10 Creepy Cryptid Sightings Caught on Film

Are there creatures in this world we don't know about?

Cryptids are animals or creatures whose existence are unsubstantiated by modern scientific classifications. Yet, all over the world people seem to have encounters with beasts that almost defy explanation. Are these sightings mistaken or are there creatures living in this world that we simply don’t know about yet? So join us as we take a look at 10 creepy cryptid sightings caught on film.

10. Ice Monster Spotted, Alaska

In late 2016 a strange cryptid creature was spotted swimming through the freezing waters of the Chena River, Alaska.

In October of that year Bureau of Land Management employee Craig McCaa spotted a long, icy creature swimming through murky river water.

He grabbed a quick video to prove his sighting and soon the Internet was debating whether Nessy from Loch Ness in Scotland had taken a vacation to North America.

In the footage you can see what looks like a 15-foot long creature undulating through the water. It appears to have icicles stuck on its back from the freezing conditions.

McCaa spoke to a local newspaper and said:

‘I initially thought, and several people thought, it could be some rope that snagged on the bottom of the river with chunks of ice. Other people have mentioned everything from sea monster to giant sturgeon.’

Several experts agree with the rope theory, suggesting it’s formed icicles which are helping it stay afloat and giving the appearance that it’s swimming.

Whatever the video has captured, no one has been able to definitively prove what’s lurking in the water, leaving many to believe that this is genuine evidence of a cryptid that is yet to be classified by modern science.

9. Cryptid Swims in Thames

Sticking with strange swimming creatures, in mid-2016 striking footage emerged that seems to show a giant monster swimming through the murky waters of the Thames in London, England.

A tourist was taking a ride on a cable car that gives scenic views over Greenich when they spotted something unusual swimming in the water. Just opposite the famous 02 Arena, a gigantic object can be seen surfacing for a brief moment before diving back underwater. It appears to have several fins running the length of its back with a long neck. A dark shadow in the water hints at the actual size of the beast but sadly only a glimpse can be seen.

Some think the creature could be a Basilosaurus, an enormous marine mammal that existed some 35 to 40 million years ago that has somehow managed to survive deep underwater.

Others are, of course, calling the footage fake claiming the beast has been added digitally.

Could a giant, prehistoric animal really survive undetected for all these years and now be living in the river Thames?

8. The Wendigo

This found footage style video was posted to a Youtube channel called ‘Slender Truth’ in 2013. It claims to show a group of boys who were stalked and attacked by a wendigo.

In the footage we see three young boys exploring an abandoned house in an unknown rural setting. They search an old shack that looks like it hasn’t been used in years. It’s falling to bits, full of rotting floorboards and discarded building materials.

When they reach the top floor, an uneasiness begins to build as though the boys are being watched by something. Finally, as they descend the staircase, some kind of monster seems to peer its head into the house. It has long, slender fingers and a large grotesque face with deep eyes and a batlike snout. The footage cuts abruptly, suggesting that this creature attacked the boys.

The description of the video claims that this animal is a wendigo, a beast from native American folklore that is known to be evil with an insatiable bloodlust.

The clip has racked up over 11 million views, with a lot of viewers simply assuming that it’s a work of fiction. However, some claim that it’s genuine and that these boys have been registered as missing since that 2013. Whether that’s true or not remains unclear.

7. Unicorn Seen in England

This is a curious little clip that apparently shows a real unicorn grazing in a field in England.

Unfortunately, it’s not known where this footage was taken and details are scarce at best.

In the distance you can see what looks like two horses grazing in a field of grass, one brown and one white. However, it becomes obvious that the white horse-like creature has a single horn protruding from its head.

For centuries, man has been describing a mythical beast with a single, large horn. The ancient greeks wrote about a legendary animal that could only be tamed by a virgin. Their horns were said to have healing properties and could turn poison into drinkable water. Unicorns are also referenced in the Bible as re’ems, mystical creatures featuring one spiralled horn. It’s written that King David rode a unicorn to heaven to avoid the threat of a lion.

Unicorn enthusiasts all around the world are rejoicing, claiming that this is the first hard evidence that their favourite beast of legend is actually real.

Could this really be a glimpse of the fabled unicorn?

6. Grotesque Monster

On the 23/07/11, two boys heard some strange noises on their property and decided to investigate. They took some footage on their phones – this is their encounter.

As they search through the darkness of their rural farm, they can hear some eerie noises in the distance. They can only see a few feet in front of them with a dimly lit torch. Eventually they find a barn with graffiti scrawled across the walls. Something inside lets out a guttural squeal similar to a wild boar. It’s a chilling groan, enough to make your blood run cold. The two boys hide for a few seconds, switching off their torches. You can hear something scratching about behind the wall. For some crazy reason, the boys decide to take a look. Inside the barn, they spot a humanoid creature lurking in the loft. It has a strange pale face with small eyes, a wide nose and bald head. It shrieks at them as they frantically run into the darkness of the night.

What could this cryptid creature be? Some are calling it a demon, others say it’s an alien hybrid that’s taken refuge in the abandoned barn. Could this be some kind of animal that’s somehow evaded human contact until now?


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