Mysterious Ghost Videos That Are Sure to Scare You

Make Sure To Watch These Ghost Videos With The Lights On!

From a mysterious ghost video filmed in an old school to a woman who disappears on camera, these are mysterious ghost videos that are sure to scare you.

6. Ghost of Father-in-Law Caught on Camera


Uploaded to the YouTube channel Caters Clips, this video captured by Swedish local, Bjorn Meland could not have been more timely for him and his family. The video shows a shadowy shape of a figure moving around outside of Meland’s home, similar to many other mysterious ghost videos.

However, what makes this case unique is the fact that the supposed ghost was spotted in the household’s driveway just four days after the death of Meland’s wife’s father.

47-year-old Meland who lives in Knivsta, Sweden, spotted the figure while combing over the footage from the surveillance camera attached to his home.

Not expecting to see anything particularly enthralling, Meland was no doubt surprised when he spotted the ghostly figure. Watching the footage, you can clearly see the dark shape making its way down the driveway and out of sight from the camera.

Björn himself has stated that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, although he could not think of any other explanation for the figure that can also be seen reflected in the windows of his house. The timing is especially eerie, considering Meland’s father-in-law passed away only four days before the sighting.

It certainly seems possible that the ghostly figure spotted in this footage could be the deceased relative, possibly clinging to some unfinished business he would have otherwise left behind him.

Perhaps the couple’s home camera was able to capture this image of the loved family member for the last time?

5. Ghost Spotted in Dark Tunnel


Posted to YouTube by user Dima Maslennikov, whose channel is full of many mysterious ghost videos, this clip will likely send chills down your spine.

The video begins by showing the Russian paranormal investigator exploring what appears to be an old underground bunker.

As he walks down the spooky, haunted tunnels, Maslennikov unknowingly comes face to face with a mysterious ghostly entity. When enhanced, the clip clearly shows a pale face staring back at him from the tunnels.

Making the situation even eerier, the face appears to be peeking out from behind an alcove as if seeking to get a better look at the investigator before disappearing back into the darkness.

While many believe that Maslennikov did catch a ghost on camera, some think that it could have been a homeless person cautiously observing the intruder on his turf.

The fact that the camera happened to be rolling seems to be the only reason why the figure was even spotted by the investigator at all, as its movements were purposefully quick and stealthy.

4. The Restaurant Ghost


Youtuber, Jason Crumby has managed to capture the fleeting presence of what he believes to be a ghost. As he explains in the video, he decided to investigate the rumors of a supposed spirit that was said to have appeared in a restaurant in Memorial Hospital.

Seemingly capturing the footage after closing hours, almost as if right on cue the blurred figure of a small girl is seen passing right in front of Crumby’s camera.

While several skeptics have labelled this video a fake likely due to its convenience, Crumby certainly seems genuinely surprised when he spots the supposed ghost.

Given the restaurant’s hospital location, it seems possible that the girl could have been the ghost of a former patient who lost her life on the premises.

What do you think? Does this footage really show the ghost that is said to haunt the hospital restaurant? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Woman Disappears on Camera

Posted to Twitter by user @DanielaGarro7, this video has garnered some serious attention from believers and skeptics alike.

The original tweet that accompanies the footage indicates that her parents own a security company and that the managers of a condominium had sent them this creepy video.

While anyone who works in security has likely seen their fair share of odd occurrences and potential mysterious ghost videos, clips such as these are certainly strange nonetheless.

Watching the video, you can see a woman wearing a long white dress walking around a pool. Her hair is long and obscures her face and she appears to move rather unusually. Her steps are quick but she seems to make her way around without watching where she is going.

Just as the clip is about to end, the woman suddenly disappears. One of the security guards viewing the video can be heard shrieking in disbelief as the woman vanished from sight.

If you watch the footage carefully, you can see that although the woman is clearly visible as she passes the pool, at the very beginning of the clip and just before she disappears at the end, she seems to be somewhat transparent.

Reactions to the video have been many and varied with one, more skeptical viewer suggesting that the woman’s disappearance could simply have been the result of a fault in the security monitor.

However, many other viewers remain spooked by this creepy footage, seeing her movements and subsequent disappearance as ghostly and unnatural. Regardless of whether or not this security camera has captured a ghost on film, the woman’s dress and bizarre gait are enough to give anybody the chills and make them second guess what they’re actually seeing.

2. Mysterious Figure Filmed in Hallway


Next in this series of mysterious ghost videos is this footage uploaded to the YouTube channel Red Earth Designs. Captured by security cameras posted at a hotel in Adelaide, Australia, it is worth noting that they are also motion activated.

This means that whatever footage these cameras pick up, they are being activated by the actual, physical presence of something moving in the area. Therefore, it must have come as a shock to security personnel at the hotel when the cameras kept rolling long after a woman is seen walking down the hall.

For a minute, the hall appears to be empty. However, just as it seems as though there is nothing present, a strange light is seen floating right down the hall in the exact same direction the woman before it had been walking.

The bizarre shape moves relatively quickly and as one viewer noted, looks like a ‘flying mustache!’.

Old hotels are often thought to be rife with spirits, with plenty of guests staying on the premises over time and a greater likelihood that accidents could have occurred.

Could it be that this potential spirit had some unfinished business in the hotel? Or was it somehow attached to a guest?

Regardless, this is certainly some very strange footage. We’ll through this one over to you. What do you think is going on in this video? Let me know in the comments section below.

1. The Ghost in the Empty Toilet Block


Posted to YouTube by user Erick Gunner, the last of these mysterious ghost videos on our list is certainly a creepy one.

Following two urban explorers as they investigate a supposedly haunted school, it seems likely that they managed to capture more than they could have hoped for.

The investigators enter the property in the middle of the night. Everything seems to proceed as normal, with the classrooms being empty with the obvious exception of typical school supplies. However, just before they set foot in one of the classrooms, the camera pans over what should be an abandoned schoolyard.

Instead, the camera catches a glimpse of a small girl standing in the darkness. Strange, to say the least but could it really be a ghost?

Later, as the two investigators continue to explore the school, they begin to hear a faint voice. Vents are seen opening and then closing around them when they are not looking, as though they are being pranked by the spirits present in the school.

Towards the end of the video, the pair make their way into a toilet block and cautiously begin checking to make sure there is no one inside. After making sure that each stall is empty, they decide to leave.

However, on the way out, a pair of feet can be seen sticking out from beneath one of the stalls. As the two had just investigated each of the stalls themselves, it seems highly unlikely that they would actually belong to a person hiding in the toilet block.

Could these feet belong to the ghostly child they filmed standing in the courtyard earlier in their investigation? If this is indeed the case, it seems that this presence might have simply been out to cause a little bit of childish mischief and was not actually intending to scare the explorers. Still, a presence like that would be spooky enough to drive away most visitors to this eerie schoolyard.