Scary People Filmed in Real Life

What Are These Scary People Up To?

From a scary person filmed by the side of the road to a creepy figure in a mask seen lurking in the woods, we look at scary people filmed in real life.

5. Scary Man Photographed on Bus

Scary man on a bus.

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The origins of this image are somewhat unclear, however no list of scary people filmed in real life would be complete without its inclusion.

The photo was apparently taken at night on a bus, somewhere in San Francisco. While the identity of the person who took the picture is unknown, one thing is for sure. They would have certainly needed some serious nerve to point their camera in the direction of this guy!

His bulging eyes look bloodshot and he has a mouthful of yellowing teeth that seem to be gnashing at thin air. He appears to be in a trance or some sort of altered state, similar to a zombie.

With his almost otherworldly appearance, many viewers have likened him to the intergalactic criminal, Boris the Animal from the popular science fiction film, Men in Black 3.

When the photo of this scary man first appeared on the internet, it wasn’t long before it was turned into a meme.

Scary man on a bus Tweet.


This one certainly appeared to be real as it seemed likely that US Marshals could have really been searching for him. However, it actually turned out to be a fake edited from this original Twitter post.

The real scary man on a bus Tweet.


While the man in this photo certainly didn’t look any less dangerous, it added another layer of mystery to the original man’s identity.

Could he also have been an escaped criminal? And why did he look as though he had an extreme thirst for blood?

If anyone has any information about the creepy man photographed on the bus we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

4. Creepy Figure Lurking in the Woods


This creepy clip was uploaded to Will Price‘s YouTube channel in March, 2013. Will, along with his friend Bryson had managed to snap a photo of a dark figure lurking in the woods near his house and so decided to try and capture some footage of it on video camera.

Initially, the boys decide to split up and begin searching the area for any signs of the mysterious figure. Surely enough, Bryson soon manages to catch a glimpse of it slowly walking among the trees.

Spooked by what he has just seen, Bryson runs to find his friend, Will. The two meet and quickly review the mysterious footage.


Then, in July, 2015, a little over two years after the boys had their first encounter with the dark figure, another video was uploaded to Will’s channel. The new footage appears to show the same or a very similar figure once again creeping around the back of Will’s property.

The clip begins as the boys, who are now clearly older than in the previous video begin playing in the backyard with Will’s dog, Ellie.

They throw an old ball off the porch and Ellie quickly runs to retrieve it. The boy’s begin to chase the dog around the yard when Will suddenly spots something moving in the woods.

At first it’s difficult to see anything at all. However, it soon becomes apparent that the dark figure was actually hiding when it stands up and begins walking towards the boys.

Scared, Will can be heard calling his dog to come to him as the boys quickly head back to the safety of the house. Soon after, the video abruptly ends.

This video certainly appears to have captured the same figure that the boys had seen lurking in the area two years earlier. This time however, you are able to see it in far more detail – it is dressed all in black and appears to have very long arms.

While some viewers have likened the figure to Slender man or even Bigfoot, it appears to move more like an actual a human. This of course, doesn’t make it any less creepy as the figure clearly seems to have some very sinister intentions.


Another two years goes by and Will, this time with a friend named Westen manages to capture yet another sighting of the mysterious dark figure on camera.

While out jet skiing on a lake, the boys spot something unusual as they approach a wooded area up ahead.

At first it’s difficult to make anything out. However, if you look closely you can see something dark moving among the trees. Clearly not keen to get a closer look, the boys decide to head in the opposite direction.

Could this be the same dark figure seen in the previous videos? If so, who or what do you think it is? A crazy person living in the woods perhaps? Or even something supernatural?

Let’s hope for the boys’ sake that whatever it is, its not planning anything sinister?

3. Creepy Woman Photographed in Audience

Scary woman in audience with her head turned sideways.


This scary photo has been floating around the internet for some time now. It is supposedly a still taken from a popular Japanese television show named Psychic Japan.

While every other member of the audience is paying attention to the stage, one woman has her head twisted on an almost impossible angle.

With her bizarre head posture and pale, ghostly complexion the woman in this photo certainly conjures up images of Regan MacNeil, the young girl who suffers a gruesome demonic possession in the film, The Exorcist.

Naturally, this led many netizens to conclude that this woman was also undergoing something similar.

Furthermore, the television show that she was attending at the time the photo was taken was supposedly about psychics. Therefore, it has even been speculated that someone on stage or in the audience could have conjured up some sort of otherworldly entity.

While the photo certainly has the ability to make the viewer feel uneasy, it’s difficult to know if it really does show something supernatural? What do you think? Is the woman the victim of some sort of sinister paranormal force? Or could the picture simply be a very clever Photoshop job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

2. Scary Masked Figure Chases YouTuber


This scary footage was uploaded to TGB CAM‘s YouTube channel in April, 2018. The clip begins with the YouTuber mentioning that he has recently been hearing screaming coming from the woods near his house.

Armed only with his camera, he decides to investigate the area. As he makes his way down a narrow path he is suddenly startled by another scream. The YouTuber then spots what appears to be a person further down the trail.

Hesitantly, he makes his way towards the figure who now seems to be sitting on some sort of makeshift swing hanging from the trees.

The figure stands up and begins walking towards the boy. They’re wearing black gloves, a plaid shirt and appear to have some sort of large mask covering their head.

Reluctantly, the YouTuber asks the person if they are ok? The person then lunges at the boy who quickly turns and runs back towards the safety of his house.

Then, just as the boy appears to make it all the way up the path and into his backyard, the footage mysteriously ends.

If you pause the clip and take a good look at the mask that the figure is wearing you can see that it looks like some sort of creepy baby. It’s blue, squinting eyes seem to reveal its sinister intentions as the figure makes its way forward.

There is very little information available about this video and that makes it all the more creepy. While it’s possible that the footage is just part of a staged prank, the YouTuber certainly appears to have a genuine look of terror on his face.

What do you think? Did the boy really encounter someone intent on doing him harm? Or was it all just a hoax? Either way, this video definitely deserves its place in our list of scary people filmed in real life.

1. Masked Person Spooks Driver


This spooky clip was uploaded to JoeRobTV in September, 2017. The video begins as the camera holder mentions that he has just spotted someone lurking below a sign along a dark stretch of road. After he is unable to locate the figure in the darkness, he turns the car’s headlights on to illuminate the area.

Still unable to spot the person, he decides to slowly drive back in the direction from which he has just come.

Sure enough, there is something moving in the bushes by the side of the road.

As the camera holder gets closer, it starts to become apparent that the figure doesn’t seem to have a normal face. It appears to be covered by some sort of strange mask that has distorted, lifeless features.

The brave camera holder continues to get closer as the masked figure shuffles slowly towards the car. Then, just as the car passes, the figure lunges forwards. The driver is heard letting out a mighty scream and the footage abruptly ends.

Who could this mysterious figure have been? Perhaps a teen out to spook passing drivers? Or were they waiting along the side of the road for a far more malevolent reason?