10 Creepy Cryptid Sightings Caught on Film

Are there creatures in this world we don't know about?

5. Alien Hybrid

Several years ago a bizarre event was captured on film in southern Vermont in the United States, several miles north of Green Mountain National Forest. It’s a fairly remote area where several locals reported sightings of a strange creature with long limbs. Residents were finding livestock dead in their backyards, with puncture wounds on their necks. Chickens and other animals were also vanishing without a trace.

Eventually this footage surfaced when two kids said they had an encounter with an alien in a local park. They claimed they were heading home from a party when they heard some strange noises. They took out their phones and this is the footage they captured.

From behind a tree a bizarre, long-limbed creature begins to walk across the grass. It has a bulbous black head and slim body. The figure’s hind legs look like that of a human but most strikingly it uses its two front arms to stalk eerily through the park.

Initially the footage was met with skepticism but the boys are adamant that the footage is genuine and hasn’t been tampered with in any way. This clip coupled with the reports of dead livestock sure do make for a chilling conclusion.

Could an alien creature really be living in the hills of southern Vermont?

4. Giant Werewolf, Argentina

This is one of many cryptid sightings that have been captured around the world.

In April, 2018 a giant creature was photographed stalking the streets of Santa Fe, Argentina. The mysterious cryptid had been on a killing spree after it allegedly mauled two dogs to death.

It’s thought a local resident took this photo after they heard a disturbance down an alleyway. The animal looks too tall to be a dog. Its gaunt frame sits atop four long, thin legs, with the hind legs looking to be a little meatier than the front two. The beast appears to be hairless, with hooves and a dog-like face.

It was reported that this creature had killed a Pitbull and German Shepherd in a violent rage.

When the image did the inevitable social media rounds, many were quick to call this creature a Chupacabra, a mythical creature from South American folklore that is said to suck the blood from livestock.

Others said it was a werewolf or a human/demon hybrid, warning locals to be very careful.

Could a bloodthirsty cryptid creature really be roaming the streets of Santa Fe? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

3. Pennsylvania White Big Foot

In Carbondale, Pennsylvania, locals have reported sightings of a strange creature lurking in the woods. They say it’s a white Bigfoot, 6 to 7 feet tall, with shaggy fur covering its entire body. Residents often hear strange noises too – low groans and rustling in trees.

In 2008, this video surfaced and quickly went viral. It was filmed by a man who heard noises coming from his yard that backs onto woodland.

In the clip, you can see a very strange looking creature. It pauses for a split second then darts off into the darkness. It has deep black eyes, a long cone shaped head and is covered in white fur.

Analysts have noted that this would be difficult to fake. The figure is unusually tall and has gigantic proportions. It moves quickly despite its large frame. The face contorts and reacts which wouldn’t happen if it were simply a mask.

It’s worth noting that Carbondale is the site for the first underground mine in the US. It’s a vast network of deep, dark tunnels. Many believe that it’s possible this creature lives deep in the mines and only surfaces to go hunting.

2. The Rake

The Rake is a terrifying creature that began getting media attention in a flurry of news reports in 2003. Dozens of news outlets broke stories about a beast of unknown origin with long limbs, sharp claws and a propensity for unprovoked violence.

In this video, taken in an undisclosed location in England, a young man is walking through a playground at night testing the infrared feature on his new camera. As he walks along, he spots a mysterious figure sitting on top of the playground slide. The creature turns startled, eyes lit up. Whatever it is leaps from the top of the structure into darkness. Suddenly the swings behind the man rattle and the footage turns black.

Could this be the infamous monster from urban folklore?

The Rake has become so popular in recent years that it’s spawned creepypasta stories, fan-made videos and even feature length films. Many think the creature’s origins are simply a work of fiction and always have been. But it’s sightings like this that seem to give credence to the thought that this terrifying creature may actually exist in real life.

1. Humanoid Creature

This is some unsettling footage purported to be filmed in a remote Romanian zoo.

In 2014, it’s thought that a backpacker who was travelling through rural Romania found out about a secretive farm that is run by illegal traffickers. The heavily guarded property allegedly houses exhibits that the general public don’t know about or don’t want to know about.

Somehow the backpacker managed to smuggle a camcorder onto the property to film one of the exhibits.

The footage begins with the backpacker explaining that the zoo is housing some sort of deformed animal caged up in one of the sheds. Things go black as he makes his way through a crowd of people. They’re all gathered around a cell sealed off with thick steel bars. You can hear the crowd ogling at something. Finally a gap appears between two people and we get a glimpse at some kind of humanoid creature. It moans wildly as it stumbles forward. Someone yells. The crowd heaves backward in horror as the creature is fully revealed. It looks like a deformed monster, disfigured and kept against it will. The footage cuts to black and we’re left wondering what we’ve just witnessed.

No one has been able to explain this footage. A lot of people hope the video is fake but there is a realness to it that makes for a really unsettling experience.

Are there really underground zoos in eastern Europe that house unfathomable creatures like this? Love to hear your opinion in the comments below.

Well there’s our look at 10 creepy cryptids caught on film. Did this listicle make you wonder whether there’s animals out there that science is yet to categorise? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below or on any of our socials.