Freaky Clips Too Spooky For You!

We all love giving each other, and ourselves, a little spook every now and then. That feeling of your heart racing within your chest brings you alive! If you aren’t the type to get scared easily, then the following clips are for you. Here are our top 6 freaky clips too spooky for you.

6. Freaky Clips: A Documented Haunting

@harrymcclarryAlexa has been doing some weird things lately #haunted #hauntedtok #alexa #callintheexorcist #horrortok #horrortiktok #wtf #seance #nope♬ original sound – HarryMcClarry


Viewers beware: these freaky clips uploaded to TikTok by user Harry McClarry are enough to keep you up all night.

The first clip opens in the middle of the night. The uploader is awoken by his Alexa assistant.

Alexa seems keen to give him the definition of a séance, completely unprompted. Alexa gives a creepy and unnatural laugh once she is done. Then, she maniacally tells the uploader she has a “skill” he might like. While it is not out of the ordinary for the assistant to suggest a set of actions, it is odd to do so unprompted.

Laughing still, the door to the bedroom begins swinging open and closed as the colors change rapidly. The unit continues to terrorize the uploader as the short clip ends.

@harrymcclarryThings have escalated… #haunted #hauntedtok #horrortok #horrortiktok #paranormal #somethinginthebasement #wtf #nope #why #callintheexorcist♬ original sound – HarryMcClarry

The second clip begins with a knocking sound coming from the basement. A dog can also be heard barking in the background.

Clearly scared but needing to know what they’re dealing with, the uploader attempts to venture down to the basement. They are heard saying “hello” to the source of the banging.

The banging stops. However, a scraping sound follows nearly immediately after, as though whatever had been making the sound was quickly scrambling up the stairs toward the uploader. If you watch it again, it actually sounds like footsteps running up the stairs toward the camera holder.

The dog continues to bark as the uploader shouts “oh my god” just as the clip ends. This series of clips seem to show something seriously wrong with the uploader’s home.

5. Freaky Clips: Abandoned Hospital



YouTube channel WolfCry Weather And NEWS seems to have stumbled upon Jinn activity in these freaky clips.

Making their way through an abandoned hospital, the ghost hunter in the video remains brave in the face of a series of odd occurrences. All is quiet until just after the one-minute mark when strange noises can be heard.

The man asks if anyone is there and demands the Jinn show itself, to no avail. He continues to pray as he makes his way through the hospital, seemingly certain he is in the presence of a less-than-friendly Jinn. Still, the man seems to believe in the power of his prayers.

When a chair seemingly moves out of nowhere, the man can’t help but let the distress be heard in his voice. When the chair moves once more, it seems clear the Jinn is growing increasingly angered by the man’s continued prayers.

The man makes his way through the hospital. His nerves appear to become more and more frayed. He makes sure to shout his prayers louder as a door slams out of nowhere.

He enters a room at random and sees a window slide open, without anyone visible near it.

The man is clearly near his breaking point as a loud, unnatural screeching or scraping sound can be heard coming from somewhere in the hospital. The sounds continue as the man is finally spooked enough to make a run for it. He lets the Jinn know on his way out that he was far from defeated. Assuring the Jinn that he would be back. One can’t help but think the Jinn would be far less passive the next time he visits.

4. Mysterious Man Disappears

@mysterious.unkwnsexposed#exprESSIEyourself #YouGotThis #Micellar Rewinding#Yellow #fyp #creepy #heinzhalloween♬ Run – AWOLNATION


The mystery behind the next of these freaky clips posted to Tiktok by user mysterious.unkwnsexposed may likely never be resolved.

The clip begins with a man seated on a bench near some woods. He is talking to the camera, which is seemingly why this event was recorded in the first place.

Another man appears to be walking in the woods behind him. Something seems to be off immediately, as the cameraman zooms in on this second man quite quickly. The man’s presence becomes much more ominous.

The man continues walking. As he approaches a thin and barren tree, however, he is not seen emerging from the other side. Too thin to disguise him, this immediately raises a red flag for the man behind the camera, who goes to investigate.

He pans around the entire tree, only to find the man has disappeared completely. He looks around the entire area, but still, there is no sign of the man who disappeared.

Without any rhyme or reason, the man seems to have made himself known only to scare those around him. Seemingly unworried about being spotted, he almost seems to be taunting the viewer by allowing him to glimpse his disappearance.

Still, without the man anywhere in sight, it is likely the men in question will never get an answer as to the mysterious man’s identity – and neither will the viewer.

3. Bigfoot Spotted in Banff?



There are few legends so enduring as that of the cryptid Bigfoot. Explorers everywhere are keen to catch a glimpse of the creature, proving its existence once and for all.

Uploaded to YouTube by user Sonny Vator, one can only imagine the uploader’s shock at seemingly finding proof of Bigfoot’s existence entirely by accident. The uploader explains they had been hunting elk when they caught the footage in question.

Noticing they were near a large, moving animal, the hunter tracked what they thought would prove to be a family of elk. Instead, they managed to capture this footage which appears to show a large Bigfoot-like creature snuggling a smaller one on its chest.

Miraculously, the creature appears to simply be taking a moment to rest there in the middle of Banff National Park. With the large, furry creature clearly in sight, it is unlikely the footage has been faked in any way.

All that’s left is for viewers to decide just what it is they are looking at: an odd angle of a known animal, some otherwise unknown creature, or definitive proof of Bigfoot’s existence?

Some cryptid enthusiasts think this clip is some of the most definitive evidence of Bigfoot’s actual existence yet. They believe it’s done more for the cryptid’s credibility than some other, more sensationalized clips attempting to prove its presence.

2. Door Opens in Empty Building

Empty building with opening doors. (Used to be a hospital is now office space) from r/Ghosts


Posted to Reddit by user AlienAilin, this seems to be one in a series of freaky events occurring in a former hospital turned office building.

Providing context for the clip, the uploader explains that this event was far from isolated. With odd occurrences having taken place before the clip was posted, the uploader is sure the office is the scene of some distressing haunting.

The uploader first explains that the owner of the building has often imagined the figure of a man standing in the corner of the office when no one should have been around.

Still, the office manager believed he was simply being paranoid, rather than the victim of a haunting. It is likely this clip played a part in convincing him otherwise.

Roughly a week later, the police were alerted to what would otherwise be considered some sort of break-in or suspicious activity. A door had opened in the building, but when the police arrived they saw no one around.

It wasn’t until that event that the surveillance video was checked, revealing this clip. In it, one can clearly see what appear to be the blinds on one door’s window opening by themselves. Next, the door slowly begins to creak open, with no one around or captured in the video.

The odd and careful activity seems to have confirmed the office manager’s worst fears – that he was perhaps not truly alone when he pictured the man standing in the corner. He is likely the victim of something much more sinister than a trick of the imagination.

1. Freaky Clips: A Glitch in the Simulation?

The last of these freaky clips, posted to Facebook by user Kayleen Bowman, is just as inexplicable as some of the others. What has been dubbed a glitch in the simulation, viewers are left to come to their own conclusion,

Seen floating in midair appears to be a dark object. The object seems to be suspended from nowhere, with no wires or structures nearby. On closer inspection it appears to be a bird frozen in place, midair.

A bird floating mid-air, glitch in the matrix.
Paranormal News

A still photo was also taken so we can get a better, more focused look. Floating in the air and completely still, the object almost seems to be levitating as if by magic. Either a supernatural mistake or the aforementioned glitch in the Matrix, the clip is nevertheless enough to shake even the most die-hard skeptics.

Without a proper explanation, viewers will be forced to explain away the once-in-a-lifetime appearance of some seriously freaky stuff.