Scary Ghost Videos That Will Deprive You of Sleep

These clips are creepy!

They say that ghosts are all around us. If that’s true, then it should be no surprise that scary ghost videos are among the most popular viral videos on the internet. From hospitals to convenience stores, ghosts are popping up everywhere. Let’s take a look at a few of these nightmare inducing ghost videos that might just keep you up at night.

6. Ghost Videos: Shadow Figure in Hospital



TikToker noah.vq is no stranger to disturbing ghost videos. As a security guard on an empty floor of a hospital, he wasn’t expecting to see anything weird while on the job late at night. However, this eerie piece of footage seems to show a creepy shadow figure hanging out in one of the empty rooms.

This security guard was working the night shift when he thought he heard some strange noises. The hospital where he works is fairly empty, and the floor where he’s assigned is totally deserted. If he was completely alone on the floor, it makes sense that he’d be a little uneasy hearing unexplained sounds. He quickly takes out his camera to hopefully catch evidence of his mysterious visitor. He walks down the hallway slowly, peering into each empty room that he passes. Unfortunately, one of the rooms doesn’t look as empty as the others.

As he passes the room in question, the camera catches a shadow that appears to be looking out a window. At first, the security guard continues down the hall. When his brain has had time to process what he saw, he slowly returns to the room for another peek. By the time he returns, the shadow is gone.

Some people who have seen the video believe it was most likely a hoax filmed by placing an all too human accomplice in the room. However, several security guards have spoken up, insisting that guards rarely get company on their shifts. Others are certain that the footage captured a real shadow creature: a specific type of spirit that lurks in the shadows, tricking witnesses into questioning their own perceptions of reality. Some hypothesize that it is the spirit of someone who died in that very room. Regardless of who the spirit is, its appearance in the video is downright terrifying.

5. Intruder or Something Paranormal?



YouTuber Aloha Treasures wasn’t expecting to capture any ghost videos when she set up security cameras around her home. Unfortunately, a bizarre shadow has her questioning how safe her home really is, sending her to the internet for answers.

The YouTuber has multiple CCTV cameras set up inside and outside her home. When watching the footage of her living room one day, she noticed something odd: a human-shaped shadow peeking in through the doorway. The shadow pops in a few times, standing out in stark contrast to the white door, before fading away. No trace of a person casting the shadow ever appears. On the first two appearances, the shadow is indistinct; it appears to be human in shape, but it’s hard to make out a defined silhouette. On its final appearance, the shadow becomes more defined, and seems to raise its arm to point at something toward the ceiling. After that, it fades away for good.

In the video, the homeowner doesn’t seem sure whether she’s looking at a ghost or the shadow of a real person. However, none of the other cameras provide any evidence of an intruder entering or exiting the home. If a person had broken into the house, it would’ve been difficult to evade all of the camera feeds. This has led the homeowner to believe that she is in fact dealing with a spiritual entity.

4. Ghost Videos: Haunted Convenience Store



A convenience store in Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico has become internet famous for its startling ghost videos. A place to buy snacks and drinks during the day, this store seems to be a haven for ghostly entities after dark.

In one clip uploaded to YouTube by Videos Famasos del Facebook, we see a number of strange movements caught on an employee’s cell phone camera. As the camera pans across the store, the employee is startled when the door to one of the drink coolers suddenly opens on its own. The employee steps outside, but continues recording through the door. A few seconds later, the cooler door opens and closes again. The store is completely empty, so there’s no doubt that the door is moving on its own. As the employees discuss the strange event, they notice that the lights in the store begin flickering off and on in an almost rhythmic pattern. With no one in the store to control the lights, how could this happen?



In another video by Lo paranormalMty, an employee begins recording when the lights on the cigarette case begin flickering off and on. A few seconds later, the overhead lights join in and begin turning themselves off and on. As he films the lights, the camera captures a cooler door opening and closing on its own. Near the end of the video, he also captures a bottle inexplicably rolling across the floor.

Some viewers suggest that the videos are a prank perpetrated by hidden accomplices in back rooms or crouched below the shelves. However, many are convinced that these videos depict real poltergeist activity.

3. Ghost Videos: Freaky CCTV Footage


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According to Instagramer terror_prime, there could be very scary things lurking in the dark. This footage taken from a CCTV camera shows a dim room that looks like a large kitchen or cafeteria. At first, everything in the room seems normal. However, that quickly changes when an abrupt flash of light appears near a closed door.

The flash of light briefly illuminates what appears to be a human figure. The figure is only visible for a moment before the room is once again plunged into darkness. If you watch closely over the next few seconds, the figure seems to stand and move around behind the counter on the far side of the room. In the darkness, it appears as a white mist moving and writhing above the countertop.

After a few seconds, the room is suddenly lit up by light once again, this time, by the room’s overhead light. Once the lights are on, we can clearly see that the area near the counter is completely vacant. Whatever the strange, white shadow was it disappeared in the instant that it took for the light to come on. Moments later, a man walks into the room, completely oblivious to what had been happening mere seconds before.

It’s unclear exactly what caused the strange white shadow depicted in the video. And what was the bizarre flash of light?  Whatever the case may be, the suddenness in which it appeared and disappeared seems to indicate that the entity was far from human.

2. Child-like Ghost



No list of scary ghost videos would be complete without at least one creepy child ghost. This disturbing footage uploaded to Youtube by YBeeeNormal certainly fits the bill.

The footage was shot at Leeds Castle in Kent. The video’s introduction states that the castle was the place of death of Princess Caroline, daughter of Henry VIII, who died at the age of 13 months from a head wound. Unfortunately, Henry VIII never had a daughter named Caroline; however, the castle was the residence of his first wife, Catherine of Aragon and their daughter Mary. Catherine had many failed pregnancies, often suffering from the miscarriages, stillbirths, or sudden infantile deaths of her children. In addition, Henry was a known philanderer who fathered many illegitimate children. So, it could be possible that a child named Caroline lived, however briefly, at Leeds Castle at some point in history.

Regardless of the history, the video does seem to show an eerie child-like ghost haunting the castle grounds. The footage seems to have been shot by a tourist visiting the area. They enter the room said to be Caroline’s and leave a camera rolling overnight to see if that capture anything unusual.

Eventually, the camera captures movement; a child-like shape seems to rise up from the ground. The figure is white, almost indistinguishable from the wall. However, it stands clearly for several seconds before walking across the room and disappearing.

Whether this spirit is the ghost of an unknown princess who died under mysterious circumstances or merely the long-dead child of another resident, this tiny ghost seems to be trapped in this abandoned room of the castle.

1. Eerie Figure Shows Up on Film



In this YouTube video, we see Lori Simmons innocently chatting with her friend, Shana Thomas. They’re using an app called Marco Polo, which allows users to record their conversations as a video chat. The pair of women never expected something so bizarre to show up on the video.

Lori moves around the house as she chats with Shana about her desire to buy a new bed. After a few minutes, she settles down into a chair to finish the conversation. It is at this point that Shana asks the question that viewers have been wondering about throughout the video: is there anyone else in the house with you?

If you watch closely as Lori moves around the room, in a few instances, there seems to be a gray figure standing behind her. It appears in a few different spots, but usually seems to be standing still with its hands on its hips. It doesn’t appear to have a face.

If you slow the footage down, there is indeed a figure lurking behind her.

Lori quickly asserts that she’s alone in the house and begins looking around for the mysterious figure. She is never able to find any trace of the visitor. After reviewing the video, she is convinced that either a ghost or an alien visited her on that day.