Scary and Creepy

5 Mysterious Real Life X-Files

From people claiming to live in countries that don’t exist to mysterious ghostly car crashes, we investigate 5 unexplained real life x-files. [embedyt][/embedyt] The Mysterious Man From Taured   In July 1954, a plane landed […]

Funny and Adorable Animals

Dogs Acting Like Humans

Dogs are man’s best friend. Sometimes they spend so much time at our side, they begin to act just like us. Turns out these canines have just forgotten how to dog, join us as we […]

Funny and Adorable Animals

Cats In Hats Are Too Adorable

Regular cats can make you giggle but cats in hats are guaranteed to make you laugh! No matter your mood, these pics will brighten your day. From a real life Puss in Boots to Batcat, […]

Oprah Winfrey is part of some hilarious celebrity rumours.
Film and TV

10 Hilarious Celebrity Rumours!

Everyone loves a good bit of juicy gossip. From an incestuous brother/sister relationship to cocaine in the butt action – join us as we regale 10 hilarious celebrity rumours.   [embedyt][/embedyt]   10. Angelina Jolie […]