Outlast is one of the scariest video games ever made.
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10 Scariest Video Games Ever Made

Here are the 10 scariest video games ever made. Whether it’s a simple jump scare or a gruesome torture scene, there have only been a few truly terrifying video games that have been regarded as […]

These are the best video games of E3 2017.
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Top 10 Best Games at E3 2017

The best of E3 2017. From Ubisoft and EA’s latest wares to Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey, join us as we countdown the top 10 best video games at E3 2017. 10. God of War (PS4) […]

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20 Unusual Facts About Overwatch

20 unusual Overwatch facts. From its strange beginnings as project Titan to becoming one of Blizzard’s greatest success stories, join us as we take a look at 20 fun and unusual facts about Overwatch. 20 – Overwatch was born […]