Scary Recordings That Will Haunt Your Dreams

These clips are freaky!

From mysterious lights to terrifying creatures, every manner of supernatural entity has appeared in scary recordings that have taken the internet by storm. Cameras are everywhere, so even the most elusive entities haven’t been able to avoid showing up on film. Let’s take a look at a few scary recordings that are sure to invade your nightmares.

6. Scary Recordings: Spirit Responds on Command

Figured I’d share the one video I ever took that made me go “huh..”… I really think it’s just my dad letting me know he’s hanging out near me. Started happening shortly after his death. Could be just a short. (my 2 year old obviously beats the ever living hell out of the thing) But that timing from r/Ghosts


Reddit user Rising Theory caught this piece of eerie footage shortly after his father passed away. Losing a parent is never easy; however, he never expected that the death of a family member would lead to scary recordings that would bring him a bit of internet fame.

It all began innocently with a child’s toy. Rising Theory’s son loves to play with this large, plastic flashlight that blinks and flashes with bright colors. The strange thing about the toy is that it doesn’t only flash when the child is playing with it. At random times throughout the day, the toy will turn on while just sitting on the shelf. This gave the Redditor an idea. He pulls out his camera and focuses on the toy as it rests on the shelf in the child’s playroom. Then, he asks that any spirits in the room give a sign that they are there. Shockingly, the toy turns on moments later and begins flashing its bright lights for several seconds before turning itself off.

According to the Redditor, this toy does take quite a bit of abuse in the hands of his two year old, so damage to the electronics could be to blame for the toy’s ability to turn on and off at random. However, the timing of this particular incident makes him think that there could be something paranormal happening. The toy’s strange behavior began shortly after the Redditor’s father passed away. He believes that his father’s spirit could be using the toy as a way to communicate that he is still around, watching over his family.

5. Scary Recordings: Ghost Takes Out Trash?

Ghost taking out the trash? from r/OfficialSlappedHam


According to Redditor TheBatChick, residents of the neighborhood in Lesnes Abbey Wood in Kent, UK are no strangers to scary recordings. The neighborhood sits near the ruins of the old Lesnes Abbey. Stories surrounding the ruins say the area is haunted by the ghost of a monk who used to be a resident of the abbey. The ruins are also said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl; it is said that her heart was buried beneath the ruins of the old abbey for reasons unknown today.

Considering this eerie history of hauntings, it’s unsurprising that numerous residents of the area have come forward with scary recordings of bizarre happenings around the neighborhood. This particular video was recorded on a CCTV camera posted outside a house in the area. The video begins with a black and white shot of two cars parked in the driveway and a few trash bins scattered around. A few seconds into the video, one of the trash bins begins to slowly move forward in between the two cars. After a few slow stops and starts, the bin gains momentum and rolls out into the street.

Some who have seen the video believe that it can easily be explained by gravity; the bin has wheels, so if the driveway was uneven, the bin could easily roll down. However, others have pointed out that there are only wheels on the back of the bin. Trash bins are usually designed so that the weight of the contents will prevent it from rolling on its own. Others have pointed out that because the bins stops and starts numerous times and ends its roll by making a sharp turn, it couldn’t be moving because of simple gravity. Could one of the abbey’s mysterious ghosts be interfering with this bin?

4. Poltergeist Caught on Office CCTV



According to YouTuber ethianen thurock, something strange is happening at the Caldera City Office. The CCTV cameras that monitor the office have been turning out some seriously scary recordings, some late at night long after the staff have gone home for the day.

In the first video, we see a shot of a cluttered office. Several desks are in view, each covered with piles of office work and personal trinkets. Everything looks normal for the first few seconds of the video. Then, mysteriously, a small toy car resting on one of the desks begins to roll across the surface, stopping just before it falls to the ground. There is no one in the office this late at night, so workers are perplexed as to how the toy could have moved.



A second video was recorded in the bright light of day from a different CCTV camera. We see a downward shot of a worker’s desktop as he’s settling in for the day’s work. Before taking his seat, he places a thermos full of coffee to the right of his computer monitor. After resting on the desk for a few seconds, the full thermos suddenly jumps a few inches to the side, almost spilling the hot liquid. The worker jumps from his seat, perplexed at the strange occurrence.

No one who works in the office has any idea what could be causing the strange events. However, considering the entity’s ability to manipulate the physical world, it seems that a poltergeist could be the culprit.

3. Scary Recordings: Mysterious Lights on the Horizon

Is this recent? Where is this? Looks real. A lot of questions. from r/Skydentify


Reddit user therin uploaded a video that shows something terrifying in the night sky. After a great deal of arguing, viewers of the video still have no idea what could have caused the bizarre events captured in these scary recordings.

The video was taken in the late evening. The sky is dim and full of low clouds. However, something unnatural is providing a bright light that illuminates much of the surrounding area. A bit above the horizon, a huge oval of light flashes brightly in several pale colors, completely lighting up a section of the sky. The flashing goes on for a while, but the oval of light remains more or less the same size throughout the strange event.

Moments later, the light disappears and everything returns to normal.

Some Redditors who viewed the video believe that the light is most likely coming from a malfunctioning electrical transformer miles away. However, others who have worked with electricity are certain that no transformer could cause such a massive flash of light; at least, not without causing a huge amount of damage that surely would have made the local news.

What could have caused such huge surges of light to brighten the night sky? Could it be extraterrestrial in origin? Could it be ghostly electromagnetic activity? Or, could it be something even more terrifying that no one has seen before?

2. Eerie Figure Running on All Fours


Twitter user ConspiracionESP uploaded this terrifying footage captured by CCTV camera. A bizarre figure has visited this residence late one night and it has viewers seriously questioning their perception of reality.

In scary recordings captured from a variety of cameras, we see a creepy person or creature running on all fours around the property. The camera never captures close-ups of the figure, but it appears to be a cross between a human and a dog. The entity moves on all fours like a canine, but when it comes closer to the camera, its body appears to be that of a human. Its skin is hairless and pale, but its head seems to be darker in color. Because of the appearance of the creature’s body, some are apt to believe that it is simply a human running naked through the night on all fours. However, the way it moves seems to rule out that possibility. The human body is built to walk upright, and no human could easily run with such speed and agility on all fours.

There are other, eerier possibilities to explain these scary recordings. Perhaps this is a human, but one possessed by some sort of animalistic demon. Another possibility is that the recordings show a lesser-known cryptid called the Dogman. This creature, much like a werewolf, is a cross between a human and a canine. Unlike werewolves, dogmen exist permanently in their in-between state. Over the years, there have been numerous sightings of the so-called “dogman”. Although witnesses have been terrified by the encounters, none have been harmed by the elusive cryptid.

Whatever theory you believe, human, dogman or demon, they’re all just as terrifying as each other. Love to get your thoughts on this one in the comments below.

1. Scary Face Filmed in Factory



On the YouTube channel Oxlack Researcher, viewers are regularly treated to bizarre videos of creepy occurrences. This particular video, recorded by a security guard at a soda factory, has given quite a few viewers nightmares.

The security guard was working the night shift at the empty factory when the strange occurrences began. He was patrolling one of the factory’s bathrooms when he thought he saw something unusual lurking in a dark corner. He ran from the room and grabbed a camera to hopefully capture evidence of something paranormal.

Returning to the bathroom, he describes his initial harrowing experience as he moves slowly through the darkened hallways of the factory. After turning one corner in the bathroom, he quickly retreats and begins reciting prayers to ward off unholy entities. In a slower replay, it becomes clear that he has reason to be frightened. Just around the corner is a ghostly white face peeking out from the darkness. It is hard to make out any features, but the face appears to be floating in a dark shadow, hovering several feet from the floor. Although we can’t see it clearly, something about the entity’s expression appears menacing.

The video ends before we find out what happened after the security guard retreated for the second time. The terrifying face in the shadows has made several viewers terrified for his safety. This entity is truly the stuff of nightmares.