it’s possible that whoever touched it managed to disappear into the night. However, even if the camera didn’t catch the culprit, the TikToker herself most likely would’ve seen them when she jumped from her chair. The speed at which she crossed the room would’ve left little time for an intruder to run away and out of sight. This has led many viewers to believe that the intruder could only have been a ghost.

4. Creepy Videos: Ummmm, What?

@mysterious.unkwnsexposedI know it’s not real but I think the fck not#HappyHalloween #followme #OhNo #WeWinTogether #fyp♬ original sound mysteryvibes910

Creepy videos don’t need to be real to stick in your mind long after you try to go to sleep. This video from TikToker mysterious.unkwnsexposed is clearly staged, but has still managed to creep out a lot of people.

The video appears to be from a CCTV security camera showing a woman as she sleeps. However, the real focus of the video is the strange figure standing beside the bed. The creature is dressed in all black, with a deathly pale face and a bald head. The creepiest thing about the figure is its long limbs; it stands hunched over, with its hideously long arms dragging across the ground. Not much of its face is visible, but that only adds to its terrifying nature.

The creature moves around near the bed for a few seconds before leaning over the sleeping woman. It brings its face close to hers, as if studying her face as she sleeps. The footage gets even creepier when a long, black tongue begins to emerge from its mouth. The tongue twists and curls, reminiscent of a snake tongue. The creature’s tongue gently touches the woman’s face, prompting her to suddenly awaken in terror. Her bright eyes and perfectly round mouth call into question whether the woman herself is even real.

Although this video was clearly staged, the curious mind who created it is clearly quite twisted. Just like a horror movie that causes a week of nightmares, this ghoulish video will most likely stick with you for many sleepless nights.

3. After Hours Activity

I took this video of a security cam at my parents restaurant when I was a teenager. Every year it comes up on my Facebook memories of when I reposted and I remember how crazy it was at the time. No one had been back there for a good half hour. from r/Ghosts

Redditor maceparks never expected to see any creepy videos on the security cameras at his parents’ restaurant. However, there seems to be a spirit around who has other plans.

The footage shows a back room of the restaurant that seems to be used for washing dishes and storing cleaning products. There is a large sink and several shelves holding bottles of bleach and other cleaners. The room is completely empty of people. According to the Redditor, it had been at least half an hour since anyone had gone back there when this video was recorded.

The room seems completely still at first. After a few seconds, the silence is interrupted when a bleach bottle suddenly falls from the shelf and crashes to the ground, bleach pooling all over the floor. Could this be a case of a clean-freak ghost who thought the floor could use a good clean?

Some viewers of the video believe that the video could have been a hoax, with a string attached to the bottle being pulled by someone off-camera. However, because of the angle at which the bottle fell, it would be almost impossible for someone to pull a string and remain hidden. Other viewers think that the bottle fell because it was placed too close to the edge, and gravity eventually pulled it to the ground. The Redditor claims that no one who works in the restaurant would have been that careless. They are convinced that this is the work of a resident spirit.

2. The Ghost in the Rocking Chair

My wife and I occasionally hear footsteps when nobody is there and sometimes this is followed by our rocking chair moving. I setup a motion capture camera over the weekend and this happened. from r/Ghosts

Redditor sirsquid and their wife started to think their home was haunted when they began hearing strange footsteps. Unfortunately for them, some seriously creepy videos from a home security camera seem to suggest that they were right.

According to the Redditor, the creepiness began with a rocking chair. As they were hanging out in their living room, they began to notice what sounded like mysterious footsteps walking across the room. Shortly after, the rocking chair would often begin to move on its own. They decided to set up a motion sensing camera to attempt to capture video of the strange occurrences. The video ended up showing even more than they bargained for.

From the very beginning of the video, we can see the rocking chair swaying back and forth, even though there are no people in the room. The rocking chair moves at a fast, steady pace, making it unlikely that someone pushed the chair before the video began and then left the room. As the chair continues rocking, even more ghostly activity occurs: a stack of plastic plates suddenly falls from a nearby shelf, crashing loudly to the floor.

The homeowner who recorded this video was stunned by the footage. They had believed that the rocking chair hauntings were only an occasional occurrence, but the security camera showed that it happens quite frequently. The alleged ghost seems harmless for now, but some viewers have suggested that it may be time to go house shopping.

1. UFO Caught on Camera?

The Facebook page UFO is no stranger to creepy videos. However, this particular video seems to defy explanation.

The footage shows a dark night sky somewhere over Australia. Unfortunately, the moon isn’t the only thing lighting up the night sky. There appears to be something alien hovering high above the ground. The video shows a series of green lights hovering in the sky. At first, the lights seem to exist independently of any unifying structure. However, as the lights move, it becomes clear that they are attached to some sort of dark aircraft. The craft seems to be almost triangular in shape, with long wings pointing backward. There’s also a strange black, cloud-like substance that seems to waft about just below the object.

The video gets stranger. After the craft hovers for a few seconds, a line of green light begins to appear above the craft. It is the same green as the lights on the craft itself. The light expands until it forms a perfect square in the sky. The craft rises up and quickly disappears into the light. The square collapses, and the sky is empty once again.

Of course, a vast swathe of viewers think this is simply a solid piece of CGI trickery. However, many who have viewed the video believe that this is evidence of an extraterrestrial visit. It appears that a craft visited Earth and then disappeared through some sort of portal, taking it back into space. There is currently no technology that would allow an aircraft to disappear like this, so many believe that the only possible explanation is extraterrestrial.