Weirdest ways to die. Could these happen to you?

9 of the weirdest ways to die. Can you believe it?



Weirdest ways to die No. 9 – Turtle Power


Being hit on the head is one of the weirdest ways to die.


It was written that in 400 B.C. the Athenian Aeschylus, was killed when a tortoise fell from the sky and hit him on the head. The tortoise was dropped by an eagle who mistook his head for a rock to break open the tortoise’s hard shell. Strangely enough, Aeschylus was staying outdoors to avoid a prophecy that he would meet his doom by a falling object.


Weirdest ways to die No. 8 – A Good Roasting


Grilled alive is one of the weirdest ways to die.


The martyr Saint Lawrence met his maker when he was roasted on a large grill during the persecution of the Roman emperor Valerian. One witness recalls that Saint Lawrence defiantly taunted his attackers by yelling “Turn me over. I’m done on this side!” It is little wonder that Saint Lawrence is now the patron saint of cooks.


Weirdest ways to die No. 7 – An Ill Advised Trip


Tripping on your long beard is one of the weirdest ways to die.


In 1567 Hans Steininger decided to take a stroll with his 1.4 metre beard blowing in the breeze. Normally, he kept his beard rolled up in a leather pouch but for some reason decided that this day he would not. As a result, Hans tripped on his mighty beard, breaking his neck.


Weirdest ways to die No. 6 – Don’t play with guns


Shooting yourself while demonstrating in court i one of the weirdest ways to die.


In 1871 lawyer Clement Vallandigham was defending a man on murder charges. Whilst demonstrating how it was possible that the victim may have actually shot himself, the gun in Vallandigham’s hand discharged. His display was enough to convince the jury and the accused killer was allowed to walk free.


Weirdest ways to die No. 5 – Glass? Who Gives a Shit About Glass?


Running into a window is one of the weirdest ways to die.


In 1993 Garry Hoy fell from the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Centre. Hoy, a lawyer, was demonstrating to a group of visitors that the windows were made of unbreakable glass. He did prove the glass to be unbreakable however the intact sheet popped out of the window frame.


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