Mysterious Footage That Will Distort Your Perception of Reality

These Strange Videos Will Shock You!

From a man that appears out of nowhere to a shadow creature seen on a haunted farm, this is mysterious footage that will distort your perception of reality.

6. Mysterious Man Appears From Nowhere


Mysterious footage can come from a variety of places, but with the prevalence of CCTV, security cameras have become a common source of strange videos that will have you questioning your ideas about what is possible. In this instance, the footage comes from a camera monitoring a street somewhere in Japan.

As the clip plays, everything seems normal. We see the regular bustle of people going about their day, moving quickly back and forth across the small section of the street that the camera shows. Over the 30 seconds of video, only a few people cross in front of the camera. However, if you watch each person closely, one of them does something inexpiable.

If you pay attention to the street sign next to the white van in the bottom, right corner, you’ll notice that a man seems to appear out of thin air. What makes his appearance so strange is that, unlike the other people in the footage, this man doesn’t enter from the edge of the frame, he is suddenly just there.

Some who have viewed the footage have labelled the man a teleporter and even a time traveler but what do you think? Could the man’s sudden appearance be caused by a camera glitch, or does this clip really show something paranormal? Either way, this video really does seem to defy the laws of reality.

5. Flickering Light Reveals Ghost


This clip, which is also from Japan is admittedly strange and difficult to decipher. As a young man turns on a light, we see him standing in what appears to be a small bedroom holding an acoustic guitar. The camera is shaky as it pans around the space, moving up and down his body, showing close-ups of his feet and the guitar.

At first glance all seems normal. However, if you slow the footage down, there appears to be a shadowy figure standing in the back of the closet. It is only visible between flickers of the light then it disappears completely.

The figure is all black and slightly amorphous, looking much like a shadow person – a ghostly entity said to hide at the edge of our sight, barely visible and only for a split second.

The figure appears and then disappears so quickly that it seems unlikely to have been a human. This leaves viewers wondering just what this bizarre and terrifying entity could have been.

4. Shadow Entity Filmed at Haunted Farm


This mysterious footage, captured by YouTuber, hasan bar bar will surely challenge your perception of reality. He regularly makes videos of his urban explorations, seeking out locations said to be haunted and investigating them in the dark of night.

In this video, he explores an old, dilapidated farm supposedly haunted by a jinn. In Arabic cultures, jinn are spirits that are sometimes good and sometimes evil. However, their main defining feature is their ability to possess humans. Evidently, this location is known to be a haunting ground for these mysterious and dangerous spirits.

The footage begins with the explorer arriving at the farm late at night. He gets out of the car and begins looking around the property. As he shines his flashlight around the trees, the camera picks up something strange: a dark, shadowy being lurking behind a tree. The figure is only visible for a moment before disappearing from view. Could it be possible that this is the Jinn thought to haunt the property?

The explorer wisely decides not to give chase, instead continuing his exploration of the compound.

A few minutes later he comes across an old swing set. As he approaches, he is momentarily distracted by the sound of a dog barking in the distance. He shines his flashlight towards a flight of stairs and is suddenly spooked by the sound of rattling chains. The explorer quickly turns back to see that one of the swings is now rocking back and forth.

Scared, he moves on and soon approaches an old washroom. As he looks towards the sink, his camera begins to detect faces on the screen even though there doesn’t appear to be anything there. Could this be the jinn standing right in front of him? If it is, then does it have ill intentions?’ Either way it seems that this YouTuber was being stalked through the compound from the moment he left his car.

3. Mysterious Creature Climbs Tree


We’re used to seeing ghosts hovering over the ground or even flying through the air. However, this video, uploaded to the YouTube channel real ghost official007 suggests that some ghosts might have to resort to other means of mobilization.

Little is known about the video. It was recorded in an unknown area by someone who seems to have simply noticed something unusual whilst out for a stroll. After briefly focusing on a construction site, the camera holder pans past several vehicles and then stops on a large tree on the opposite side of the road.

As the camera focuses on the tree, we see what at first appears to be a large, white animal climbing slowly upwards. However, as the camera zooms in, it becomes clear that the “animal” is actually human in shape. To make matters even more bizarre, the figure is not only white but also partially transparent. Many who have watched the video believe it to be the spirit of a deceased person.

The camera continues to record as the apparition makes its way up the tree and then disappears into the foliage. The behavior of this ghostly figure is truly strange and has left many viewers wondering what it might be. So far, no one has been able to offer a plausible explanation.

2. Ghostly Presence Caught on Camera


This mysterious footage was captured by YouTuber, MrJacovanheerden in Johannesburg, South Africa. In the video, a group of friends can be seen spending the evening drinking and having a good time. The room is dimly lit, however one member of the party decides to pull out their camera to record their fun time together.

As the camera pans around the room, it captures each smiling face as they enjoy their evening. Then, the shot moves to the sliding glass door on the far side of the room. What the friends see is met with shocked and horrified gasps from around the room.

On the other side of the glass, standing out in sharp relief against the dark night sky, is a white, ghostly figure. It doesn’t appear to have much of a form, however it seems to be too bright and too close to the glass to be just an ordinary mist. In addition, as soon as it is spotted by those inside the room, it begins to recede from the window as if moving out of sight of the camera.

What do you think these friends have managed to capture on film? Could it really be a ghost peering in through the window? Or is there another explanation for this mysterious white entity?

1. Strange Light in the Cemetery


According to YouTuber, FRANKLY2112 he wasn’t keen to tag along with his brother when he planned to do some ghost hunting at a nearby cemetery from the 1800’s. Far off the beaten path, this graveyard provides the perfect atmosphere for a creepy encounter.

Many of the tombstones are overgrown, some barely visible as the ghost hunters explore the ancient cemetery. As they examine the graves, they notice several that appear to have been intentionally broken, as if a previous visitor had desecrated the final resting places of those who were buried there.

Thinking that they hadn’t managed to catch anything too interesting on film, the boys decided to leave the area. However, when they later reviewed the footage, they noticed something unusual that they struggled to explain.

In one portion of the clip, there appears to be a strange, round light lurking in the tall grass alongside the fence. A few seconds later, the same light can be seen again. This time, it seems to moving. Exiting the frame to the left, almost as if trying to escape the view of the camera.

The footage is grainy, which makes it difficult to see the mysterious light in any great detail. However, many who have viewed the footage are certain that this video is a clear indication that there could be restless spirits roaming among this ancient cemetery.