These Scary Photos Will Chill You To The Core

Some scary photos out there aren’t for the faint-hearted. From ghosts to other paranormal creatures, there is no telling what could crop up in your next photo. Here are 6 scary photos that will chill you to the core.

6. Ghostly Figure Photographed at ‘Shining’ Hotel



When it comes to haunted hotels, few are so iconic as the Stanley Hotel. Even skeptics will be familiar with the hotel’s imagery thanks to Stephen King’s immensely popular suspense novel “The Shining.”

King claims that just one night’s stay in the hotel was enough to inspire the sinister events that take place in the Overlook Hotel, where a majority of the novel takes place.

It is little wonder that both supernatural enthusiasts and skeptics have long-since flocked to the hotel to see the source of King’s inspiration for themselves. Such seems to have been the case for one Henry Yau, who claimed to have been doubtful of the rumored supernatural activity in the hotel.

However, as is often the case, Yau would find his doubts challenged after snapping this photo of an oddly, ghostly figure stood at the top of a staircase in the hotel.

As is the case with many such scary photos, it seems Yau was only able to capture the figure in a single frame before the figure most likely disappeared. While the figure in the photo is slightly obscured in the hasty snap, it nevertheless seems to quite clearly be clad in a long, black dress or robe.

With a swath of white visible, the figure could easily be identified as a nun, or simply a woman dressed up and wearing a shawl. Either way, the figure appears to be fairly ethereal, with its face obscured and its posture making it seem as though ready to glide away at any moment.

Chilling and odd, this figure is nearly exactly what one would hope to see during a stay at the Stanley Hotel.

5. Scary Photos: Mysterious Monk of Muckross Abbey

The ghostly monk of Muckross Abbey

Posted to the website GhostsnGhouls, the tale behind this creepy photo lends a whole new dimension to the story of the shadowy figure seen wandering in the background. Captured at Muckross Abbey, a historic Irish haunt, it is believed that the shadowy figure seen in the photo is that of a ghostly monk.

The site explains that the 15th-century abbey suffered historic raids until naught but ruins remained in the abbey’s place. Some claim that author Bram Stoker spent time in the cemetery at Muckross Abbey, soaking in the dark atmosphere.

With such concentrated atrocities all having taken place in the historic location, it is little wonder the locals believe the ghosts of the wronged friars remain to haunt the abbey.

Some say the sounds of Gregorian chants can still be heard drifting faintly from the abbey to this day. With scary photos such as this adding to the haunt’s reputation, the ghostly monk will likely not be the last such haunting to be reported here.

4. Ghostly Photo at Abandoned Hospital

Figure spotted in derelict psychiatric hospital

When Adam Smith happened to walk past this defunct Welsh psychiatric hospital, it is likely he hadn’t imagined capturing any particularly scary photos. With the old hospital in Bronllys, Brecon, Wales, having officially been shut down in 1999, it hadn’t housed any official patients in decades.

However, there was no mistaking the figure Smith managed to capture staring directly out the window of the hospital. With its eerie face visible staring directly through the window, it seems to have perfectly timed its appearance in order to make itself known to Smith.

Creepy figure spotted in abandoned hospital

While the figure is slightly obscured in the full-sized picture, a zoom-in to the photo makes the frightening face clearly visible. The hospital is a former Prisoner of War camp, which was said to have housed captured German soldiers during World War II. Ghastly lobotomies were performed on site in a bid to cure conditions like alcoholism, senile dementia and postnatal depression.

With so much turmoil occurring in one old building, it is easy to see why spirits may have chosen to hang around. Be they former prisoners of war or victims of unethical psychiatric practices, one could see why the building remains a source of discomfort for locals.

What do you think has been caught in this photo? Tormented spirit or something more easily explainable? Let me know in the comments.

3. Scary Photos: Creepy Figure Caught on Couch



Captured in the middle of the night, this photo seemingly taken in the uploader Nick Dee3’s living room seems to show a ghostly woman sat on the sofa. Although the photo is fairly dark, the gauntness of the woman’s face is still easy to make out.

With a pained expression on her face, the woman immediately gives off some spooky and ghostly vibes. Although the single frame does not reveal any actions taken by the potential spirit or reveal any of its movements, it’s appearance is unnerving to say the least.

While the motivations of the figures captured in some scary photos may at times be hard to discern, it seems fair enough to assume this possible spirit’s intentions are negative. With the end of the video begging the question, “What was it? Angel, demon, or something else”, it would seem fair enough to eliminate the possibility of it being some sort of angel.

With the agonized look on the figure’s face, it seems clear the figure is either malicious or in some sort of pain – not the typical appearance of an angel.

With that in mind, it seems easy to see why the uploader claims to have since gotten rid of the couch the woman is seen sitting on in the photograph. Since removing the furniture the figure hasn’t been seen since.

2. Unknown Entity Appears in Photo

Scary ghost appears in photo
Linda S

Sent in by Slapped Ham viewer Linda S, this next photo is one of the oddest scary photos we’ve seen yet. The blurry photo was taken in a hallway, where one young man and one older man are both visible.

The older man appears in the bottom-left corner of the photo, appearing to be mid-motion. Meanwhile, the younger man seems to be standing still, focusing on the camera. Linda explains that the young man in the photo is her nephew.

Taken at her brother and sister-in-law’s home, Linda wanted to capture a few snaps of her nephew as he had just returned home from college for a visit. Linda explains she snapped a few photos, including consecutive photos of her nephew. It wasn’t until she examined them the next day that the confusion surrounding this photo set in.

There, clearly visible in the photo, was the older man in the red shirt. However, the man in the red shirt was completely unknown to Linda and her family; the man in the red shirt should not have been there at all.

Linda would have surely noticed a strange old man in the hallway when the photo was taken, yet clear as day an unknown person has appeared. Linda’s unease seems to have been corroborated by her nephew, as he was so freaked out by the photo he threw Linda’s phone down onto the lawn after seeing it the first time.

Sure that the man in the photo was some sort of ghost or demon, Linda explains that her nephew has chosen never to look at the creepy photo again.

Without any idea of who the man in the photo was, and with clear photographic evidence of his presence, Linda assures us that her belief in the supernatural has been solidified ever since she captured the photo, and it’s easy to see why.

Without any possible explanation for the man’s presence, this photo certainly fits in the realm of the unexplainable.

1. Scary Photos: The Grey Lady of Dudley Castle

Grey Lady Ghost Dudley Castle

Taken by one Amy Harper, the last of these scary photos seems to have converted its photographer from a skeptic to a believer in one fell swoop. Harper explains that while her husband had already been a staunch believer in the supernatural, she had no cause to believe in spirits or ghosts.

However, a trip to Dudley Castle and back home has changed her mind considerably. After returning home, Harper began to examine the photos she had taken. Seen quite clearly in one of the archways is a woman in a grey and billowing, period-style dress. Quite clearly not of this era, the woman’s presence is strikingly eerie.

What’s more, Harper is convinced she knows the identity of the figure in the photograph, believing her to be no other than the castle’s infamous Grey Lady.

Known as Dorothy Parker during her lifetime, the woman now known as the Grey Lady is said to have had one dying wish – to be buried next to her child. This wish was never granted, seemingly leading the Grey Lady to continue haunting Dudley Castle to this day in her anger and sorrow.

With the woman in the photo so clearly resembling the description of the would-be Grey Lady, it seems clear enough why Harper would suspend her disbelief and identify the woman as this well-known spirit.

As the photo so clearly shows the Grey Lady stood outside Dudley Castle, one can only assume that the legend of her haunting will continue to convince other visitors to the castle of its haunted nature in the years to come – maybe even converting a few more skeptics along the way.