Cats In Hats Are Too Adorable

Is it a cat in a hat?

Regular cats can make you giggle but cats in hats are guaranteed to make you laugh! No matter your mood, these pics will brighten your day. From a real life Puss in Boots to Batcat, join us as we take a peek at these cute cats wearing ridiculous hats!

Kermit The Feline

A cat wearing a green frog hat, sitting on a couch - Cats In Hats.

Meet the real life Puss In Boots ‘I wants the milk…NOW!’

A real cat dressed as Puss In Boots - Cats In Hats.

Jamirocat has canned beef and mackerel in his heels tonight baby!

A small cat wearing a furry hat, standing on its hind legs.


‘I’m Batcat!’

A black and white cat wearing a Batman mask, sitting on a chair - Cats In Hats.

El Manana

Cabbage Patch Cat

A cat wearing a cabbage leaf hat and sunglasses - Cats In Hats.


This mountain lion is taking the whole ‘cat hat’ theme too literally!

A cat sitting on the head of a mountain lion.

‘I feel like a total Goomba in this hat!’

A cat wearing a Mario hat, lying on a bed.

Lost at E minor

This cat in a hat looks just like the Christmas Grinch!

A ginger and white cat wearing a Santa hat - Cats In Hats.

Santa Cat Pictures

Will you please bee my friend?’

A cat wearing a bee hat, lying on a bed.


Now that’s a cat in a hat and you know I’m not lion!

A cat wearing a lion costume, perched in a tree - Cats In Hats.

This Is Why I’m Broke

There you have it. Cats in hats! They are just what the doctor ordered! Now get out of here before you are savaged by that vicious lion!