10 Shocking UFO Sightings Caught on Tape

Have you seen any of these?

5. UFO Over Hawaii, 2015

There’s not a lot of solid information to go on with this clip. It began appearing on Youtube in 2015. It claims to be filmed somewhere in Hawaii, however several channels report different dates for the sighting.

In the video we see a large cylinder shaped, white UFO floating in the sky. Around the centre object are, half a dozen or so, flashing lights. They pulse in and out of sight, darting here and there in the blue sky. The bigger object begins to move downward before flashing out of view. The other objects continue to pulse before darting quickly to the right of screen.

It’s hard to make further comment on this video as there is little else to go on. The person who captured the footage has never come forward, plus the differing dates and lack of precise location err this footage on the side of hoax.

If anyone has more information on this footage leave a comment down below.

4. Chilean Navy Spot UFO

This astonishing footage baffled government officials for more than two years and was officially released to the public in early 2017.

This clip was filmed on November 11, 2014 by a Chilean Navy helicopter pilot. An accompanying technician also witnessed the event and was at the time testing an infrared camera.

In the footage we see a disc-shaped object trailing across the sky. It flies at a similar altitude and trajectory of the helicopter. At two separate times, the UFO discharges a trail of hot liquid.

The object could be seen by the naked eye and by infrared camera, however the helicopter’s radar detected no nearby craft. After the technician reported the sighting, air traffic control confirmed that there was no aircraft planned to fly in that airspace at that time nor could they detect anything flying at that time.

The pilot made several attempts to contact the craft using the multi-national civilian bandwidth which is designed for these occasions – there was no answer.

An official investigation was launched by the CEFAA, a specialised Chilean government agency which examines UFOs or UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). After an exhaustive inquiry, the agency couldn’t come to any definite conclusions.

This footage is considered to be some of the most significant UFO footage ever captured. The two highly reliable navy witnesses, the quality footage filmed on military grade equipment, the fact that it goes for nine minutes all amounts to some of the most compelling evidence of the existence of extraterrestrials.

3. Pilots Film UFO, Chicago

This footage was captured in mid-2016 by a pilot flying over Chicago, Illinois.

In the video we see three glowing balls of light. They fly in a triangle formation right next to the plane. The three orbs shift about in the air effortlessly before taking off at great speed towards the bottom of the screen. The maneuverability of the objects is far too agile for it to be other commercial aircraft or even military fighter jets.

Reactions to this viral video vary from reflections on the window, weather phenomenon and lightning to angels and enlightened flying beings. What do you think this pilot has captured? Could this be proof of aliens from another planet?

2. UFO Behind Cloud, Sao Paulo

In early 2011, two motorists in Sao Paulo, Brazil captured this startling footage of a UFO hiding behind a cloud.

Submitted to a local TV station, G1, the video garnered significant media attention. In the clip we see a floating object hovering just behind a cloud. It holds there for around 60 seconds before taking off in a dazzling light display. The two witnesses are gobsmacked at the incident.

According to the TV report, the cameraman felt the earth shake the moment the UFO flashed out of sight. However, there was no recorded seismic activity at the time of the event in that area.

Skeptics claim that if you analyse frames of the footage, right as the truck passes in the clip, there are noticeable alterations that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

The two witnesses maintain the authenticity of the footage.

1. Cornwall Mass UFO Sighting

A mass UFO sighting occurred in the skies over Cornwall, England in July 2017. Numerous people captured footage of a strange shape-shifting object hovering in the sky. The phenomena happened over several days with dozens of witnesses reporting the event.

The first sighting occurred on Monday July 18th, when surfer Kiefer Krishnan posted his go-pro footage to Instagram.

Photographer Shayne House was the second to come forward with amazing footage of the object hovering above the A30 freeway. The UFO seems to shimmer in-and-out of visibility against the cloudy English sky.

Next a Twitter user by the name of Harry Wild posted his version of events taken on Fistral beach. Again, the same strange shimmering shape floating through the sky. Many responded to the Tweet, noting that it looked like a swarm of birds or insects drifting through the air.

Three more sightings occurred on the Tuesday, all showing the exact same object in the sky.

Many news outlets around England were quick to point out that the footage may be a planned hoax, orchestrated by a local conservationist initiative. The Eden Project is a series of gigantic greenhouse domes that house exotic plants and various exhibitions in Cornwall. At the time of the UFO sightings, The Eden Project were hosting an event called ‘Alien Encounter’. While they never officially owned up to the publicity stunt, it seems likely they were the culprits.

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