Dogs Acting Like Humans

Canines that have forgotten how to dog!

Dogs are man’s best friend. Sometimes they spend so much time at our side, they begin to act just like us. Turns out these canines have just forgotten how to dog, join us as we take a look at these crazy dogs acting like humans.

‘Don’t just stand there laughing! Give me a push!’
A dog playing on a swing - Dogs Acting Like Humans.


‘What do you mean this isn’t how you do dog pose?! I should know!’

A dog doing yoga - Dogs Acting Like Humans.


Jean Claude Van Dog

A dog doing the side splits - Dogs Acting Like Humans.


‘Hey bitch! Wanna ride?’

A dog driving a car.


‘Ever have one of those days? First my owner brings home a new kitten and now he’s forgotten to take me for a walk! It’s a dog’s life!’

A dog sitting on a couch holding a glass of wine.

Bodega Familia Valencia

‘Gonna run me over some cats, hehe!’

A dog dressed like a farmer driving a tractor.

Viral Nova

‘Oi Davo, You gonna get a crook back bendin’ over like that all day!’

A dog dressed like a tradie cementing the backyard - Dogs Acting Like Humans.

Funny Junk

The world’s cutest dog Boo the pomeranian in stealth mode.

Boo the pomeranian hiding amongst many toy dogs - Dogs Acting Like Humans.

‘At last! A level 20 Paladin! Now I can finally buy a mount!’

A dog sitting at a desk using a computer - Dogs Acting Like Humans.


‘Do you mind!? Can’t you see I’m tryin’ to take a dump here?!!’

A dog reading a newspaper - Dogs Acting Like Humans.

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Dogs acting like humans. I guess it’s a lot better than humans acting like dogs?