Scary Things Caught on Camera

Real or fake?

Today we’re looking at a series of scary things caught on camera. From a strange shadow creature spotted in an abandoned housing complex to a cat possibly interacting with a ghost, these scary videos are freaking the Internet out.

6. Strange Figure in Abandoned Housing

This video uploaded to YouTube by user The Adventurer Abdullah Al-Anbari depicts multiple scary things caught on camera that are likely to stick with viewers over time. Opening in a seemingly barren area in the middle of the night, the cameraman seems to be scared of something that has been haunting the area for a long time. It seems as though he expects something to occur at any moment and has prepared himself for the figure to appear.

Walking around seemingly abandoned housing, the man focuses his camera on what appears to be a shadowy figure hidden in one of the buildings. Zooming in on the black figure, it slowly moves to one side. It looks like there’s something located in the building too substantial to be deemed a shadow.

The man continues walking around the area, as the figure has seemingly disappeared. As he walks in a completely separate direction, the man is surprised to find the figure standing in another building, this time completely visible and not blocked by anything. The figure moves away and the man is seemingly scared.

Continuing to walk around the abandoned site, the man finds what appears to be the jawbone of an odd creature, decidedly not human but also not easily identified as a known animal. The sound of an object crashing in one of the buildings surrounding the man is heard and the figure appears in the window of another building.

Pitch black and indiscernible, the figure appears to stand upright like a human, while behaving like an ill-intentioned otherworldly being. Attempting to follow the figure into a building, the man faces a long hallway with many doors. A large object is pushed out of one of the rooms with force. The man enters the room to find no trace of the figure.

The figure continues to come and go at intervals, throwing objects, perhaps as a warning to the man to stay away, even going so far as to close a door right in front of the man. Bravely, the man charges ahead anyway, only to discover the room is in fact empty. The man makes it out, but not without experiencing several more odd occurrences.

5. Poltergeist Rattles Door

When something wants out of your bathroom, but nothings there… from r/veryspookyvideos

This video uploaded by Creepy Seven is one of the most scary things caught on camera and has managed to find its way to Reddit. At the beginning of the video, the camera pans over to a closed door. As the person behind the camera nears the door a rattling sound becomes more and more pronounced. The man walks closer to the door and it is very clear that there is something on the other side of the door rattling the knob.

From the man’s cautious approach toward the door, one immediately gets the impression that he knows there is not supposed to be anyone, or anything, on the other side of the door. Standing outside the door for a few moments, seemingly gathering his courage, the rattling stops for just one second.

Seizing this opportunity, the man opens the door, only to find a seemingly empty bathroom. Panning around the entirety of the bathroom it is clear there is no one in the room. No one visible, at least. This truly creepy video is almost poltergeist-like in its depiction of the supernatural activity going on behind the door, and the viewer is left feeling thoroughly creeped out by the idea of whatever it was rattling the knob on the other side of the door.

4. Strange Creature Spotted Behind Tree

Strange creature or alien caught behind tree by Frenchmen around a bonfire late at night… from r/veryspookyvideos

While there is a whole genre of videos uploaded to the internet focusing on scary things caught on camera, some are more chilling than others.

This video uploaded to Reddit by AmajorMalfuntion is one such video. Detailing a quiet night out, the video seems to take place during a routine and casual bonfire on a cold night. Gathered outside, it is clear there is a group of people sitting around the fire enjoying its warmth.

Their night is quickly disturbed by an odd figure that appears on the far side of the fire. The camera holder walks into the darkness having seen something odd. He asks someone to throw a lit branch over to a nearby tree so he can get a better look. Illuminated by the fire is a strange, large headed creature. It has long, thin fingers that curl in the darkness. Moving as neither plant nor animal, the figure is thoroughly eerie.

The size of the figure can’t even be attributed to that of a small child, its head is far too large and it even seems to have a pale green complexion. What results is an oddly otherworldly creature appearing on screen.

If you slow the footage down and brighten the visuals, it’s clear that something odd is indeed lurking in the brush.

The question is, is this a hoax and has the creature been added in in post-production? Or have these campers unwittingly stumbled upon a creature that has yet to be classified by science? Perhaps even an alien?

3. Cat Snuggles Against Nothing

My cat headbutted the controller out of my hand for attention. He then decides he wants to be petted by something at the edge of the bed. Watch the top left of the screen too. from r/veryspookyvideos

Cats are notorious for cuddling against any surface presented to them. Humans, stoves, sofas: cats cuddle them all. Even eerier, this video posted to Reddit by PHATstuFF21 seems to prove that cats may very well even choose to snuggle against an otherworldly presence if given the opportunity.

The video shows a cat choosing to forgo cuddling with its owner and instead cuddle against what appears to be nothing. The cat is depicted as clearly cuddling against something, although there is nothing present in the space the cat is brushing up against. Seemingly rubbing against thin air, the cat’s movements give the viewer the impression that there is a clear divide between the cat and what it is cuddling.

Perhaps even eerier, an unidentified object flies past the screen around the 7-second mark. Falling neatly into the category of scary things caught on camera, some Reddit commenters suggest the cat may be communicating with a loved one who has passed away. The owner confirms the cat had been taken in recently, with its past unknown. Conversation between the cat’s owner and other Reddit users seem to maintain the possibility that the video depicts the cat being visited by a loved one who has passed away – potentially a previous owner.

If this video truly does depict a cat interacting with a spirit or ghost, the mental leap isn’t a particularly difficult one to make. Cat owners frequently report cats getting up to odd behavior such as this. If cats really are capable of visits with the dead, they are likely the least surprising animal to experience this.

People often believe that pets can see things their owners can’t.

2. Poltergeist Activity Caught on Camera

“Moved into a new house last October. Seen and heard some unexplainable things, but luckily today’s incident was caught on camera.” from r/veryspookyvideos

This video posted to Reddit by _adrianthegoat seems to further confirm some poltergeist-like activity going on in their home. As explained by the user on Reddit, they had moved into a new home and experienced multiple occurrences of supernatural activity from the start.

Having positioned a camera in their home, potentially to catch one of these occurrences on camera once and for all, the video depicts the owner of the home sleeping peacefully on her sofa, accompanied by her dog.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone else present in the home at the time, and both the woman and the dog are positioned far from where the supernatural event is about to occur. As she is sleeping, a framed picture by the door appears to be knocked off quite suddenly. The dog jumps up, alarmed, as does the woman.

The picture appears to fall out of nowhere, almost as though it had been knocked off by a supernatural presence. Although frames falling is not entirely out of the ordinary, the force with which this frame flies off the wall places it easily into the category of scary things caught on camera. As the woman has indicated that supernatural occurrences are not exactly rare in their new home, one can easily chalk this up to another such occurrence.

1. Terrifying Event Caught on CCTV

Unknown video shows men in battle with a frightening force… from r/veryspookyvideos

Those looking for scary things caught on camera will likely find themselves watching this video posted to Reddit by AmajorMalfunction over and over again. This fascinating security footage is a lot to unpack for fans of inexplicable events.

At the start of the video, viewers are faced with two men standing outside, enjoying a smoke break. Things quickly go horribly wrong as one man is knocked over, falling flat on his face. Seemingly surrounded by waves, it seems at first as though he has been knocked over by the tide. The second man seems to panic and attempts to pick the man up, only to be knocked over himself.

Struggling to save himself, the second man backs up into the building behind them while the first man is violently dragged away, quickly moving offscreen. Just as quickly as the man is dragged offscreen, the video depicts the man as being violently thrown back into the building in which the second man had taken shelter. As the video progresses, inexplicable forces seem to be at work. These forces appear to be throwing the men to and fro, their intentions with the men being wholly uncertain.

Similarly, the video is oddly distorted by strange waves appearing around the men. Whether these are the supernatural force themselves or being sent by a supernatural being is unclear as the video cuts to an oddly cloaked figure exiting the building. The figure’s back is to the camera and the viewer is only faced with its odd choice of attire. The figure seems to move ethereally, taking its time and almost gliding across the ground.

Whatever the figure’s intentions, it is clear that it is unconcerned in facing any potential threat. Whether that be due to it having completed the business it has set out to do or due to its seemingly otherworldly powers.

This bizarre video has been passed around Internet forums and social media for quite some time now, yet no one has been able to explain it. Some viewers claim it has to be from a movie of some kind. However, that movie has yet to be identified. Some paranormal enthusiasts believe this is leaked footage from an unknown military compound.

Whatever the case may be, the footage is undeniably compelling, and will likely continue to baffle viewers for years to come.