10 Celebrities with Strange Pets

5. Leonardo DiCaprio: Tortoise

Leonardo DiCaprio owns a strange pet.

Although small turtles are common pets, Leo purchased a large, 38 pound tortoise in 2010 and it is expected to grow up to 90kg (200 pounds) over its 80 year lifetime. As far as celebrities with strange pets go, Leo’s certainly qualifies.

4. Michael Jackson: Tiger

Michael Jackson owned strange pets

The late King of Pop was fond of all types of animals including his beloved chimpanzee Bubbles, but the most exotic was a large Bengal tiger appropriately named ‘Thriller’. The 170kg (375 pound) animal outlived the pop star, but passed away recently at the ranch of Tippi Hendren who was also known for keeping exotic pets.

3. Mike Tyson: Pigeons

Mike Tyson owned unusual pets

For a time, Tyson was one of the most fearsome boxers who ever stepped into the ring, but did you know his favorite pets are pigeons? In fact, Tyson got into his first fight after a neighborhood bully ripped the head off one of his pigeons.

2. Miley Cyrus: Pig

Miley Cyrus owns a strange pet

Pigs are common farm animals, but for celebrities like Miley Cyrus they are considered exotic pets. In the case of ‘Nora’, this was a rescued pig that she received on her 20th birthday and treasures her greatly. Cyrus can be seen holding her pet pig on the front cover of Paper Magazine’s 2015 summer edition.

1. Nicolas Cage: Octopus


While Nick is known for many things, his wild spending sprees, his oddball acting style, the Wickerman. Did you know he once purchased an octopus for a whopping $150,000? Nick says that having pets like the octopus near him helps with his acting.

So there’s our top 10 list of celebrities with strange pets. What do you think, did this listicle miss anything? Have you heard of any other famous people with bizarre pets? If so, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.