Scary Randonautica Videos That’ll Freak You Out

These Randonautica videos are enough to freak anyone out. The Randonautica app claims to use the law of attraction to find a nearby adventure. Released in February, 2020, the app was developed by Joshua Lengfelder. Users are given coordinates on a map that they can follow and report their findings. It professes to channel the intentions of its users in order to lead them to relevant spots of potential adventure nearby. Users must think what they would like to get from their session, before focusing their intentions. According to the devs themselves the app is ‘an attractor of strange things.’

The app gained controversial attention when a group, following their prescribed coordinates, found a suitcase containing two dead bodies in Duwamish, West Seattle. Since the discovery, many have speculated that the app has an eerie ulterior motive. This has lead to an explosion of Randonautica videos appearing on Reddit and Tiktok.

As for the veracity of these videos, viewers will have to brave viewing them for themselves. You can decide for yourself just what is real and what is not.

7. Randonautica Videos: Scary Encounter

@randonautica2Dale al + otros y cancela y mira lo qué pasa 😏 ya no pueden ni 💩 en paz ajajaj##fyp ##parati ##notviral ##not ##ayuden ##viral ##para ##1 ##paranormal #♬ sonido original – randonautica2

Posted to TikTok channel randonautica2, this clip shows just what a well-executed Randonautica video can do. The video opens with the camera panning around an abandoned building.

Both the camerawork and the angle at which the video is filmed gives viewers the sense they are experiencing this TikTok firsthand. Looking around, we see trash scattered on the ground and walls defiled with graffiti.

The camera pans around a corner of the building outside. The video now focuses on an eerie humanoid shape huddled in the corner. Hunched over and exposed, the creature seems to leap at the camera just before the footage cuts out.

Unfortunately, there’s very little info available about this Randonautica clip. We don’t know where it was filmed or who even filmed it. This has lead many viewers to suggest that the whole video is staged. Others however think the figure is a homeless person looking to scare the camera holder away.

What do you think? Hoax, homeless person or something far more sinister? Let me know in the comments section below.

6. Reverse Camera Freak Out

@kellyvillaresso we went randonauting and we started expirencing weird things… ##fyp ##randonautica ##randonauting♬ original sound – madsux

This next scary Randonautica video was uploaded by TikTok user kellyvillares. Villares and company found themselves faced with a creepy supernatural sighting.

The group is pulled over on the side of the road. They look back at what appears to be two men walking down the road toward their vehicle. The figures walk at a slow pace but nothing seems out of the ordinary.

However, the reason for the group’s panic soon becomes evident. As the video pans over to the vehicle’s rear-view camera, the camera shows nothing but the road behind them. Just where the two men should be visible, the vehicle’s camera has picked up nothing.

The camera pans back and forth between the men and the camera. They are still slowly walking toward the vehicle yet can’t be seen in the rear-vision camera.

5. Randonautica Videos: Abandoned Coffins

@chris.sees.ghostsPossible cult activity near my house? Hopefully. ##fyp ##foryou ##creepy ##randonautica ##foryoupage♬ original sound – madsux


Uploaded to TikTok chris.sees.ghosts, this next video may be slightly more mystifying to the potential skeptic.

Captured in broad daylight, a group of friends were lead to an eerie field via the Randonautica app. This video is unlike other scary Randonautica videos. Instead, it offers a factual and neutral account of what Chris found in this field. This makes the video that much creepier.

The area is filled with coffins arranged haphazardly, along with other mysterious implements. The uploader opens one of the coffins, only to find the lid has been lined with large spikes. He cites the coffin’s resemblance to the design of the classic iron maiden torture device. This makes the presence of these coffins even more alarming.

An innocuous-looking table nearby is also quickly exposed as something more disturbing. Upon gently adjusting the table, its resemblance to another medieval torture device becomes apparent. Last but not least, ominous ropes are seen strewn along the ground. This implies that something, or someone, had recently made its escape.

Chilling and disturbing enough on its own, Chris ends the video by suggesting he may return to the same spot at night. This promises an even more ominous adventure.

4. Anonymous Text

@frozenmeals🙂 ##randonautica ##fyp ##foryoupage ##OMG!!!! ##SCARY!!!!!!♬ original sound – alexcmarkey


Some of the scariest Randonautica videos out there contain events too odd to be unreal. Such is the case in this chilling video posted to TikTok account frozenmeals recounting the experience two girls had while Randonauting.

They begin by explaining the prompt the app gave them. The app began by first pointing the two girls in the direction of a detention center seemingly not too far from their location.

Either thinking this to be innocent enough, or the start of a creepy Randonautica adventure, the girls decided to take the risk and make the drive out to the detention center. Eerily, when they arrive at their destination, one of the girls receives an anonymous text asking if they’re ‘real’. Just how the girl received the text remains unclear. Some viewers have suggested perhaps it was through an open bluetooth or location setting.

Creepily enough, the girls then look over to a nearby bridge and crosswalk, only to see the word “REAL” in graffiti. While the rest of the adventure can easily be chalked up to the app’s influence, the scribbled word and anonymous text make for troubling conclusions.

Was someone stalking these girls? Or is it a case of pure coincidence?

Some users believe the Randonautica app may even be cursed. This would explain why so many weird and scary things have been attributed to Randonautica adventures already.

3. Randonautica Videos: Weird Group of People

@benjamin_hicksWtf did we find….😳 ##randonautica ##randonaut ##creepy♬ something traumatic – courtneyleehewitt


These TikTokkers unknowingly push the boundaries in this video uploaded by user benjamin_hicks.

The pair featured in the video explain that the app first guided them to an old and abandoned convent roughly an hour out of town. They explore the creepy yet beautiful remains of the once holy ground.

They then decide to do what almost any teenager making a TikTok would do – they start to film a dance. As the girl featured in the video begins to dance, however, the boy behind the camera quickly realizes something is not quite right.

Noticing an odd shape just over her shoulder, he calls his friend’s attention. Unsure of exactly what they are seeing, they make their way over the odd shape. What at first appears to be an oddly constructed fixture, quickly turns out to be something else entirely.

Gathered in a circle, there’s a group of people all standing with their heads pressed down. They form an odd, cult-like practice around the unknown object. Without moving or speaking, the group seems to be performing some ritual or rite. Extremely unsettling, the pair of friends seem rightly disturbed by whatever it is they’re looking at.

The video ends with both the friends and the viewer fairly unsure of just what it is they’ve just seen.

2. Fake but Freaky

@haley_aigI deleted the randonautica app after this ##randonautica ##randonauting ##randonautinggonewrong ##pennsylvania ##scary ##ghost ##truestory♬ Creepy, scary, horror, synth, tension – Sound Production Gin


Posted on TikTok by user haley_aig, this Randonautica adventure seems obviously fake, but is a fun and creepy watch nonetheless.

Opening just like other Randonautica videos, Haley explains that the app brought her to a random park in the middle of nowhere. She pans the camera around and seemingly doesn’t see the shadowy face peering at her from behind a tree.

She explains that she crossed a bridge to explore the park further. In the distance an eerie figure in a long black dress can be seen walking across the field of view.

Clearly unsettled, the next clips feature Haley as she walks away from the figure. She seems obviously uncomfortable with what it is she saw.

As the video goes on, the clip stays true to classic horror clip fashion. The camera gets shaky as Haley runs, seemingly for her life. A quick-cut reveals a terrifying figure lunging at the camera. The video cuts off before Haley is able to make it to her car.

With the clip obviously plotted and acted out, the video is nevertheless a good reminder of just what it is that makes these clips fun. The sense of adventure and horror, as well as the blurred line between reality and fiction, make these adventures a new form of entertainment in their own right.

1. Randonautica Videos: Eerie Drawings

Lastly, this series of scary Randonautica videos posted by TikTok user taylorvasquez66 hopes to serve as a cautionary tale, deterring the curious away from the perils of Randonauting.

Documenting her own adventures with the app, Taylor shares more than a few spooky clips of her own.

Eerie Drawings

@taylorvasquez66‼️⚠️DONT GO RANDONAUTING⚠️‼️ my heart fell out of my body ##fyp ##randonautica ##randonauting ##creepy ##hauntedtiktok ##weird ##xyzbca ##scary♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66


The first adventure takes Taylor to an abandoned creek area. Eerie but seemingly innocent, Taylor has nothing to fear until she finds a series of disturbing and violent drawings.

Obviously freaked out, Taylor’s senses are on high alert. The video ends with a horrific sound nearby, sending Taylor running.

Return to the Creek

@taylorvasquez66‼️⚠️⚠️PART 2 ⚠️⚠️‼️ I DIDNT HEAR THE VOICE AT FIRST IM SHAKING ##fyp ##randonautica ##randonauting ##foryou ##scary ##hauntedtiktok ##creepy ##xzybca ##ghost♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66


Feeling brave, Taylor returns to the creek. This time, she pans around the area in order to ensure no one is around. To her dismay, more drawings are found in the area, each creepier and more distressing than the last.

As Taylor is distracted by the horrid drawings, she does not at first hear what appears to be the ethereal voice of a small child in the area. The clip ends abruptly when she does hear it, clearly disturbed, and making a break for it once again.

Ghost Child

@taylorvasquez66##greenscreen ‼️⚠️PART 3⚠️‼️I’m freaking tf out ##fyp ##randonautica ##ghost ##scary ##hauntedtiktok ##foryou ##creepy♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66


Analyzing her previous video, a viewer spots the unthinkable. The face of a creepy child is clearly seen peeking around a corner, looking directly at Taylor’s camera.

Clearly distraught, viewers have made the connection between the face and voice of the girl, with the disturbing drawings left behind at the scene.

Disturbing Diary

@taylorvasquez66⚠️‼️FOUND RANDONAUT NOTEBOOK PART2 , ##fyp ##wtf ##randonautica ##creepy ##hauntedtiktok ##foryou ##xyzbca♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66

Having grabbed a journal from the creek area, Taylor spends this video analyzing the messages left behind. Detailing voices heard in her head and asking why her brother abandoned her, it is clear that any little girl with a diary like this would have to be seriously disturbed.

Ouija Board

@taylorvasquez66RANDONAUT UPDATE. Wasn’t gonna go back but found more ##fyp ##scary ##randonautica ##creepy ##xyzbca ##hauntedtiktok ##foryou♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66


Feeling brave after a few beverages, Taylor makes her way to the creek once again, this time finding a few of the girl’s possessions, including what seems to be a makeshift Ouija Board.


@taylorvasquez66Wasn’t expecting this find. Kinda wanted to see what was in the backpack… ##fyp ##randonautica ##scary ##creepy ##xyzbca ##hauntedtiktok♬ original sound – taylorvasquez66

The final video in the series shows a knife found at the creek. Positive something dangerous is going on, Taylor makes it clear she won’t be returning to the creek after all she’s seen.

What do you think is going on in this series of videos? Some viewers have speculated that the whole event is staged. Others however, think the drawings look too weathered and authentic to be a setup. That, coupled with the eerie sounds and mysterious ghost-like face, make this a very eerie Randonautica adventure. Why did the app lead Taylor to this strange location? Is there perhaps a story that needs to be told in order to give some restless spirit peace?