Chilling Footage That is Certainly Hard to Explain

Can You Explain This Chilling Footage?

Are you after some videos that will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck? Then check out this chilling footage that is certainly hard to explain.

7. Mysterious Hands Caught on Camera



There is certainly more than meets the eye in this first video, which shows a child and his father spending a day by the pool. Uploaded to the YouTube channel THE GREAT, this chilling footage presents viewers with a very strange mystery.

In the video, the boy’s father can be seen on the pool’s deck while the boy, who is holding the camera jumps into the water. As he leaps, we see a mysterious set of hands reaching out to touch him as he enters the water.

The boy, seemingly unaware of the hands, turns back to his father, who is still on the pool’s deck. He then turns the camera back on himself in order to give the viewers a thumbs up. You can see very clearly that there is no one else in the vicinity.

Next, the father takes the camera and jumps into the pool giving viewers an even better view of the surrounding area.

In the video’s description, the uploader mentions that he thought he was alone with his child in the pool while friends played at the other end. Where then, did the mysterious set of hands come from? Whoever they belonged to seems to have disappeared into thin air.

If they where that of a ghost it suggests it was a benevolent one. The hands seemingly appear only to help brace the boy’s dive before disappearing.

What do you think could be going on in this video? Are the hands really of supernatural origin like the uploader suggests? Or is there actually a way to explain their owner’s bizarre disappearance? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

6. Ghostly Figure Seen During Live Stream



When prolific ghost hunter, Franko TV returned to one of the creepiest cemeteries that he has ever investigated, he decided to live stream it so his fans could follow along.

In a previous visit, Franko managed to film what many believe to be one of the best ghost videos ever captured. While exploring the eerie old cemetery he came across a ghostly, old lady that seemed to be staring blankly towards the crypt area. When he called out to her to see if she was alright, she simply turned to face him with an unwavering, zombie-like stare.

In this video, Franko returns to the cemetery to give his fans a guided tour of the grounds in which he first laid eyes on the old woman.

Although very creepy, the stream is fairly uneventful for the most part. However, towards the end Franko inadvertently captures what looks like a ghost moving in the darkness. Appearing not to notice anything unusual, he pans the camera over the area once more, again revealing the misty figure’s movement.

At first, the figure seemed to go completely unnoticed. That was until several keen eyed viewers spotted the anomaly.

While this certainly isn’t the first time this YouTuber has captured compelling evidence of the afterlife, this video has to be some of the most convincing. The fact that the ghostly figure was captured during a live stream means that the footage is real and could not have been tampered with in post production.

What do you think Franko has managed to catch on film? Is it really a supernatural entity? Or could there be another explanation for the mysterious figure? Love to get your thoughts on this one in the comments section below.

5. Ghostly Visitor Appears in Video

Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on this. It happens at the end and this is a video my pregnant little sister took originally because the baby was moving and she thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down. from r/Ghosts

Posted to Reddit by user malakaijamess, this is another piece of chilling footage that seems difficult to explain.

The short clip was filmed by a pregnant woman who was attempting to capture her cat’s cries and meows on camera. The cat’s companion had recently been put down, so she assumed that the sounds it was making were out of sadness. However, the end of the clip reveals that there might have been a very different reason for the cat’s distress.

Right at the end of the video, a shadowy head can be seen popping up from behind the covers. The woman’s sibling, who was also the uploader of the clip, mentions in a comment that absolutely no one else would have been home at the time the footage was captured. Furthermore, their sister didn’t notice the shadowy head, which is only visible for a second before the clip cuts out. Thankfully, it seems that both the cat’s meows and her unborn baby’s movements kept her distracted.

One Redditor, asserts that there is the presence of an aura around the shadowy figure. Others suggest the possibility that the shadow could have been the ghost of the deceased cat, although the size and shape may not perfectly align.

Regardless, it is clear that the woman was not as ‘alone’ as she first thought she was.

In a later comment the poster confirmed that their sister left the house the following day.

4. Strange Light Caught on Camera



This chilling footage was uploaded to Roman Tregubov‘s YouTube channel. Filmed in Russia, the short clip shows a large glowing light moving in the distance.

The light in question is nearly perfectly spherical and glowing brightly. Seemingly moving on its own, its sheer size and luminosity is impressive and unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Moreover, the clip was filmed at a distance. This means that the ability to see it so clearly is testament to just how large and bright it actually was. It certainly doesn’t look or behave like so many smaller, floating orbs commonly associated with supernatural occurrences.

There is a rarely seen meteorological phenomenon known as ball lightning and the video’s title does refer to the event as a “lightning fireball”. Could this video show such a case? One commentor also suggested that the powerful light was actually an ‘arc of electricity going across 2 different phases on a power line.’

While there certainly could be a natural explanation for this eerie event, there are also several viewers who think that the mysterious ball of light could have extraterrestrial origins.

What do you think this video shows? A rare, natural event? Or something more mysterious? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Doll Moves Inside Cabinet

Chad Gassert films creepy doll moving.


This chilling footage, which appeared on the popular news website the Mirror was captured by a man named Chad Gassert.

The short clip shows a glass cabinet that contains several of his wife’s creepy dolls. As the camera focuses closer, one of them suddenly moves! Gassert, who claims that he had already witnessed the dolls move prior to capturing this footage ran to his bedroom in terror after filming the event.

After the article was posted, several viewers noted that they believed they could see a chilling pair of eyes directly behind the dolls. Could the dolls have been possessed by some sort of poltergeist?

As Gassert claims that this is not the first time he has seen odd, Annabelle-like behavior from these dolls, viewers can likely be sure it will not be the last either.

Do these creepy dolls have sinister intentions for Gassert and his family? Perhaps only time will tell.

2. Ghostly Figure Watches From Above

Indonesian actress, Lia Waode sees a ghost.


This creepy photo, uploaded to Instagram by Indonesian actress Lia Waode, received so much attention from viewers that she temporarily set her Instagram account to private. In the picture, you can clearly see some sort of ghostly figure standing on the level above.

This was a big move for the actress, who usually uses social media to promote herself and her upcoming roles. However, after spotting the figure, the subsequent attention became too overwhelming.

While attempting to take a series of images, the faces of the women quickly turn from casual to distressed as they seem to spot the mysterious character standing behind them. It appears tall and looks to be wearing a long white coat or robe. What’s more, the figure’s face is also shrouded in white, giving it a distinctly ghostly vibe.

The photo was not without its skeptics however. Several viewers compared the figure’s appearance to that of a human draped in a sheet. Despite this, many curious commentors thought it was in fact the real deal, suggesting that the actress had caught photographic evidence of a pocong.

In Indonesian folklore, a pocong or “shroud ghost”, is said to be the spirit of a dead person still wrapped in their burial shroud. Given the description of these supernatural beings, as well as the figure’s completely obscured visage, the possibility that Waode actually captured a pocong on camera certainly seems plausible.

That, and the fact that the women appear surprised to see the figure walking behind them, has led many to flood the actress’s Instagram account with questions and comments. With the unexpected popularity of the post causing the actress to go private, the curious only have saved versions of these photos to examine in an attempt to solve this mystery.

1. Strange Creature Chased by Coyote

@johnodonnell_22Someone please let me know what creature that was😂 ##fy ##ButterGlossPop ##fyp ##meme ##dog ##MySkinandME♬ original sound – johnodonnell_22


The rise in popularity of TikTok has caused a boom in the amount of supernatural footage that has been captured incidentally. This bizarre clip posted to TikTok by user, johnodonell_22 is just one example.

The footage shows what appears to be a coyote in hot pursuit of an odd creature running down the sidewalk. Long and emaciated, seemingly running on hind legs, the creature in question is unlike anything seen outside of a fantasy movie. With a long snout in front and no discernible fur, the beast looks like an alien’s idea of a dog gone wrong.

The coyote is either distressed by the strange creature or views it as potential prey, as it chases it down the sidewalk before it manages to disappear behind the nearby bins. The coyote, confused by the creature’s mysterious escape performs a double take before continuing on down the road.

Then, just as the camera pans back towards the bins, the creature suddenly somersaults itself over the top whilst letting out an unusual squealing sound.

While this video certainly has its skeptics, there are several small cues in the footage that could indicate it’s real. For one, the coyote genuinely appears to be chasing something and certainly seems confused when the creature disappears.

What do you think? Could this video really show proof of an alien creature? Or even some sort of mysterious cryptid yet to be classified by science? Or is it likely to be little more than a very clever editing job? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.