Spooky Ghost Videos Sure to Keep You Awake

Do These Ghost Videos Really Show Proof Of The Paranormal?

From a spooky ghost video captured in a cemetery to some potential paranormal activity caught on CCTV, these are spooky ghost videos sure to keep you awake.

6. Ghost Filmed in Old Cemetery

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNWaYAfVg9A[/embedyt]

At times, it seems that paranormal activity often follows those who are open to the concept. This video appears to be one such example as a group of supernatural investigators run through the process of training a new member.

While the group was surely hoping to witness something out of the ordinary during their investigation, what they managed to capture on camera will chill you to the bone.

Uploaded to YouTube by Native Paranormal Seekers Tonya Whitefawn, a channel known for posting frequent spooky ghost videos, the footage in question was carefully vetted by the group in order to ensure that what they saw was indeed real.

While training their newest member at a cemetery in Oregon, the group captured footage of what many believe to be a ghost.

During the clip, the group’s K-2 meter spikes frequently as they walk among the graves. They also manage to capture some very scary sounds and possibly even some threatening messages on their phonetic generator.

The creepy events continue to occur as an odd, bat-shaped figure can be seen moving just behind one of the investigators. Interestingly, the figure is not visible with the infra red camera and can only be seen on full spectrum.

Several shadowy masses are also spotted at various times in the video lurking close to the group. However, the most chilling footage is still yet to come.

As the camera holder focuses on several tombstones, a misty, white figure can be seen standing up and walking behind a tree. The figure then reappears on the other side of the tree, walks past a grave then disappears into the darkness.

Amazed by what they had captured on camera, the investigators later returned to the cemetery in an attempt to recreate the shot. Each member of the team took turns walking past the graves. However, no matter what they tried, they were unable to recreate the footage they had captured earlier.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why so many people believe that this clip really does show proof of the existence of ghosts.

5. Mysterious Entity Seen in Graveyard

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W19gruhNJoU[/embedyt]

This clip, uploaded to YouTube channel FRANKO TV is yet another example of spooky ghost videos that take place in a graveyard. Walking around a mausoleum at night, the scene is perfectly set for some sort of creepy occurrence. Eerie statues and stone figures are seen throughout the grounds and it seems as though it would be the perfect place for any spirits with unfinished business to be seen wandering around.

At one point in the video, FRANKO TV spots a creepy face peering at him from around a corner. However, as he approaches the area the figure seems to have disappeared. Then, about a minute later the same face can be seen once again watching from behind a wall. Its appearance is so brief that it seems that the uploader himself didn’t even notice it and if might have been missed if it wasn’t for a keen eyed viewer who pointed it out.

FRANKO TV continues his exploration and soon he approaches a series of large, stone crucifixes. As he nears the area, he suddenly sees a mysterious black shape moving below one of the graves. Scared, he quickly shines his flashlight around the cemetery, checking for any other signs of movement. Unable to see anything unusual, the YouTuber continues walking slowly towards the crucifixes. However, when he reaches the spot where the shadowy figure was, he is unable to find any trace of it.

If you slow the footage down, and enhance the light, you can clearly see that there was actually something there. Dark and mysterious, the figure seems to rise slowly and then disappear back into the ground.

Nervously, FRANKO TV continues his investigation but is unable to find any trace of the entity and soon decides to leave the area.

Was this shadowy figure the same one he managed to catch on camera earlier in the video? Either way, this is certainly some very creepy footage and an experience that I’m sure this YouTuber will not forget any time soon.

4. Ghost Reaches out From Beyond the Grave

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p-U77RwrM8[/embedyt]

Uploaded to the YouTube channel, GhostSeekDotCom this video potentially shows a seriously spooky paranormal encounter.

Believing that this cemetery might have a resident spirit, two investigators set up a camera to record their efforts to communicate with it.

The story goes that a woman named Mary Miller Jason who was known to locals as a white witch, frequently helped cure the sick and ailing by giving them herbs and providing exorcisms. She passed away in 1774 and numerous sightings of her ghost have been reported ever since. Supposedly as benevolent in death as she was in life, her spirit is said to have chosen to remain in the town’s graveyard, keeping an eye on the local townsfolk.

The clip begins by panning around the cemetery then focuses on one of the investigators kneeling down beside a grave. As he does it appears as though a translucent, white apparition can be seen reaching towards him. Its gestures are vague, but it seems that it might be attempting to offer some comfort to the man.

While it’s unclear exactly what this video does show, it certainly looks like there is a ghostly figure present. If this is the case, could it really be the spirit of the white witch, Mary Miller Jason?

3. Shadow Person Filmed in Abandoned Jail

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igfDqXEoTyk[/embedyt]

This spooky ghost video was uploaded to the YouTube channel, Paranormal Purgatory and provides one of the creepiest settings for a haunting yet – an abandoned jail.

As the investigators approach a lone cell, a series of chilling events seem to occur all at once. A shadowy figure appears to raise from behind the items on the floor while at the same time, the group hears a strange whistling sound in the background.

The investigators immediately confirm with each other that they all heard the whistle and that it wasn’t any of them that made the creepy sound. As the prison was known to house both men and women, some have suggested that the noise might have been from the spirit of a male prisoner whistling at one of the women.

While all present seem to have heard the strange noise, it seems that no one immediately saw the shadowy figure. It’s very difficult to see and only those with a keen eye might have noticed it. However, if you slow the footage down, you can clearly see that there is indeed a dark shadow that seems to rise up from the ground.

The investigators continue their search of the premises and soon decide to try and communicate with any resident spirits. After asking a series of questions one of the group members swears that he hears the voice of a woman screaming in his ears.

Spooked by the noises they have heard in this old haunted prison, the crew soon decide to pack up and leave the premises.

Was it possible that they were really able to hear the voices of the former inmates? And what of the mysterious shadow figure they manged to captured on camera? Let me know what you think these paranormal investigators witnessed in the comments section below.

2. Mysterious Shadow in Hallway

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nprME62alYI[/embedyt]

Unlike the previous ghost videos that have been captured in creepy locations like graveyards and haunted jails, this footage uploaded to YouTube by Videonium’s Channel was supposedly captured in the uploader’s own apartment.

The clip shows a darkened hallway with no one present in the shot. Then suddenly, a shadow emerges from the darkness and slides its way down the wall.

While this footage could easily be dismissed as fake, the fact that there is no one in view who could have cast the shadow makes it seem that there could be something more to this clip. That, and the position of the shadow on the wall and the fact that it doesn’t have legs, all lend weight to the idea that this could be evidence of a genuine haunting.

Regardless of the shadow’s origin, it is a creepy sight to behold – a disembodied shadow moving down a darkened hallway with its hands raised menacingly in the air. However, does this video really show something supernatural? Or could there be another explanation for this creepy video?

1. Ghost Spooks Pub Staff

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-QkTFvKUGo[/embedyt]

This CCTV footage was captured in a pub in Dudley, England and subsequently uploaded to the YouTube channel, Express & Star.

The clip begins as one of the staff members has just finished mopping the floor. She places the mob back in the bucket and leaves the view of the camera. That is when the yellow wet floor sign begins to mysteriously move.

After a few seconds she returns and looks shocked to find that the sign is now lying flat on the ground. Confused, she appears to call over another staff member who begins to check out the area.

He looks around, moving to the rear of the room and suddenly, the mop falls over behind him. Startled by the noise, he turns and runs out of view of the camera.

While the movement of both the sign and the mop could have easily been faked using string or fishing line, the reaction of this staff member certainly appears to be genuine. At first he seems a little hesitant to believe whatever the woman has told him. However, he definitely looks spooked after the mop falls over.

While there is little information available about this clip, it’s difficult to verify its authenticity. What do you think? Did this security camera actually manage to capture some paranormal activity? Or is it more likely to have just been a prank? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.