Scary Ghost Videos You Shouldn’t Watch at Night

Given the nature of scary ghost videos on the internet, there are a wide variety of clips out there designed to give viewers quite the scare. However, these videos come with a warning for viewers: be careful watching them at night, you might end up unable to sleep.

6. Poltergeist Moves Cup?



Posted to the 444 Page on Facebook, this video was shared with us by the owner of the page herself, Shannon Courtright.

Shannon explains that the video features her own sister, Robynn Pagan, as well as her sister’s friend Katie. As the two were playing a drinking game and filming themselves, the group happened to capture what appears to be a rare supernatural event.

Early in the video, Katie points out a cup moving in front of Robynn. However, as the cup is out of Robynn and the camera’s view, she immediately dismisses it. After playing the game on camera for several minutes the pair leave the view of the shot. Moments later, the cup seems to move all on its own. It repeats this motion several times throughout the video. At one point, the curtain slowly shifts by itself.

The startling thing about this footage is that Katie moves and flips the cup numerous times while playing the game. The source footage is all one continuous shot, this would make it extremely difficult to hoax the event. There can’t be string attached to the cup because it gets flipped several times. There also can’t be magnets attached either.

It is evident while watching the video that the people there aren’t aware of this paranormal activity occurring around them. It’s not until the video is watched back that it is spotted. Shannon explains that the next day, the girls saw that a lamp and lampshade had fallen over and flown across the living room. Even more weirdly, a speaker kept turning on – despite the fact that it was not plugged in.

The final straw for the girls was when something seemed to gently lift Katie‘s hair into the air. Concerned due to the string of supernatural events, the two went back and watched this video from the previous night, now aware they had started capturing their own scary ghost videos.

The paranormal events of the following day, combined with the odd actions seen in the video, were enough to convince the pair that they were hosts to at least one unexpected guest. With this myriad of odd activities all in a row, one has to wonder just how safe the two could feel staying in that home?

5. Disembodied Whistle



Uploaded by YouTube user Rodri YOSHIAKI, this next clip seems to have been captured in a nearly empty hospital.

The translated text from the video explains that Rodri thought himself to be alone when he saw the nearby doors open by themselves. Slightly worried, but not overly shocked, the healthcare worker gave it some time before he decided to begin filming.

The camera holder explains that the doors are automatic but they require motion for them to be activated. In the video you can clearly see the door open a number of times with no one around.

Rodri then meets up with his work partner. The pair hear the sound of the doors once again opening by themselves.

The pair decides to approach the doors, finding it curious that they have stopped opening by themselves upon their approach. They take a look around the room to see if anything might be activating the doors – there’s clearly no one there. However, it is at this moment that the very clear sound of a whistle is heard. Again, the room is empty except for the two workers.

Now very clearly not as alone as they thought they were, the uploader has posted the clip to his YouTube channel for viewers to decide for themselves if he truly came into contact with some sort of spirit that day in the hospital.

4. Scary Ghost Videos: Ghostly Figure Caught on Dashcam



Posted to the YouTube channel allisonwonderland74, this piece of eerie footage seems to show something truly mysterious. The video was captured by a truck driver’s dashcam late at night while driving through Georgia.

Although the clip is short, the description of the clip only serves to add more mystery to the already intriguing circumstances. The figure of a fully white woman is seen standing by the side of the road. Then, just as the truck comes near her, the woman continues walking right into the road, seemingly colliding directly with the truck.

The clip ends, but the video’s description goes on to further muddy the mysterious circumstances. The truck driver, afraid he had hit someone, pulled over to the side of the road. Oddly enough, the driver did not find evidence of a body anywhere nearby.

Dismayed, but still concerned, the driver called the police himself in order to clear up any potential misunderstandings regarding what happened. Disturbingly enough, when the driver made contact with the police, they explained that his situation was not unique.

In fact, the police officer explained that many such calls had come in, all regarding that very same spot. Many drivers seemingly reported concern over hitting the same ghostly woman, only to find that they hadn’t hit anything at all.

What remains for the driver and the Georgia police, as well as viewers, is the ghostly mystery of the woman’s origins. Just where did she come from, and why has she reenacted being hit in the same spot on the road over and over again?

3. Shadow Figure Appears on CCTV

This next clip was originally posted to the home for scary ghost videos, the Facebook page Do You Believe In The Unexplained? Host to a vast array of similar videos, this clip in particular is sure to give viewers the creeps.

Recording an empty hallway, the majority of the clip plays out with no one in sight. The quiet emptiness of the hallway is exactly why it is so frightening when the smallest of shadows appears to creep around a corner, only to quickly creep away in the direction in which it initially arrived.

The small shadow appears to be child-sized and shaped, moving as a person would. It’s walking around the corner and then walking back in the opposite direction.

The appearance of the small shadow is even more shocking due to just how quickly it appears and leaves in the midst of the complete stillness of the hallway. With no human attached to the shadow, it appears to be some sort of supernatural shadow moving on its own. What do you think?

2. CCTV Captures Eerie Figure


Posted to Daily Motion, this next video comes from the pirate-themed bar, Dreamwater Lounge. While there are many scary videos caught on CCTV, this one is fairly unique.

The video was captured on what appears to be a bridge section of the themed restaurant. The area is seemingly empty. Without a soul in sight, an alleged spirit seems to choose that moment to make itself visible.

The ghostly figure appears to be relatively white and wispy. It floats right down through the empty area. It’s almost as though it knows exactly where it is going, as it moves too purposefully. As the video continues, we watch the ghostly figure continue to move down the hall at a leisurely pace.

Given the theme of the bar, it is highly possible that many spirits could have been drawn there. Perhaps it’s a reminder of the spirit’s home, past life, or an area it used to frequent.

Some viewers have suggested the video is staged to drum up some publicity for the restaurant.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of info to run with regarding this clip. It is possible that the lounge opened in some historic building or area. In that case, the ghost may be haunting the bar because of where it was built.

1. Scary Ghost Videos: Young Boy Claims He Saw Ghost



YouTube user Youngboi Lloyd has provided us with this video as an update to a previous one we featured a few months back. In the latest in his string of scary ghost videos, this video explains the most recent haunting he has experienced.

Lloyd explains in the video that his children saw a ghost in their home’s washroom. He follows his son to the washroom to see what he is talking about. Lloyd is soon trapped in what may be every parent’s worst nightmare.

Lloyd remains just outside the door as his son points to the spot where he witnessed the ghost. The door suddenly springs shut on Lloyd, trapping his son in the bathroom while he is on the other side. Lloyd bangs on the door, shouting for his son, to no avail.

The door appears to be kept shut by some sort of supernatural force. Likely the same force that Lloyd’s children witnessed in the washroom in the first place. Lloyd continues to attempt to open the door, banging on it and calling his son’s name, even as the video ends.

Just how long it took him to finally open the door and get through to his son is unknown. But spending any amount of time living in such distress would be unbearable.

Given the description of Lloyd’s video, it seems quite clear that he no longer feels safe in his own home. This isn’t the first time they have witnessed paranormal encounters in their home.

Who the ghost is and why it is haunting Lloyd and his family is uncertain. However, it is certain that Lloyd and his family may never feel at ease under that roof. Would you be house hunting and looking for a new place to live?