Top 10 Best Games at E3 2017

Which of these games are you excited for?

5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)



This is EA’s second foray into the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront franchise. After the previous title received some heavy criticism over its lean, online multiplayer only offering, it would appear EA is trying to make amends – yes that means a single player campaign.

The story mode is set sometime after the events of Return of the Jedi and leads all the way up to The Force Awakens. While there is scarce details on what the story line covers, players will take control of Inferno Squad Commander Iden Versio, a hero of the empire.

According to an interview with Mark Thompson, Creative Director at EA’s Motive, he wanted to explore stories from the perspective of the empire. ‘We’ve heard a lot about the heroes of the Rebellion… We wanted to give the Empire heroes in that same way.’

With a blend of intense online multiplayer and an intriguing single player campaign this could make for a rollicking good time. ‘We’ll watch your career with great interest’ – Old Man Palpatine, 1999.

4. Days Gone (PS4)



Days Gone is a Playstation 4 exclusive that was first unveiled at last year’s E3. This year Sony has released a 7 minute gameplay trailer that highlights some of the game’s features – so far it’s gritty, violent and zombie encrusted.

Set in a world where society seems to have frayed apart into factions fighting to survive, Days Gone is hugely reminiscent of The Last of Us.

In the trailer, gruff, biker dude Deacon St. John goes in search of a kidnapped friend. Along the way he encounters decaying wolves, violent thugs and a twitching mob of zombies who he unleashes onto another faction by blowing up a make-shift fence. The preview culminates with a shot of a giant zombie bear, all hacked up and ready to feast.

If highway bandits, zombies and undead grizzly bears pique your interest then this game could be a real hoot.

3. Far Cry 5 (Xbox One, PS4, PC)



The next explosive installment of Ubisoft’s Far Cry series was on show at E3 2017. Set in Montanta USA, players are thrust into a world besieged by a cultist known as ‘the father’. He believes the world is at a tipping point and must be cleansed of its sins.

Far Cry 5 is a hugely open world game where players can uncover the story in a variety of different ways. After an initial encounter with the cult leader, you’re forced into an unexplained world. It’s up to you to explore the land and meet characters to make the story unfold.

It looks like Far Cry 5 could be a refreshing change for the franchise, one that was suffering from a bit of wear and tear. Ubisoft is famous for its rinse and repeat frameworks that spawn yearly franchise incarnations. This however, could be the makeover this series needs.

2. Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)



It’s time to slip into some overalls, clip on a fake moustache and wipe down your Dorito dusted mittens ‘cos Mario is back. That’s right, Nintendo has finally realised that you actually have to release games to the public in order to be successful, something they seem to have forgotten in the last few years.

This time around, players take control of Mario in more familiar, exploration based gameplay reminiscent of the glory days of Super Mario 64. Added features include an bug-eyed hat named Cappy that Mario can throw at enemies to momentarily possess them such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas as well as objects like tanks and other devices.

This new adventure will see Mario explore outside of the Mushroom Kingdom via a hat-shaped ship named ‘Odyssey’. He’ll see new lands including a New York inspired level called ‘New Donk City’ as well as a desert landscape where he’ll don a sombrero and poncho.

For Nintendo fans this is shaping up to be champagne gaming, while for others it may be enough to tempt buying a Switch just to play it.

Old mate Mario will be bum busting onto screens on a world-wide release date of the 27th of October 2017.

1. Anthem (XBox One, PS4, PC)



Anthem is a brand new IP from Bioware, the developers that brought you the Mass Effect series. During the Microsoft press conference at E3 2017 we got a glimpse at this new world. So far it looks like Bioware’s answer to Destiny.

It’s set on a dystopian world teeming with strange creatures. You and your buddies can team up and let loose with an arsenal of awesome looking weaponry. There’s mech suits, loot, flying and a lush looking open world – this game is definitely one to look out for in the coming months.

So there’s what we think are the best video games at E3 2017. Did this listicle of the best of E3 2017 make your gaming thumbs twitch in delight or was it all over hyped? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.