Crazy eBay listings. I couldn’t believe number 2

Crazy eBay listings you have to see to believe

Top dollar Twinkies, tropical islands and even a ghost. Join us as we browse some of eBay’s craziest listings of all time. Some of the things these people are selling are just insane.



Crazy eBay listing no. 8 – Nutri Grain phone home

A piece of Nutri Grain that looks like E.T? That's a crazy eBay listing.


It was reported in an Australian newspaper that a piece of Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain sold for a little over $1000 because of its remarkable resemblance to E.T.


Crazy eBay listing no. 7 – Top dollar Twinkie

Ten million dollar case of Twinkies? That's a crazy eBay listing.


When the production of Twinkies ceased in 2012, cases of the yellow cream filled delights began to appear on eBay. One case reportedly fetching $10 million with the catch that $1 million would go to a charity of the buyer’s choice and the case of Twinkie’s would be delivered in a van bearing a logo also of the buyer’s choice.


Crazy eBay listing no. 6 – Welcome to Jurassic Park 

A new insect species? That's a crazy eBay listing.


In 2008 Dr Richard Harrington shelled out 20 pounds to purchase a 45 million year old aphid encased in amber from a seller in Lithuania. Dr Harrington later discovered that the aphid he bought was in fact an unknown species. He went on to name his find after himself – Mindarus harringtoni.


Crazy eBay listing no. 5 – Love for your neighbor

An entire country for sale? That's a crazy eBay listing.


When a listing appeared on eBay to buy New Zealand, eBay promptly closed the auction but not before the price had risen to $3000. Turns out it was listed by a man from Brisbane, Australia.


Crazy eBay listing no. 4 – Island dream

An island paradise? That's a crazy eBay listing.


In January 2003 a U.S. virgin island, Thatch Cay, was listed on eBay for auction with a minimum bid of $3 million. This unique purchase item didn’t stay listed for long. The successful sale was closed on 16th January.


Crazy eBay listing no. 3 – Mid life crisis

An American fighter jet? That's a crazy eBay listing.


In 2004 a man named Mike Landa listed an F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet at a starting bid of $1 million. Landa, the legal owner of the jet, was told by the FBI that he could only sell the plane to an American citizen who was living in the U.S. and that the jet could never leave U.S. airspace.


Crazy eBay listing no. 2 – Into the sunset

Selling your life? That's a crazy eBay listing.


In 2008 Ian Usher sold his entire life for $384 000. The deal included all of his belongings, house, his job and an introduction to all his friends.


Crazy eBay listing no. 1 – Ghost of auctions past

Selling a ghost? That's a crazy eBay listing.


While raising money for cancer research, Michael Fawcett tried to sell a ghost on eBay. Officials at eBay quickly removed the listing stating is was against their policy to sell ‘intangible items or items whose existence cannot be verified on receipt of them, such as ghosts, souls, or spirits’