Don’t Look at These Scary Photos Before Bed

If there is one thing you DON’T do before bed tonight, it’s look at these scary photos. I can promise you will be up half the night because of them…

6. Scary Photos: Shadow Entity Envelopes Boy


Posted to Reddit by user Travvy04, this is one of the eeriest scary photos we’ve seen. Travvy04 was taking a picture of his wife and son on his son’s first day of school. However, upon reviewing the photo, a mysterious, dark figure is seen obscuring both of them.

This figure has overtaken most of the space in the photograph. It is clear it’s quite tall and seemingly outfitted in a long, dark garment. Immediately it brings to mind imagery of the grim reaper. What’s more, the figure looks as though it was captured while moving.

Some viewers have suggested it might be a glitch in the camera. While others firmly believe it’s some kind of dark presence hanging over the family. Some even likened it to a shadow person, a supernatural entity thought to exist only in our periphery. Sometimes these shadowy forms can show up on camera.

Either way, the dark and obscured figure is certainly unsettling. In fact, the uploader found it to be so upsetting, he couldn’t bring himself to show his family evidence of the potential spirit living amongst them.

If you took a scary photo of your family would you share it, or hide it away for their own benefit? Let me know in the comments below.

5. Scary Photos: Halloween Fright in Old Jail

Scary photo taken in the old crumlin road gaol. Shows a disembodied head floating in the air.
Paul Browne

Captured at Crumlin Road Gaol and submitted to Belfast Live by Paul Browne, this next photo is certainly unsettling.

The photo is nearly pitch black, with the image of a face clearly illuminated in the bottom right corner. If you brighten the image, the face becomes more visible. It looks to be disembodied, with smooth white features and black pits where its eyes should be.

It would seem that spirits from the jail remain present in this historical tourist attraction.

Built in 1845, Crumlin Road Gaol stayed open until 1996. In 2010, it was restored and reopened as a multi-faceted venue. Part historical tourist attraction, part conference center, and part concert venue.

Paul Browne

Crumlin Road Gaol was the site of many hangings and executions over its operative years. With a few successful escapes occurring. It is clear there would be many reasons for the jail to feature a spirit’s lingering unhappiness. Has this spirit stayed behind to haunt the jail? Or does it have other unfinished business?

4. Scary Photos: Ghost of Young Boy Appears in Photo

Submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Joseph H, this photo features a frightening figure. Taken in 2019, the original shows three men posing along a driveway.

On closer inspection, you see the curtains of the house directly behind the men are slightly askew. It’s not until you zoom in that you spot this eerie figure shown in the second photo. It looks to be a small boy with grey skin. One eye is closed or possibly missing. When looking at the image, there’s a strange air of despair that seems to cling to the boy

It appears that the boy was captured in this photo purely accidentally. It is highly likely that the men would not have ever known he was there, haunting the home behind them, were it not for this perfectly timed and perfectly angled photograph. Would you be moving house?

3. Eerie Figure Appears in Photo


Posted by Reddit user Opal192, the figure captured in this photo is highly unusual and truly unique. What was supposed to be a simple photograph of a baby seemingly reveals itself to be evidence of a haunted house.

The baby takes up most of the screen, but you can see a dark and obscured figure is seen in the background. The person who took the photo is certain that there was no one in the background when it was taken, yet clear as day, there appears to be someone there. The figure looks to be shrouded in a robe of some kind. Their face is pale and bloated, with a dark mouth slightly agape. It almost feels like the presence is reaching out toward the child in the foreground.

Opal192 wanted to get to the bottom of this photo, so they brought it to a historian. Initially the expert was bemused by the image, saying that the figure looked like that of a Crusader. They noted the strange attire, likening it to a suit of armour that would often be worn by soldiers of the crusade era. Adding to the credibility of this theory, the home was apparently built on the former site of the town gallows.

This isn’t the first strange incident to occur in Opal192’s home, with odd sounds and visions of ghosts taking place. They seem confident that the figure captured in this photograph had long been the source of the ghostly woes in the family home.

2. Scary Photos: Weird Man Out at Sea

Posted by Twitter user lance210, this next photo is just as scary as it is unexplainable.

Captured in the middle of the day, we see a woman posing in front of the camera with the ocean behind her. However, just in the background there is a dark, obvious outline of a human-like figure seen right in the middle of the ocean. The silhouetted figure looks to be hovering just above or possibly standing right on the water.

The initial reaction from most viewers is that it’s a photoshopped image. However, lance210 explains that the figure is visible in a variety of photos the photographer, his mother, took that day on the beach. He even claims that the figure just appeared then disappeared in a few of the photos.

Theories range from simply a man standing on a sandbar, creating a strange perspective. Or perhaps even a person using a Flyboard, a contraption that propels the user upward with a jet of water. However, there’s no hose visible that’s normally seen when people are using a Flyboard. Some have suggested it’s a ghost. While the most outlandish hypothesis suggests it could be an amorous alien, referring to the rather eye catching bulge.

Whatever the case may be, it’s certainly a strange image.

1. Ghost Appears in Museum

Scary photo showing a possible ghost at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum
Jonathan Hanna


This photo was captured by Jonathan Hanna on one of the scariest days of the year, Halloween night, at Belfast’s Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

Captured in an old-fashioned train carriage, you can see a ghostly figure standing in the doorway at the opposite end of the carriage to the photographer. Creepily, it almost seems as though the figure has appeared in that very moment, just to stare back at the train carriage’s inhabitants, marking its territory.

If you zoom in, the figure looks skeletal. It has sunken, black eyes and the nose area is indented, much the way a human skull looks. It’s also transparent with a strange glowing quality.

Weirder still, we can see what appears to be the legs of another figure seated just opposite. It appears as though the photographer has been transported back to a moment lost to time, just long enough to capture this photograph.

Hanna said he got the shock of his life when he reviewed the photo. He was sure there was no one else around when the photo was taken. He’s also stated that he’d have no idea how to photoshop an image, claiming it’s one hundred percent genuine.

Some skeptics claim it’s a bit fishy that the photo was taken on Halloween night. However, historically Halloween or more accurately Samhain is a time when people believe a connection to the spirit realm is active. According to Irish mythology, it’s a period where the dead can contact the living world. Could this be a spirit peering through some kind of otherworldly doorway? One that’s only open on Halloween night?

While it is certain these historical train carriages contain a lot of history, it is not certain that its ghostly riders want anyone, this photographer included, barging in on their spooky train ride.