Supernatural Security Footage No One Can Explain

Are These Really Ghosts Caught on Camera?

When various frightening video montages or clips become popular and go viral on the internet, both skeptics and fans of the supernatural alike begin posting their theories and explanations for what they’ve seen. But some of the most frightening images and videos are the ones that have no explanation at all. Check out this supernatural security footage no one can explain.

6. Mysterious Floating Apparition



This supernatural security footage shows the inside of a garage. A wide-angle fisheye lens is used, which allows for an outstanding range of vision. It’s a very typical garage with cars sitting outside in the driveway, and various outdoor and gardening items sprinkled throughout the area in front of the doorway.

As the video begins, we can clearly see that it’s night. After a few seconds, a mysterious light descends from the sky. It disappears for a moment before seeming to travel right through the side of the truck in the driveway. At first, it looks sausage-shaped, but as it moves its almost wisp-like consistency becomes apparent. Once it makes its way into the garage, the bizarre apparition vanishes almost as quickly as it appeared. There isn’t anybody around in the shot and no noise to indicate anyone lurking off camera.

If you slow the footage down, you can see that the mysterious shape’s movements seem somewhat purposeful, yet very odd. Perhaps the eeriest notion is that the light seems to disappear into thin air once it enters the garage.

What do think this security camera has captured? Could it be proof that a ghost is haunting the property? Or is there another explanation for this creepy video?

5. Poltergeist Opens Locker



This scary video comes from Escape Paranormal. It opens up with a stereotypical warehouse scene. An empty hallway greets the viewer as they are led deeper and deeper into the warehouse. While you instantly get vibes that something eerie is about to happen, you’re left wondering when it will occur.

Almost every single corner taken in this video causes the viewer to jump.  The intense build-up adds to the suspense, as we follow the person filming through the warehouse. After walking through a small doorway, one of the final things we see towards the end of the video is a series of storage lockers that are painted white. Without any warning, the door on the right flings open. It’s a violent burst of activity in an otherwise quiet storage room. The incident scares the videographer enough that they begin to sprint out of the area as quickly as they can.

As many urban explorers are probably well aware, it’s often the lead up to an unexpected event that proves to be the scariest part of any investigation. Was this explorer witness to paranormal activity? The answer is unclear. However, one thing is for sure. They will certainly think twice before returning to this chilling location.

4. Freaky Trail Cam Footage

Strange face seen in chicken coop.

Nothing says “terrifying” like finding out that something ghoulish could be lurking around your house. However, this is exactly what happened to one of our viewers, j2001mg.

This image was caught on a wild game nation trail camera that was set up to watch a chicken coop. However, it seems that it might have also captured something rather chilling. When the security footage was inspected, they discovered some sort of horrific face staring back at them. It almost seems to blend in perfectly with the mesh from the chicken coop, with its dark hair and wide nose, and even looks as if it could be screaming.

Close up of strange face seen in chicken coop.

The viewer mentions that the chickens were up in their roost area at the time, ruling them out of the equation. Plus, this picture had a date and time stamp that said May 12th 2020, yet it showed up in the March 23rd set of pictures.

While any time a mysterious face-like shape shows up on camera, one automatically thinks that it could be a case of Pareidolia. However, given that there are chickens living inside the coop, in this instance there is certainly reason for concern.

What do you think has been captured in this creepy trail camera photo? Could it really be some sort of ghoulish creature? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Ghostly Wisps Seen on Security Camera


Taken from the Canary security webcam of the Music DJ Jonesy Jones, this footage shows that there could potentially be a party happening in this residence that no ‘living’ person has been invited to.

Early on in the clip we see two apparitions that seemingly manifest out of thin air. If this isn’t creepy enough, the uploader claims that she received an alert notification on her mobile phone that there was motion detected in the living room. One normally wouldn’t assume to find some supernatural security footage as a result! Yet on viewing the footage, you can see sudden movement on the left as two wisps suddenly appear out of nowhere. The shapes quickly begin to take on a more stereotypical “ghostly” appearance before vanishing into the light.

Jonesy Jones, notes that she had to leave town quite suddenly and had her storage broken into that morning. She had brought what was left into the living room, which accounts for the mess we see in the video. Perhaps she brought back more than she bargained for from the storage unit?

This footage is certainly chilling. Unlike many security camera clips, these shapes do not resemble floating orbs or dust particles reflecting the light. There is little denying that the wispy shapes really do resemble ghosts. But could this really be the case? Unfortunately, without further information this video will have to remain a mystery.

2. Cloaked Figure Spotted On Security Camera



This supernatural security footage from Vision Paranormal is enough to send shivers down your spine. Is this the grim reaper hunting its prey? Or is there a more logical explanation? You decide.

The footage begins with what appears as a normal hallway with a security camera focusing on the corner of a stairwell and an elevator. However, after a few seconds, a darkly-hooded figure peeks its head from the shadowy stairwell. It appears cautious at first, almost as if looking out to see if anybody is watching. Slowly, the sinister looking figure shuffles its way down the stairs.

Oddly enough, the more it exposes itself, the more cautious it seems to be. However, rather than moving with a sense of fear or timidity, the cloaked being seems to lurch about as though it is possibly stalking something… or someone.

After taking its terrifying time, the figure is finally in full view. It almost appears like it is wearing a traditional European-style cloak that covers all the way down to its feet. Startlingly, it resembles the visage of the grim reaper. Whoever might be on the other side of that doorway could be in for a terrifying shock?

Although it is not apparent if the figure possesses any sort of weapon or other means of doing harm, the careful nature of its stalking leads the mind to only wonder what its devilish intent might be? Given the fact that this haunting took place at 1:46 AM, it certainly lends credence to the phrase “going bump in the night”.

1. Haunted Activity in Commercial Kitchen


Whenever somebody goes out for a tasty meal, they probably don’t anticipate being served from a haunted kitchen! However, after seeing this footage shared by Desdeemasalla Zrchoo, that could the kind of grade-A ghostly service that one might receive from this commercial cookery.

The footage opens up with a woman in a well-lit and tidy kitchen working inside a large refrigeration unit. She’s organizing the various meals and other prep items for the dinner rush, and doesn’t seem particularly phased by anything. After spending a while rummaging around, something absolutely unexpected catches her attention. She jumps in shock, flinging the refrigerator closed in response to the ghostly action.

Seemingly for no reason at all, we see a small bowl of flour flung violently from the stainless-steel rack behind her, closely followed by a red cup. The cup goes spinning off to the corner of the kitchen near a trash can, and the flower falls in a heap on the floor. After pausing for a moment to examine the situation, the woman returns to stacking the refrigerator.

Although the incident could have been some type of elaborate prank, the footage does not show any signs of other human activity in the kitchen. Considering that it seems there isn’t much room to even fit behind the stainless-steel rack, it’s highly unlikely that anyone could have thrown the cup and spilled the bowl of flour with such aggressive force. What then, could have caused such a startling event?

Have you ever had something move unexpectedly in the kitchen? Perhaps a misplaced item or a dish that suddenly fell to the ground? If so, remember that this footage seems to show that hauntings could occur just about anywhere.