Spooky Incidents That Will Leave You on Edge

creepy as heck!

It’s true that a scary movie can stick with you for days afterwards, but at least you can rest easy knowing it wasn’t real. So we have upped the anti with seven real-life spooky incidents that will you on edge for a long time to come. Ready or not, here they come!

7. Spooky Incidents – Creepy Shadow in Hallway

Ghost sighting at the Pirate House in Savannah, GA. More information in comments. from r/Ghosts

Reddit user ‘Codyalanphelps’ experienced some spooky incidents during his visit to The Pirate House in Savannah, Georgia. In this particular image he uploaded, it shows the black silhouette of a person standing in a completely empty hallway.

On the night in question, Codyalanphelps and his family went to try out The Pirate House, which is said to be one of the most haunted restaurants in Georgia. After the family finished their meal, they decided to take a tour. Using a Motorola droid, Cody snapped pictures as they went. When he went through his photos later on, he noticed that while in a completely empty hallway, there was someone there.

In the photo there’s clearly an eerie figure lurking in the hallway. It’s lower half is a solid black form, and it almost looks like it’s rising out of the shadows.

The Pirate House is an original building from 1754, known as an unsavory tavern where fights, brawls and even murders took place. It was also the location where many men were ‘shanghaied’. Below the tavern were tunnels that led to the docks. These men would visit the tavern for a strong drink. They’d be given drink after drink till they blacked out. When they woke up the next day they found themselves on a ship out on the ocean. The poor men would be forced into working on the ship for months on end.

Could this be the spirit of one of those shanghaied men? Or maybe a bludgeoned customer? Would you be game to go on this tour to find out?

6. Spooky Incidents – Foreboding Presence

My moms god daughter has been telling us about how she keeps feeling a presence in her apartment and she can see a dark figure out of the corner of her eye often specially when being alone at home, well she took a pic in her room and this is what she caught. from r/Ghosts

This hair-raising photo was shared by Reddit user, ‘justcyn’. The picture was taken by her mother’s goddaughter, in the apartment where she lives alone.

The resident kept telling others she felt as though there was a presence in her place and that she was being watched. She stated that every so often, she would see shadows out of the corner of her eye. However, if she looked straight at the place she thought she had seen a shadow, there was nothing there.

One evening, she takes a selfie and notices a shadow in the background. She was completely alone in her apartment at the time, but there standing behind her is a solid black form. It’s featureless and void of colour.

Is she really alone, or does she in fact share her apartment with an unknown roommate?

5. Spooky Incidents – Ghost Baby in Cot?

Scary ghost baby seen on baby monitor, turns out to be mattress
Maritza Elizabeth

Spooky incidents happen when you least expect it. Mom, Maritza Elizabeth, received a shock so spooky it was impossible to sleep afterwards.

On the night in question, Maritza put her son to sleep like usual. A little later, she peeked at the nursery camera and was given the fright of her life. There was a baby in the crib with her son! She ran into the nursery to check, where she was met with the sight of her son sleeping peacefully – alone. However, each time she looked at the nursery camera, she would see this baby in the crib. Maritza Elizabeth was so scared she barely slept that night.

But this is one of those cases where something very spooky, has a very logical explanation. The next morning as was changing the crib sheet, Maritza realised that her husband had forgotten to use mattress cover. The ghost baby was in fact, a picture of a baby on the mattress itself visible through the sheet. So thankfully, there was no spirit baby visiting this little boy while he slept.

What would you have done if you woke up and saw this on the nursery camera?

4. Eerie Lights Over Boston

Strange lights seen over Boston, 2020. from r/veryspookyvideos

This video has been shared by Reddit user ‘RevenTexX‘, showing a scary incident one evening in Boston.

When you watch this video, you can see three triangular-shaped lights shining in this distance and flickering off and on. These lights begin as only two, before a third one appears. They now form a perfect triangle. Shortly after the third light moves closer to the center light and then returns to the original place.

You can hear the shock and slight fear in the uploader’s voice as he says “UFO”. He is both stunned and puzzled by what he is seeing.

Some viewers suggested the phenomenon might simply be a landing pattern of numerous aircraft at the nearby Logan International Airport. However, others believe the event is too bizarre to have a rational explanation – firmly placing this sighting on aliens.

Are these strange lights from a visiting spaceship? Or is it as one user suggests, the landing pattern at Logan Airport on runway 33L?

3. Tiktok Poltergeist?

@umsamiguessUm…..what…..??????? ##ghost ##haunted ##foryoupage♬ original sound – umsamiguess

While preparing to watch a movie, Tiktok user ‘umsamiguess‘, experiences a string of spooky incidents.

All she wanted was orange juice, and as an avid TikTok user, she had her camera rolling as she went to fetch it. You see the uploader open the refrigerator and grab the carton, then as she sets it on the counter, the water bottle on the opposite side of the counter slides off onto the floor. Within a few seconds, she sees and hears the door to the laundry area close. She investigates, but nothing is there. Upon closing the door again, she notices that her furniture is rocking in her living room. Suspecting foul play or a practical joke, she runs to look behind the furniture. Still nothing there! Finally, a box tumbles off a shelf in the background.

Understandably freaked out, she runs to her bedroom. The whole way you can hear her saying, “No…no…no…”. Who or what was in her home causing these spooky incidents to happen?

Since this video went viral ‘umsamiguess’ has posted a number of updates regarding the strange events.

@umsamiguessYou guys asked for it so here it is. The Update video. ##ghost ##haunted ##foryoupage ##fyp♬ original sound – umsamiguess

In this video, she updates her audience and explains that the reason she was filming in the first place is because her grandmother, which she can’t visit because of the pandemic, likes to get video updates. At the very end of this vlog, a hat flies off the shelf in the background.

@umsamiguess……..WHAT THE HECK………##ghosts ##haunted ##hauntedhouse ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ original sound – umsamiguess

Several days later, the uploader appears to be testing if she can evoke the alleged ghost on command. She aims the camera at a bottle of water sitting on the ground. She then asks if it can be moved, and right on cue, the bottle does indeed move. This happens several times in the short clip.

@umsamiguess##greenscreen please excuse my odd behavior, I’m a little confused ##ghosts ##fyp ##foryoupage ##haunted ##hauntedhouse ##spirits ##hauntedcloset♬ original sound – umsamiguess

In a recent TikTok video, ‘umsamiguess’ shares a photo she took in her room. She claims she was trying to catch orbs on camera, given the recent bizarre happenings. In the photo you can see a grey face with big black eyes. The user says she has no clothes or anything in the closet that would resemble an eerie grey face.

Naturally, this series of bizarre and haunting clips have garnered ‘umsamiguess’ quite a following and thousands of views. Some of these new viewers claim that the whole haunting is staged, pointing to one rather damning video that shows someone hiding behind a chair, seemingly pulling a string, right as a door appears to open.

@umsamiguessReply to @kristinwebb1 HOW THE HECKEN HECK YOU GUYS ##fyp ##foryoupage ##haunted ##ghosts ##hauntedhouse ##blackcat♬ original sound – umsamiguess

‘umsamiguess’ has defended the video, claiming it was her sister looking for a phone charger, pulling a cord, which made it look like she was holding string. She claims that her sister was terrified when the door swung open. Whether this is true or not remains unclear.

The Tiktok user still insists that her home is haunted and continues to document the bizarre events.

2. Trans-Allegheny Asylum Sighting

Visited the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia today and this is a picture I took in the lobotomy recovery room. Looks like a man peeking his head around the corner but this was the first tour in months and no one was around. Still gives me chills to look at. from r/Ghosts

On a trip to the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, Reddit user ‘GuttiG‘ took a photo in the lobotomy recovery room. In the photo, it looks like a man is peeking his head around the corner. But this was the first tour in months and no one was around.

Trans Allegheny Asylum has long been known as a haunted location. Very seldom do we see actual proof of any non-living souls or others. When you look to the left of this photo, there is someone peeking around the corner. But where the face should be is all blurry, as if they could not fully materialize.


To make this even stranger, when a band was filming a video for one of their songs inside the asylum, a cameraman took a photo of a guitar player. Look at the reflection in the window on the right side. This is not just a reflection of a person standing there, as you can see through the chest area. The head and face are also translucent. When compared to the photo that GuttiG shared, the resemblance is uncanny.

Could this be a spirit that lingers on in the lobotomy recovery room of this old asylum? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

1. Shadow Figure Filmed in Basement

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=292UQ–uQsA[/embedyt]


The credit for this video goes to Drew Flow. It was shot in the basement of his home after he heard noises coming from down there.

The uploader takes his camera into the basement to investigate. He looks about the room to see if he can find the source of the strange noises. In the clip you can see toys scattered around on the floor as well as some very unsettling artwork on the walls. Drew notes that no one has been down there all day.

However, if you watch the video in slow motion, an eerie figure makes itself known.

At the 00:57 mark in the clip, a dark shadow with piercing white eyes can be seen peering from around the corner.

It’s easy to conclude that it’s this eerie figure that has been making the strange noises in the basement. But what is it? A spirit of a former owner of the home? A demon perhaps? Love to get your opinions in the comments below.