Mysterious Videos You Should Not Watch Alone

Grab Hold Of Someone! These Mysterious Videos Are Scary!

From a mythological beast caught on film to some of the most compelling ghost footage ever recorded, these are mysterious videos you should not watch alone.

5. Pombero Spooks Footballers


This strange video was uploaded to Adrian Ramos‘ YouTube channel in March, 2017. It supposedly shows a Pombero – a mysterious creature from South American folklore.

The Pombero is described as being short and having a black complexion with either white or black hair. It is a protector of nature and is thought to become very angry if a hunter takes more than their fair share of food from the wilderness.

It is said that if a person leaves an offering for the Pombero such as tobacco, honey or brandy then they will be granted a favor. However, if the person does not make the same offering every night for 30 straight nights then the Pombero will be displeased and may cause damage to their property.

In this video, you can see a group of children playing football when one of them spots something unusual. They soon loose interest in the game and begin to focus in on a strange figure in the distance.

At first, the creature looks like some sort of monkey. However, if you zoom in you can see that it actually appears to be something else entirely. It is short and dark and appears to shuffle forwards using its long arms and crouched hind legs. The creature certainly does bare a striking similarity to pictures and descriptions of the mythological Pombero.

What do you think? Have these children really captured video proof of this legendary creature from South American folklore? Or could there be another explanation for this creepy video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

4. Ghost Filmed During Blizzard


This mysterious video was recorded in December, 2011, in the Czech Republic by a man who was travelling to the city of Plzeň.

On the way, his vehicle was engulfed by a heavy snowstorm so he decided to stop and wait for the bad weather to pass. He began filming the atrocious conditions when he suddenly spotted what he originally thought was a person in need of some help. The figure appeared to be waiving as if to get his attention. However, as it approached the car, the man soon realized that it was not a person at all!

The strange figure was actually transparent and looked as if it had no eyes or mouth.


Sometime later, the footage was picked up by a local news channel. It was analyzed by several paranormal experts who declared that the footage did indeed appear to be authentic. The experts believed that the ‘ghost’ seen in the video might have been evidence of a residual haunting – a haunting where the soul of a deceased person is thought to reside near the place of their death.

The area in which the video was captured is notorious for traffic accidents. If fact, the man who filmed it had also lost a friend in a car accident 20 years prior in almost the exact same spot.

Viewers have since discussed the possibility that the ghost might have actually been the man’s friend attempting to warn him of the dangers of the area.

While it’s unclear exactly what the man did capture on camera, it certainly does look like a transparent, human shaped figure. If this footage is indeed authentic then it would have to be one of the best ghost videos ever captured.

3. Town Menaced by Gnome


In 2008, the Argentinian town of General Güemes reported several sightings of a menacing gnome-like creature.

This footage, uploaded to MonkeyMechX2‘s YouTube channel in March, 2008, was captured by local, Jose Alvarez while playing around with friends and supposedly shows the figure emerging from some long grass.

Alvarez claims that when the group first saw the grass moving they thought it was probably just a dog but then when the strange creature appeared they were all really afraid.

The quality of the video is rather poor. However, if you zoom in you can see the gnome-like figure in greater detail. It appears to be very short, and it’s wearing a dark, pointy hat.

As the figure shuffles sideways, the teens begin to scream and then the clip suddenly ends.

To this day, it remains unclear what exactly Alvarez managed to film that night. Could it have been a small child playing a prank? Or was this a genuine sighting of the mysterious gnome-like creature said to have been spooking this South American town?

2. Alien Caught on Camera


This brief clip, uploaded to kernkurtz‘s YouTube channel in August, 2012, shows what some believe to be a real alien.

There is very little information available about the footage other than it is possibly an excerpt taken from a video filmed in Chile sometime around 1985.

It shows a large headed creature with big, black eyes – very similar to the classic depiction of an alien grey. It appears to be standing in the darkness alongside a building and looks as though it is doing its best to avoid being filmed.

While the origins of this clip remain shrouded in mystery, it’s certainly not the only time someone has claimed to have caught evidence of an alien on camera in Chile.

Alien photographed in Santiago, Chile.


In 2017, civil engineer, Germán Pereira captured this remarkable image while photographing the state police in the Parque Forestal in Santiago, Chile.

By the side of the horse on the left of the picture there appears to be a small humanoid creature with a large head, casually strolling across the road.

Many UFO enthusiasts believe this photo to be some of the most compelling evidence that aliens have indeed visited Earth and it’s hard to disagree with them as the figure in the photo certainly does look very strange.

Editor of the website, Scott C Waring was stunned by the image. He even claimed to know what type of alien it was saying, ‘This particular little species is very interested in all areas of human activity. For instance, this same small species of alien flew and crashed a UFO on a farm back in 1896 in Aurora, Texas, when it was so busy looking at things that it missed the fact that it was about to hit a windmill on the farm…and then the UFO exploded. Metal fragments were found, and a tiny alien pilot about one foot tall was found and buried in the local cemetery.’

Even though the photo clearly appears to show a small human-like creature, several skeptics claim that it could simply be an optical illusion. Forensic UFO and alien investigator, Scott Brando believes that the strange figure is little more than a blurred dog that has turned its head at the exact moment the photo was taken.

What do you think is going on in this image? Are there really small alien beings regularly visiting Earth? Or is the figure seen in this photo just out eyes playing tricks on us? Love to get your opinion in the comments section below.

1. Explorer Catches Ghosts on Camera


There is very little information available on this video other than it was supposedly filmed by an urban explorer in an abandoned building.

The clip begins as the explorer opens a door and enters an old stairwell. Firstly, they peer up the stairs then back down as if they are deciding which way to go next.

They decide to make their way up the stairs and soon approach another door that leads to the next level. However, as they get closer something seems to startle them and they quickly turn and head back down the stairs.

If you take a closer look at the bottom left hand side of the glass, you can see something white moving around. While that’s creepy enough considering that the building is supposedly abandoned, it’s what you can see when you zoom in that will really give you chills.

There is actually some sort of distorted face with a dark mouth and eyes that is peering back at the explorer from behind the glass. While it’s unclear if the explorer notices the face, it seems as though they must have seen something as they quickly turn back the way they came.

This wasn’t the only spooky event that the explorer managed to catch on camera either.

If you slow the video down and brighten the footage at the beginning of the video, you can actually see that there is something moving down the bottom of the stairs as well.

It is dark and shadowy and appears to resemble a human. It seems to move casually through the stairwell before suddenly disappearing.

While it’s unclear exactly what the figure is, it certainly does look like a ghost. Even more so than the thing seen though the upstairs window.

Was this urban explorer being stalked by several supernatural entities? Sadly, as there is very little information available we may never learn the truth behind this very unsettling video.