10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen

These Ghost Photographs Are Super Creepy!

From creepy little girls with teddy bears to ominous 9 foot tall apparitions, we take a cautious peep at 10 ghostly photos you have never seen.


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10. The White Lady Of Worstead Church

White Lady Of Worstead Church - 10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen


In 1975, Peter Berthelot took this photo of his wife Diane on a trip to Worstead Church in Norfolk, U.K.  The couple didn’t notice the mysterious figure sitting behind Diane until a friend pointed it out after flipping through the photos some months later. The following year the couple returned to Worstead Church where they showed the photo to Reverend Pettit, the church vicar. Reverend Pettit immediately recognised the apparition as The White lady, a ghostly resident of the church who had been in the area for more than 100 years.

9. Phantom Of The Philippines


Little is known about this photo taken in Manilla, Philippines. The two girls pictured claim that no one around at the time the photo was taken and that it was not double exposed. Many sceptics argue the validity of this picture while others believe it to be the evidence that proves the existence of the spirit world.

8. Ghostly Girl In Burning Building

Ghost In The Burning Building - 10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen


On November 19, 1995, Tony O’Rahilly captured this photo of the Wen Town Hall in Shropshire burning to the ground. O’Rahilly snapped the pic using a 200mm telephoto lens while standing on the other side of the street. Some locals claim that the little girl seen in the image is the ghost of Jane Churm, a young girl who, in 1677 accidently set fire to a thatched roof causing many of the town’s old timber houses to burn down.

7. Grey Lady Of Hampton Court

Grey Lady Of Hampton Court - 10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen

The Sun

This ghastly image was captured by Holly Hampsheir on a trip to Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, U.K. Twelve year old Hampsheir took a succession of photos of her cousin Brook McGee and didn’t think anything of them until she reviewed the snaps the following day. Some believe the figure Hampsheir captured in one photo to be that of Dame Sybil Penn, a servant at Hampton Court who died of smallpox in 1562. Sightings of the shadowy Dame began in 1829 after her tomb was moved due to renovations. Shortly after, strange sounds of someone working a spinning wheel could be heard late at night. This lead to a search of the palace where a secret chamber was discovered that housed a mysterious antique spinning wheel.

6. The Ghosts Of S.S. Waterdown

Ghosts Of SS Waterdown - 10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen


In 1924 Captain Keith Tracy of the S.S. Waterdown captured this eerie photo after his crewmen reported seeing the ghostly faces of two recently deceased sailors in the waves near the ship. Crew members Michael Meehan and James Courtney were said to have been overcome by fumes and died while cleaning an oil tank some days earlier. The pair were then buried at sea which was customary at the time. The following day just as evening was approaching, the first mate of the ship reported seeing the faces of the deceased sailors in the waves off the port side of the ship. After returning ashore Captain Tracy bought a camera and next time at sea he is said to have captured this unsettling photo.


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