These Paranormal Mysteries Have Left Experts Stunned

There’s something satisfying about a story with an ending that’s perfectly tied together. Our brains simply crave stories that make logical sense. However, people who love a good thrill know that paranormal mysteries that remain unsolved can be even more satisfying. Unsolved paranormal mysteries tease our imaginations, unlock our deepest fears and force our senses of logic and hysteria to dual it out! Are you in the mood to do a little sleuthing? If so, you’re sure to enjoy this list of the six strangest paranormal mysteries that the world is still working to solve!

6. Ghost Sighting Panic

This first item on the list of unexplained paranormal mysteries from around the world looks like a student prank. However, more than 100 students and adults experienced something that can’t be explained. It happened in a Malaysian school back in April 2016. The situation was so intense the school involved was actually forced to temporarily shut down while education officials tried to figure out exactly what was going on.

The saga started when a group of several students and teachers supposedly witnessed spirits and experienced supernatural events while in a school building located in Kota Bharu. Believing the claims to be credible, school leaders closed the school temporarily to bring in Islamic scholars to conduct prayer sessions and other spiritual exercises. Some of the students who encountered the supernatural happenings at the school claimed they saw a black figure making its way through the campus. One of the teachers at the school told local media that she could feel a heavy entity touching her. Another teacher claimed that the being attempted to enter her body.

A photo was tweeted by Star journalist @PhilipGolingai in April, 2016. It supposedly captures an insight into what was haunting the school. In the photo you can just make out an outline of a dark figure lurking at the back of a room.

Ultimately, a formal explanation was never given regarding what happened at the Malaysian school. It became the site of one of the oddest supernatural mysteries in recent times. Many people who have looked into the incident claim that it’s a classic case of mass hysteria. However, most of the students and faculty present during the haunting say a djinn was wreaking havoc, with many still fearing another attack.

5. Mysterious Object Spotted on Google Maps

UFO spotted on Google Maps

This next unexplained mystery came to life with a little help from Google Maps.

Speculation and conspiracies have being running wild ever since savvy map watchers spotted what appears to be a mysterious object emerging from the melting ice in Antarctica.

The strange object was first spotted by Youtuber MrMBB333. He uploaded a video analysing the area and offered some insight into what the shape could be.

When looking at the screenshot of the object that made the rounds during October 2020, it’s hard to deny that it resembles some type of disc-shaped spacecraft. Many commenters who have studied the image credit it with being very “intelligently designed”. Some have even speculated that the object measures in at 60 feet in width when using the scale of the space around it.

It’s really just questions on top of questions when pondering the origins of this paranormal mystery. Is it something that was left behind by humans? Did aliens park it there? How long has the object sat buried under Antarctic snow? It’s unlikely that any real answers will come from the science community any time soon. For now, all Internet sleuths can do is continue to dig in the virtual sense to try and uncover any real answers to this strange mystery.

4. The Hand of Glory

Photo of The Hand of Glory at Whitby Museum. One of many paranormal mysteries that remain unsolved.

The Whitby Museum in North Yorkshire, England is where you’ll find the Hand of Glory. This object is thought to be full of supernatural powers, if you can stomach seeing it.

History tells us that this mysterious object is prepared by combining a hand taken from a criminal who has been execute on the gallows with a candle made from fat from the corpse.

After a carefully measured processing stage that includes pickling the hand in salt and allowing it to steep in specific herbs for a month, the hand is then placed on an oak tree for three nights in a row before being brought to the doors of a church while the preparer of the hand keeps watch. The person who prepares the hand is free to keep it if they are able to keep watch with the hand all night without running away in fear.

What could make such a gruesome ritual worth it? Myths surrounding the power of the Hand of Glory date back to 15th-century Europe. Some people supposedly believed that the light of the Hand of Glory could burn forever without ever be consumed. Others believed that possessing this object would allow them to open any lock on any building. It was also believed that this formidable hand could render anyone who gazed upon it motionless.

3. Paranormal Mysteries: The Min Min Lights

The Min Min Lights tourism sign.

The Australian Outback is the perfect place for paranormal mysteries to thrive. That’s probably part of the reason why the Min Min light phenomenon is so intriguing.

According to many witnesses, mysterious lights are often spotted in the area near the Min Min settlement. The lights often seem as though they’re following or approaching people. Legend also says that anyone who dares to try to chase the lights down will never be seen again!

While the first recorded sighting of the Min Min lights was in 1838, stories of strange lights have been present in Australian folklore for generations. Sightings of the Min Min lights are so common that the focus is really on determining what is causing them instead of trying to debunk their existence.

The scientific community has some thoughts on what might be behind these lights. One idea is that swarming insects in the deep brush of the Australian Outback actually take on bioluminescent characteristics after coming into contact with fungi. Others who have researched the mystery believe that the lights are created by marsh gas or other geophysical phenomena. The possibilities are endless and it still remains a mystery.

2. La Mancha Negra

La Mancha Negra

Something mysterious oozed its way onto the list of the oddest paranormal mysteries in 1986.

Venezuela’s La Mancha Negra (The Black Stain) defies logic and explanation more than three decades after it was first discovered. In fact, millions of dollars and countless hours have been spent by government officials and researchers to try to determine exactly what this substance is, why it exists and how to stop it.

La Mancha Negra is an unexplained black substance that oozes from roads in the capital city of Caracas. People who have seen it describe it as a greasy, slick and thick black blob of something that looks like chewed gum. Far from being a minor nuisance, the slick substance has actually been responsible for multiple fatal accidents over the years. More than 1,800 people were killed as a result of La Mancha Negra during just the span of time covering its discovery in 1986 until 1992.

Washing, scrubbing, rinsing and scraping have not worked for cleaning up La Mancha Negra. However, the Venezuelan government did manage to get the issue mostly under control in highly populated areas using complex cleaning equipment in 1996. That hasn’t stopped the sludgy substance from continuing to creep in. What’s more, nobody knows what this substance is to this day!

There are some theories regarding what causes La Mancha Negra to slither its way across Venezuelan roads. Some people believe that it’s simply a sludge that forms when older cars spray fluids while driving along roads. Others claim that it’s caused by oils that are seeping out from poorly made asphalt. In 1992, President Carlos Andrés Pérez accused his political enemies of spilling the oil around the country to damage his reputation. Then there’s more paranormal explanations. Some believe it’s extraterrestrial in origin, something akin to the Blob, the sticky, all engulfing entity from the 1958, cult sci-fi horror movie starring Steve McQueen.

As of today, La Mancha Negra is simply a black sludge without an explanation!

1. Paranormal Mysteries: Rehmeyer’s Hollow



Rehmeyer’s Hollow is a bone-chilling paranormal mystery. The spot is located near the Maryland border in York County, Pennsylvania. It was here that a murder took place that grabbed headlines back in 1928.

A woman named Nellie Noll, known as the River Witch of Marietta, instructed a local man named John Blymire. She told him how to deal with a suspicion that he had been cursed by another local man named Nelson Rehmeyer. Noll advised Blymire to break into Rehmeyer’s home to retrieve the spell book that he was almost certainly using to conjure up his curses. While taking Noll’s advice, Blymire also decided to take along two companions. The group was unable to find the book when they arrived at Rehmeyer’s home. However, they did bump into Rehmeyer helmself. Determined to remove the curse, the men murdered Rehmeyer before attempting to burn down his house.

Ultimately, the house failed to burn enough to destroy the evidence of the murder that had taken place. The three men who murdered Rehmeyer were eventually charged. The story was big enough that the trial of the men became a media sensation known as the “York Witch Trial”. However, what was an even bigger story was the speculation that Rehmeyer really was a witch with the ability to stop his home from being burned down even after death.

Rehmeyer’s unburnable house still stands today in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania. In 2007, Nelson Rehmeyer’s descendants opened the home for public tours. However, the property is closed to the public today.

The Youtube channel Dan Bell / Film It uploaded an interesting tour of the property. (See above)

You’ll often find teenagers creeping around at night hoping to stir up some supernatural follies.