Mysterious Clips That Are Beyond Explanation

These clips are creepy!

There’s nothing more exhilarating and frightening than delving into the comments section on the internet, where anyone can share their thoughts, opinions, and theories on just about any subject.

However, in the cases of these mysterious clips, even the internet’s most vocal commenters have been unable to come up with good explanations. What do you think is really happening in these six mysterious clips that have rendered the internet speechless?

6. Mysterious Clips – Jesus Blinking on Camera

The founders and parishioners of the Holy Love Ecumenical Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio shouldn’t be surprised that mysterious clips have been recorded on their 83-acre property. Believers have been taking pilgrimages to the site since the early 1990s, ever since the founder of the ministry, Maureen Sweeney-Kyle, began making claims that Jesus, Mary, and a variety of saints have been speaking to her. Ever since then, believers have flocked to the site, eagerly waiting to hear the messages and hoping to experience a miracle of their own.

One of the key features of Holy Love’s large estate is its large statues depicting Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Many people come to the site to worship at the shrine and take photos and videos of the larger-than-life sculptures. In one parishioner’s case, the video may have showed the miracle that everyone has been waiting for.

As the believer videoed the statue of Jesus, they began to notice something unusual in the statue’s face. They zoomed in on the sculpture’s eyes, and couldn’t believe what they saw. The gray stone eyes seemed to be opening and closing. This went on for several minutes as the camera continued to roll.

Some cynics who have viewed the video believe that the blinking eyes are an optical illusion created by the harsh light and shaking camera. However, many believers are astounded by the footage, believing that the only real explanation is that Jesus himself visited on this day, creating a long-awaited miracle at Holy Love’s famous shrine.

Is this one of the most bizarre miracles ever documented? Let me know in the comments below.

5. Bigfoot Sighting, American Fork Canyon

The Paranormal Review is no stranger to mysterious clips. The YouTube channel regularly shares bizarre videos from all corners of the world. However, this footage recorded by a hiker at American Fork Canyon near Tibble Fork Reservoir in Utah has many viewers feeling perplexed.

The hiker was in a clearing when they thought they noticed something moving in the trees nearby. Based on the size of the creature, they thought it might be a large animal, such as a bear or elk. However, upon closer inspection, it became clear that the creature was no ordinary animal. Although it remains in the shadows, the video clearly shows that the creature is human in shape, but much, much larger. The hiker only manages to record it for a few seconds before it takes a few steps into the clearing, forcing the already frightened cameraman to run away in fear. Most of the video’s viewers believe that the creature in the video matches the description of a Bigfoot: one of the most well-known cryptids in North America and other continents.

American Fork Canyon has an extensive paranormal history. Over the years, locals and visitors have returned from the canyon with stories of an otherworldly hearse, the supposedly haunted Timpanagos Cave, a ghostly hitchhiker, and the spirit of a young boy who wanders the trails alone. The Canyon is also supposedly the home of the ghost of the famous hermit Edward Peter Hines, who lived and died in the canyon in the late 1800s. With all of these spirits wandering around the area, the American Fork Canyon seems like the perfect place for a mysterious cryptid to make its home.

4. Mysterious Clips – Entity Moves Outdoor Exercise Equipment

Not all mysterious clips feature deities or famous cryptids. Some, like this footage uploaded to Facebook by Mohammed Soelaiman, are much simpler. However, that doesn’t stop them from being terrifying.

The video was filmed on an outdoor playground somewhere in Indonesia just as the sun was slipping below the horizon. As the cameraman records in the dim twilight, we see that something truly unusual is happening on the innocent playground. A piece of gym equipment is vigorously moving, but no one is nearby who could be making it move. This particular piece of equipment requires the user to pull down hard on two handles, lifting the seat below. This type of motion could not have been caused by the wind, especially not at such a forceful speed. In addition, for someone to fake the video by pulling the bars with wire or string, they would have to be on the ground below the machine; no other position would give them the proper leverage to move the machine. Yet, the video clearly shows that no one is anywhere near the machine.

Many viewers of the video believe that it depicts a jinn: a supernatural entity commonly found in Arabic and Islamic folklore. Jinn are often invisible, but are depicted as engaging in the same types of activities as ordinary humans. This description certainly matches what we see in the bizarre video. Perhaps this jinn is exercising in preparation for some more robust hauntings.

3. Man Abducted by Aliens?

It isn’t unusual for mysterious clips to be the source of controversy online. This footage shared by Viral Hog has pitted UFO enthusiasts against techies in a fight to explain what is going on in the bizarre video.

The footage was recorded by a Ring doorbell camera. These small cameras are motion-activated, capturing a video whenever there is movement in close proximity to the door. The devices are meant for security, but often capture unexpected things. This particular video was recorded late one evening as a man who lives in the house heads outside. We see him exit the house and close the door behind him. He is heading down the sidewalk when he suddenly freezes mid-step. He remains frozen for only a couple of seconds before he mysteriously vanishes. Just as he disappears, a small dot of bright light zooms upward into the sky, disappearing from the camera’s range.

The more technology-oriented viewers of the clip believe that a simple glitch in the camera caused this unusual footage. They explain that there was a lag in the recording, making it look like he disappeared. This is the explanation touted by the homeowners who originally shared the clip. However, others believe something more unusual is happening. UFO enthusiasts insist that the clip shows a clear case of alien abduction, as indicated by the light seen flying toward the sky at the end of the footage.

The man in the clip, one of the homeowners, doesn’t believe this to be the case, as he doesn’t recall any otherworldly experiences happening that night. However, some experts on extraterrestrial matters insist that many humans who are temporarily taken captive by aliens have no memory of their abduction.

Was this a tech glitch, or a real alien abduction? The footage speaks for itself.

2. Poltergeist Caught on Livestream

Twitter user jett_streams didn’t set out to create any mysterious clips for his audience. He was merely trying to test out his new live-streaming gear, making sure that the sound and video worked properly. However, it seems like a supernatural entity decided it wanted to be the star of the show.

As the streamer listens to the sounds coming through his earphones, he notices on the display that the microphone close to his face is slowly moving closer toward him. He holds up his hands, showing that he isn’t responsible for the movement. He also indicated in his post that the only other person in the house was nowhere near the microphone. Yet, the entire arm of the mic, visible within the video’s frame, continues to slowly inch toward his face.

Although not audible in the video, the streamer indicates that he could also hear strange grunting noises coming from behind him while the microphone was making its strange movements. He believes that the only explanation for the bizarre video is that his home has its own resident ghost. Perhaps this streamer has just found himself a new co-host for his online show.

1. Bizarre Fish with Human Face

The online media site is the source of our final mysterious clip. The video focuses on aquatic life, and has generated numerous theories about its origin.

The video shows a small pond. Like many ponds, there are a variety of fish living in the water. However, not many fish look like the creature recorded in this video. The fish in question appears to have a creepy, and very human, face, with a chiseled jawline and dark, empty eyes. Numerous investigators have attempted to determine where exactly the pond is located, but no one has found the answer. However, they did locate other reports of a fish with a human face in a pond outside of a local temple in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan.

Debunkers have examined the video, and are certain that the footage was not digitally manipulated., a website known for debunking outrageous claims, has asserted that the creature is most likely a simple carp fish. However, others have compared the video to images of carp fish, and are not buying this explanation.

The video has spawned numerous theories. One viewer believes that the fish used to be a human, but was cursed by a witch to live as a fish. Other viewers speculate that the creature could have been created in a bizarre lab experiment in an attempt to combine the genetic material of a human and a fish. Still others think that the creature could be some mysterious cryptid that has never been discovered before. Although no one knows where the fish really came from, the video is enough to make your skin crawl.