Strange Videos That Defy Logical Explanation

Have you ever come across an event so strange that you can’t even put it into words. We have put together a collection of these strange videos that defy logical explanation to both entice and mystify you all at once.

6. Strange Videos: Truck Gets Crushed

This strange video was uploaded to a Youtube channel called Truck Stop.

The footage opens with a parked truck monitored by a security camera. The truck is fine for a short while, however something odd is about to happen.

Before our very eyes, the truck collapses directly into itself out of nowhere. There is no pressure or source of any sort of force in sight. The truck appears to give in to some invisible force that attacks the exact middle of the canister it is carrying.

Quite literally crushed into itself, the damage is sudden and alarming. Without any visible source or reason for the truck to behave in such a way, the sudden destruction is shocking.

The canister’s weight comes crashing down. It breaks the truck’s lower half and sends the front of the truck rocking back and forth. Clearly both sudden and tremendous, whatever force causes this destruction to the industrial truck is impressive, to say the least.

Some viewers have suggested the truck imploded perhaps due to some unseen vacuum. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything attached to the vehicle that could cause such an event.

Until further information comes to hand, this strange video will have to remain a mystery.

5. Freaky Explosion

Happened in my state, two days ago. from r/aliens

What at first appears to be a transformer exploding quickly reveals itself to be an unsolvable mystery in this video uploaded by Reddit user mayankbisht3899.

The short video immediately pans over to a mountaintop explosion. We see an impressive dome of bright light, as gasps from onlookers are heard in the background. The explosion pulses and varies in shape several times.

The mystery surrounding the explosion only thickens. Uploader mayankbisht3899 explains that the mountaintop in question is located at a high altitude in the Himalayas near the Chinese border. Given the lack of infrastructure in the area, if a transformer had exploded it would have sent ripples throughout the area. He asserts that such an explosion would likely have knocked out power in the area for weeks. This would have made the news, or at least led to larger consequences.

Instead, mayankbisht3899 explains that the area went back to normal after about 20 seconds. Having occurred in such a dense forest area, it is likely an explosion of that kind would have at least led to smoke, if not a large forest fire. This large explosion led to neither.

Strange videos such as this often end on a note of mystery, and this one is no different. If not a transformer or power line, what sort of supernatural occurrence is seen in this video? And just how did such a blindingly bright explosion cause no lasting impact in the area?

4. Strange Videos: Bizarre Formation, Mexico

Incredible UFO footage from two separate sources, El Rosario, Mexico 2009 from r/UFOs


What’s more strange than one video showing a UFO? The answer seems to be two different men seeming to have captured the same UFO on camera. These two separate strange videos captured by Pedro Hernandez and Alfredo Carrillo, and posted to Reddit by user luke511, seem to show the same UFO flying over Mexico.

Filmed from two different locations, both men seem to have been awed by the same flying object. Both videos feature one central flying object, larger than the rest and seemingly almost flapping through the sky. In both clips, the larger, central flying object is surrounded by smaller objects flying around it in a way that can only be described as neat and orderly.

The first clip shows the objects flying around the central craft in an almost circuitous or orbital fashion. Rotating around the central craft, the flight pattern is unlike that typically displayed by birds.

The second clip shows the same central craft, this time with many smaller objects surrounding it. In this clip, the flight pattern seems to have changed slightly. The smaller objects are arranged on either side of the central craft, creating a straight line.

Both flight patterns more closely resemble those of military craft than those of birds. A comment from Reddit user fromskintoliquid seems to support this suspicion, supposedly leaking a CIA document featuring the description of a UFO similar to this one.

The document also seems to confirm that these UFOs are not simply friendly visitors passing by. Similar UFOs have been described as hostile and unfriendly. Seemingly dangerous and militant in appearance, it appears the two men who captured these videos were lucky their encounter did not take a dangerous turn.

3. Bizarre Flying Glove

@sarazayedishere##greenscreenvideo This really scared me😭don’t let it flop##glove##fly##float##night##3:20am##camera##fypシ♬ Stop using this sound – sarazayedishere

With its wide audience giving videos the ability to go viral easily, TikTok seems to be the new home for these strange videos. Posted by user sarazayedishere, this strange TikTok is divided into two clips featuring the same glove in both.

The first clip seems to have been captured at night and shows the glove gliding through the room until it reaches the ceiling.

The second clip shows the glove in question stuck to the ceiling as though held there by an invisible force. With the index finger pointing straight out, it looks really odd just suspended in the air. The uploader notes that there’s a single fly stuck to the tip.

The first video of the glove seemingly floating through the room on its own is eerie enough, but seeing the glove being held in place by an invisible force, or invisible presence, seems to raise way more questions than it answers.

What on earth do you think is going on in this bizarre video? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

2. Strange Videos: Hospital Trolley Moves on its Own



There’s something about hospitals that makes them rife for hauntings. With many sick people passing away in any given hospital, it makes sense for them to be ground zero for creepy, inexplicable events. Such is the case in this odd video uploaded to YouTube by user Ricardo Orellana.

Shot in a fairly empty hospital hallway, two men have captured a very odd event. The start of this video shows two wheelchairs placed in a hallway, with a cart close by.

Without anything else or anyone standing near the cart, viewers see the cart begin to wheel away out of nowhere. Making its way down the hallway on its own, the cart seems to move without the help of any external force – including gravity.

While many such strange videos are captured by security cameras when no one else is around to witness them, this video features two men at the opposite end of the hallway. The two men are seen standing and watching the cart move on its own, apparently transfixed by what is occurring.

Whether it be a ghost or other invisible force, something supernatural appears to be moving the haunted cart.

1. Strange Happenings at Bar

Posted to Instagram by user laguarida_delterror, the final clip in this series of strange videos features multiple creepy occurrences happening at once. This is a video viewers will want to watch over and over.

A CCTV system captures footage of the inside of a bar. There are several individuals seen sitting at the opposite end of the room, near the bartender. Meanwhile, the end of the bar closest to the camera features a stool. Slowly, the stool appears to start rocking back and forth. However, it is not until the stool topples to the ground on its own that the bar’s patrons seem to notice that something is not right. The men are alarmed. They move to inspect the stool, checking for any damage.

Certain there was no one around the stool, the men seem to be perplexed by the event. However, while all three of them are distracted by the chair, an additional bizarre event seems to be happening right behind them.

In a moment that would make any horror movie fan want to yell at them to “look behind”, a white object appears to speed past the group and across the screen.

Perhaps the source of the odd event or another poltergeist altogether? The object seems to have taken their obvious distraction as an opportunity to make its escape.

Apparently spooked, the two men seem to leave the bar right after placing the stool upright. With so many supernatural events happening around them in such quick succession, this is probably wise decision.

It is unknown whether the bar in question has a history of supernatural events or hauntings. The strange events caught by this security camera seem to defy a logical explanation.