The Creepiest Discoveries Made by YouTubers

These YouTubers Discovered Some Pretty Scary Things!

From a YouTuber who discovered a giant great white shark in an abandoned wildlife park to a YouTuber who found a creepy vampire doll in an ancient graveyard, we look at the creepiest discoveries made by YouTubers.

6. YouTuber Discovers Shark in Abandoned Building


In November, 2018, YouTuber, Lukie Mc made a truly creepy discovery while exploring an abandoned wildlife park in Victoria, Australia.

The video begins with the camera holder and a friend entering a dilapidated, wooden shack that leads into a bizarre cave-like structure. He comments on the vile smell as they pass several small alcoves, one of which contains an overturned vending machine while another holds an old table and chairs. The walls are littered with faded pictures of Australian animals.

The pair make their way down a long, dark tunnel before once again emerging into the sunlight. They pass an overgrown enclosure that once housed some sort of animal before entering another run down building.

The structure appears to have been a living area, possibly designed for guests to stay overnight while visiting the park.

The camera holder peeks into a half open fridge that still contains jars of food. A large container of rancid milk sits on the bottom shelf.

The explorers continue to look around the derelict building. The broken furniture littered across the floor suggests that someone has been here before or is possibly still living inside.

Cautiously, the pair continue on. They approach a wall that looks as though it has been ripped down, revealing what appears to be secret storage space.

The two decide to enter the strange room. It becomes darker and darker the further in they go.

Unable to see clearly, the camera holder pans a light around the room. He notices a large tank that appears to be filled with some sort of dark liquid. Unable to see inside, the two explorers make their way around to the opposite side of the tank.

Suddenly, the pair realize that they are staring at the tail of a very large creature.

One of the explorers can be heard saying ‘That is creepy as!’ as the camera holder slowly pans the length of the tank, revealing the beast’s gigantic body and finally its head and huge, teeth-filled mouth!

After this creepy video went viral, Lukie Mc was contacted by the previous owner of the park who informed him that the giant creature was in fact a 5 meter long great white shark. It was moved to the tank after becoming entangled in fishing nets and dying off the coast of South Australia. The dark liquid in the tank was actually formaldehyde, a chemical needed to preserve the specimen.

When the park was eventually shut down, the owner was unable to find a new home for the shark and so was forced to leave it behind in the ruined remains of this creepy old animal sanctuary.

5. Creepy Vampire Doll Found in Graveyard


This unsettling video was uploaded to RM Videos YouTube channel in March, 2018. It shows a baby vampire doll with a bottle of blood, sitting on top of an unmarked tombstone in a Brazilian graveyard.

As the camera holder inspects the creepy doll you can see that its eyes appear to follow them as they move.

When the video first surfaced, some viewers suggested that the doll might actually be possessed and could contain the spirit of someone buried in the graveyard. Others thought that the doll might be an evil idol designed to summon a real vampire from its resting place.

While it was later revealed that the doll was in fact the work of a sculptor, it sure made for a very creepy discovery. Certainly something you wouldn’t want to come across while exploring a spooky old cemetery!

4. YouTuber Finds Young Girl in Cave


Popular YouTuber, Exploring With Josh made a very creepy discovery in 2016, while exploring a cave in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington state. The cave, known as Ape Cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States and has long been a popular hiking destination.

The cave received its bizarre name in 1924, when the residents of a small mining community became convinced that apes were throwing rocks into the canyon. The rumor persisted until 1984, when an elderly man came forward, revealing that it was in fact he and a friend that had been throwing the rocks.

As Josh and several others make their way towards the mouth of the cave, one of them can be heard saying ‘Oh God! This looks like something out of a horror movie!’

With lanterns in hand, the group slowly head into the darkness.

At one point, the cave becomes so narrow they are forced to crawl on their hands and knees. The temperature begins to drop as icy breath can be seen coming from the mouths of the explorers.

The cave now seems to small to continue and the group contemplate returning to the surface. However, just as they are about to turn back they discover that the cave actually starts to widen once again. Now crawling on their stomachs, the group decides to press forward.

Suddenly, they hear what sounds like someone crying in the distance. Scared, they slowly head towards the noise. One of the group shines a flashlight into the darkness illuminating a young girl who is standing all alone.

Extraordinarily, the girl had managed to crawl her way into the depths of the cave all by herself without the use of a flashlight.

They soon discover that she doesn’t speak English. Motioning for her to follow them, the group lead her back to the surface where she is finally reunited with her worried parents.

3. YouTuber Films Bizarre Creatures in Thailand


This video, posted online by Jemayel Khawaja shows the moment several tourists stumble across a group of bizarre troll-like creatures as they kayak their way through Railay Bay in Krabi, Thailand.

The furry creatures can be seen sheltering near a cave as they play some sort of strange, hypnotic melody on unusual musical instruments.

The bemused kayakers look on in disbelief as the beasts appear to perform just for them.

When the video first surfaced, it whipped the internet into a frenzy as viewers debated over what the mysterious creatures actually were. Some suggested aliens while others thought they may have been some type of reclusive, cave-dwelling animal that was yet to be discovered.

It was later revealed however, that the creatures were actually costumed actors who were part of a staged performance by local group, Thailand Biennale and that the bizarre sounds were created by travelling vocalist Tori Wranes.

Even though it was staged, the tourists initially had no idea and the dumbfounded looks that you can see on their faces are quite real. Imagine paddling a kayak through the tranquil waters of a beautiful Thai island and then stumbling across this bizarre scene!

2. YouTuber Finds Doll in Floating Box


In August, 2015, YouTuber, MrTechnicalDifficult made a very creepy discovery.

In the video, a group of friends can be seen relaxing by a river when the camera holder notices a strange, white box floating down stream. He convinces one of the men in shorts to swim over to the other side and retrieve it.

The mysterious box appears to be a drinks cooler that has been sealed with tape to stop it from opening. The man removes one of the pieces of tape and cautiously opens a small hatch. He immediately jumps back after spotting what he thinks is a small child.

The camera holder then approaches the box to get a closer look.

This time you can see that its not actually a small child in the box but rather a doll that has been stuffed inside and left to float down the river.

While it’s possible that it could simply be a prank orchestrated by another group further up-stream, it is still a very unsettling find. Dolls are creepy at the best of times but discovering one in a box that is floating down a river – that’s a whole new level of nightmare!

1. YouTuber Claims to Have Found Atlantis


This video, published on Bright Insight’s YouTube channel in 2018, not only claims that the lost city of Atlantis was real but that its actual location has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.

The video analyzes the descriptions of Atlantis found in the great philosopher Plato’s dialogues – Timaeus and Critias. The works claim to quote Solon, an Athenian lawmaker and poet who traveled to Egypt between 590 and 580 BC who was believed to have translated Egyptian records of Atlantis.

Using Plato’s words as a guide, the video suggests that the true location of Atlantis is likely to be the Richat Structure in Mauritania, a country in Northwest Africa.

The structure, sometimes referred to as the Eye of the Sahara was originally thought to have been created by an increase of pressure caused by underlying magma or even the impact of a large meteorite.

The video goes on to suggest that the symmetrical circles of the Eye of the Sahara may have once been filled with water and closely resemble the description given by Plato of the mysterious city.

The video also compares several other striking similarities between Plato’s descriptions and the geographical orientation of the eye including a large mountainous region to the north and an inlet to the south that once possibly flowed with water.

If this theory does indeed turn out to be true, it will no doubt be the greatest discovery ever made by a YouTuber.