Weird Facts about Nicolas Cage
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10 Bizarre Nicolas Cage Facts

Although Nicolas Cage has won a Best Actor Oscar for his work in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’, more people know him for his reported bizarre behavior and the weird facts that surround this mercurial actor. So join […]

Five hotels that make you feel like James Bond 007
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5 Hotels Where You Feel Like 007

As any Bond aficionado knows, hotels and spies naturally go together. In particular, Bond and his lovely ladies hang out at only the most luxurious hotels. From Ian Fleming’s own former island retreat to a […]

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10 Ghostly Photos You Have Never Seen

From creepy little girls with teddy bears to ominous 9 foot tall apparitions, we take a cautious peep at 10 ghostly photos you have never seen.   [embedyt][/embedyt]   10. The White Lady Of […]

Celebrities with strange pets

10 Celebrities with Strange Pets

Being a celebrity comes with many benefits which includes having enough money to indulge in various types of strange hobbies. One such hobby is the acquisition of exotic animals. It would appear that many famous people […]