10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

You Will Not Believe What is in These Secret Rooms!

From a secret dungeon found under an apartment to an entire town discovered under Moscow we count the 10 creepiest secret rooms ever discovered.

10. The Murder Castle

The Murder Castle in Chicago - 10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

The Telegraph

Formerly located at 63rd and Wallace Streets in Englewood, Chicago’s Murder Castle was said to be the site of several grizzly murders committed by con artist and serial killer Herman Webster Mudgett.

Mudgett, who was better known as H. H. Holmes moved to Chicago in August, 1886. He found a job working at a local drug store where he proved to be a hardworking employee. He soon bought the store and in 1887, began construction on a two story building across the road. The building had apartments on the second floor with retail space below.

During construction, furniture suppliers discovered that Holmes was hiding their materials, for which he had never paid, in hidden rooms and passages throughout the building. He was believed to have used these rooms and passages to hide and eventually dispose of many of his victims. He also reportedly had a gas tank, acid vat and cremation stove hidden in the basement to help dispose of the evidence.

Homes was eventually caught and executed on 7th May, 1896, for the murder of his friend Benjamin Pitezel. While in custody, he confessed to 27 murders but some estimated that he may have killed as many as 200.

The Murder Castle was destroyed in 1938. Replaced by the Englewood post office which still stands to this day.

9. Dungeon Discovered Under Australian House

Creepy secret room discovered under a house in Australia - 10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

An Australian man was shocked to discover a secret basement hidden below his new house. He found the room after noticing that a patch of carpet seemed to sag in one of the rooms.

He tore up the carpet and found a hatch underneath that had been boarded up. The room below was full of old broken bed frames and there were power cables running into the room from above. The creepiest part of his discovery however, was a copy of a recent newspaper and a fireplace that looked as though it had been used not that long ago.

What was this mysterious room actually used for and why was it boarded up and covered with carpet? Were there people living down there and if so how long had they been gone? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

8. Underground Town in Moscow

Secret Town Discovered Under Moscow - 10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

In 2013, police made an unbelievable discovery under the streets of Moscow, Russia. Below the former Cherkizovsky market, they uncovered an underground city that was home to about 260 migrant workers who were in the country illegally. The setup, which was running as an illegal sweatshop included workshops filled with sewing machines, dormitories, a cinema, bar, cafe and even a casino.

The undocumented workers were all arrested and the underground city was immediately shut down.

7. Ancient Chapel

Ancient chapel found under a house in Shropshire, England - 10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

Daily Mail

In 2010, the residents of a home in Shropshire, UK, decided to see what lied below a mysterious metal grate in their floor. After a few drinks, they plucked up the courage to take a peek.

Two family members managed to squeeze through the hole and to their amazement, it lead to a secret underground room that resembled some sort of ancient chapel. On one side, there was brick seating while a large wooden cross lay in the middle of the floor. On the ceiling, there were several large hooks that looked as though they may have been used to hang meat.

A local historian was bought in to investigate. He thought that the room may have dated back to the 1700’s where it could have been used as a secret place of worship. During that time, people were executed for practicing Catholicism and so ceremonies were sometimes held in secret underground churches.

6. Secret Roommate

College students find person living in a secret room in their house - 10 Creepiest Secret Rooms Ever Discovered

Daily News

In 2013, a group of Ohio State college students started hearing strange noises coming from the basement of their off-campus house. In addition, the power kept going out on the 3rd floor and they began to notice weird things happening around the house. Drawers were left open and lights were mysteriously turned on. On one occasion, one of the residents saw a mysterious man in the basement. When questioned, the man said his name was Jeremy and then left the house before he could be quizzed any further.

Thinking that the house may have been haunted, the students decided to investigate. In the basement, they noticed a mysterious door that was always locked and none of the residents had a key that could open it.

After hearing more noises coming from the basement, the students decided to call their landlord as well as the police. They pried open the door and discovered a room inside, complete with a bed, photos and a T.V.

The students realized that the man named Jeremy that they had seen previously, had actually been living in their house the whole time without them even knowing.

Once his room was discovered, Jeremy packed his belongings and left.


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