Top 10 Best Games at E3 2017

Which of these games are you excited for?

The best of E3 2017. From Ubisoft and EA’s latest wares to Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey, join us as we countdown the top 10 best video games at E3 2017.

10. God of War (PS4)



God of War is a reboot to the franchise, developed by Santa Monica Studios and published exclusively for Playstation 4.

This is the eighth installment for the series and is set chronologically after the events of God of War 3. Traditionally this series has drawn upon Greek mythology for its world and character design, now it steps into a new era using Norse iconography and legends as inspiration.

You once again take control of Kratos but now you must lead and protect your son Atreus as you smash your way through the usual mix of enemies and novelty sized boss battles.

It’s been a little over four years since the last God of War game, so fans of the series are sure to revel in the button smashing goodness that is set to drop in early 2018.

9. Sea of Thieves (Xbox One, PC)



Sea of Thieves is a swashbuckling pirate adventure developed by Rare and published by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox One and PC.

You and several friends can take to the seas in this co-op, first person, action adventure. Your pirate cohort will have to work together, manning different parts of your ship as you sail around this massive open world looking for treasure. It’s a shared world, which means you’ll encounter other ragtag gangs of online players that may help or hinder your adventure.

Sea of Thieves is looking like it’ll be an absolute hoot. At the moment it’s scheduled for an early 2018 release.

8. Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)



Marvel’s Spider-Man is an upcoming Playstation 4 exclusive developed by Insomniac Games. It’s an all original story that isn’t tied to a movie or comic book.

Players will find themselves web-slinging and wall running through modern-day New York City in a stunning open world environment. The combat looks fresh and intuitive. The movement is dynamic with quick time events mixing up the action.

While Spiderman games have historically been lacklustre this looks like it could be everything fans would want and more – here’s hoping.

7. A Way Out (Xbox One, PS4, PC)



At E3 2017 EA announced an exciting new title called A Way Out. Created by Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons director Josef Fares, this jail-break, action adventure sees players teaming up split screen co-op style. You can play online or in the same room with a friend. Players will need to help each other solve puzzles and maneuver obstacles as you try to stay one step ahead of the police after an epic escape from prison.

This game has potential to be a bit of a sleeper hit, definitely one to keep an eye on.

6. Assassin’s Creed Origins (Xbox One, PS4, PC)



Ubisoft is at is again with another Assassin’s Creed game. This time gamers have had a one year reprieve between main titles to think about whether this game is something they want or need and the answer is…maybe?

Set in ancient Egypt, Assassin’s Creed Origins tells the story of the beginning of the assassin brotherhood. Players will find themselves in the familiar free-running shoes of a forgettable Animus puppet sent back in time to brutally murder people.

However, according to Origins’ director Ashraf Ismail, who helmed Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, they’ve aimed to freshen the franchise with a truly open world. Thankfully they’ve done away with tower sync points that were used to highlight ‘tasks’ on the map.  This time around you’ll control an eagle that can spot enemies and points of interest. Combat has also had an update with players now having to rely on dodges and parries and particular weapons to win fights, especially in the reintroduced boss battles.

Whether the draw of a few added features and the thrill of running through ancient Egypt will be enough to revive this tired franchise remains to be seen.


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