Weird Videos That Are Making People Feel Uneasy

Have you ever been surfing the internet and come across a video that made your skin crawl and your hair stand on end? These weird videos stick with you for hours or even days after you watch them, leaving you with a visceral sense of confusion and dread. If you have a taste for the macabre, check out these weird videos that are making a lot of people uneasy.

6. Weird Videos: The Optica Network



Some weird videos, such as this one posted by a YouTube channel called gothic arthouse, don’t seem all that strange at first. However, the more you think about them, the stranger they become. “The Optica Network” videos claim to present research about dreams and what they mean. They’re presented as a sort of welcome video, as though you’ve signed up to some kind of strange sleep experiment. Fairly quickly, they make you question the line between waking reality and dream state. What would happen if you couldn’t tell the two apart?

This particular video, part nine of the series, discusses certain aspects of dreams that the network considers red flags. The video begins with an unsettling vision of a shadowy figure lurking outside an apartment. The red flags it refers to suggest that someone or something has infiltrated your dreams and may be there to cause harm.

For example, dreaming about flying could suggest that you are ready to make a big change in your life. However, the video warns that you should never make a decision before “consulting your local Optica agent”. Additionally, if you find yourself trapped in your dreams, Optica warns that you should not talk to yourself. Turns out, duplicates can be very dangerous. Such incidents, along with numerous others, should be immediately reported to an Optica agent for your own safety.

After discussing a few red flags, the video is interrupted by strange ads and audio labeled as Confidential Optica Records, in which we hear an Optica patient moaning “let me see him”. We also hear an official sounding voice stating ‘make sure the patient doesn’t wake up’.

The video ends by instructing viewers to go to sleep immediately, as everything is fine. However, they are unlikely to sleep soundly, as this video is the stuff of nightmares.

Ultimately, it’s a surreal piece that makes you feel like you’re in an alternate reality in which an ominous entity ‘the optica network’ has induced you into a permanent dream-like state. It’s well worth a watch in your own time.

5. Glass Casing Levitates in Russian Museum



The Chelyabinsk State Museum in Southern Russia, is home to numerous interesting artifacts. However, one of the most intriguing items displayed at the museum is a fragment of the Chelyabinsk meteor.

The largest surviving fragment of the meteorite resides in a glass case cabinet inside the museum. To lift the dome covering the meteorite, a museum official must obtain formal approval, so it is rarely opened. The remote control that operates the four separate motors is kept in a secret place watched by a security camera. Yet, in December of 2019, a different security camera recorded something unusual: the case lifting on its own. No one had been authorized to open the case, and the remote was secured in its usual place. Some state that it was most likely a mechanical glitch, but the odds of all four motors malfunctioning simultaneously are unlikely.

Several theories have been put forth. Some believe that the heavy glass must have been lifted by a poltergeist or some kind of paranormal force. Others have suggested that the meteorite might have exuded an extraterrestrial force that made all four motors malfunction.

This chunk of space rock entered Earth’s atmosphere over Russia in 2013, burning brighter than the sun. Because of its humongous size and heavy atmospheric pressure, the meteor burst in the sky, creating a violent shock wave, hot dust and gas, and numerous smaller fragments of rock that sped to the ground. The energy from the blast was approximately 26 times as much as was produced by the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. According to authorities, 1,491 people were injured by the blast. Injuries ranged from broken bones and concussions to flash blindness and ultraviolet burns. Around 7,200 buildings were also damaged by the blast.

So what do you think made the glass move? Let me know your theories in the comments below.

4. Weird Videos: Shed Head Man


In Bristol, UK there have been strange sightings of a man wearing a shed on his head. For years people have reported seeing a person with a sort of shed helmet walking the local streets, but were unsure whether it was some kind of publicity stunt or prank.

In the above video uploaded to YouTube by Edward Jenkins, you can see one such sighting of the infamous shed head. The shed is adorned with brightly colored lights that flash in time with the techno music blaring from the structure. The shed’s chimney often spouts small flames and smoke, making it hard to miss the bizarre spectacle.


Subsequent sightings have been popping up all around the Internet. This video here, from an unknown source, shows the the man walking down the street, as the shed blares out music. The man behind the shed engages in relatively normal behavior while going about town. As the music blares and the chimney smokes, he walks the streets, checks his phone, and does his shopping.

This mysterious character recently made headlines in the UK when he was spotted doing some shopping in a local Aldi supermarket.


Recently, the local Bristol celebrity has self-identified as Michael Shedworth. He did an interview on Big Jubba’s YakShak music podcast to clarify his way of life. According to the aptly named Mr. Shedworth, the shed is not really a face covering; it is part of his body. He claims that both of his parents are sheds and that the “shed head” developed naturally as part of his body. As he got older, the shed developed more fine details, such as its glossy coat and chimney, which he claims are part of a shed’s natural maturation process. The music, lights, and flames are also natural according to Mr. Shedworth, emanating from inside him.

Despite operating under the Shedworth moniker, the man’s true identity remains a mystery. Whether Mr. Shedworth is really a “shed head,” an attention-seeker, or slightly-unhinged, the weird videos of him living his life are not easily forgotten.

3. Weird Moving Lumps



According to one of our viewers, NightRiderV12, something strange has been happening between the sheets. In this set of weird videos, the thing that goes bump in the night gets a little too close for comfort.

As NightRiderV12 rests in bed, a small lump begins moving around underneath the covers. He states that the covers are too thick and heavy to be moved by the wind. Even if the sheets could have been disturbed by the wind, there was almost no breeze coming in through the nearby window. His hands and feet are clearly above the sheets, so he couldn’t have made the movements himself. He even reaches out to touch the moving spot to confirm that there are no small animals underneath the sheets. Yet, the movements continue. The viewer states that this has happened numerous times.

The family believes that they know what is causing the strange phenomenon recorded in these videos. About six months before the creepy movements began, the family dog unfortunately drowned in the backyard pool. The dog got stuck underneath the pool cover and died while attempting to get out from under the thick tarp. The family believes that the videos show the ghost of the deceased pet. We can see that the movements resemble an animal poking its snout upward from beneath, just as the dog must have done as it attempted to get air while stuck under the pool cover. The weird videos seem to suggest that the dog is reliving its final moments while in the afterlife.

2. Weird Videos: Ghost Cat Caught on CCTV



In another case of a ghostly pet, a CCTV video captured by Juliette Bird and Deanna Crawte seems to have recorded a feline friendship that goes beyond the grave.

In July 2020, housemates Juliette and Deanna were notified that their security camera had captured movement.

The footage shows a parking area where two cars are sitting idle. The cameras are intended to prevent theft, but they caught something much more eerie. A cat with all white fur walks across the sidewalk in front of the cars. Although all-white cats are sometimes playfully called “ghost cats,” this kitty is not the most interesting thing in the video. A moment later, another animal follows the white cat onto the screen. This cat, rather than being completely white, is utterly transparent. This second cat follows its feline friend until it seems to vanish into thin air.

The housemates identified the white cat as their neighbour’s pet Topsy. When they showed the neighbour the footage, the neighbour said they had another cat called Liquorice who had recently passed away.

Is Tospy is being followed by his old friend Liquorice? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

1. The Ayuwoki Videos



In 2009, YouTuber thomasrengstorff posted a strange video showing his latest animatronic creation. Little did he know that the disturbing figure would take the internet by storm, earning a place in the nightmare hall of fame.

The animatronic is modeled to look like the late pop star Michael Jackson. It moves in time with music that plays in the background. However, as the song plays and the animatronic figure’s differently sized eyes stare into the camera, you can hear the distinct sounds of a man screaming and an eerie voice speaking incomprehensibly.

Videos and stories of the creation spread like wildfire. The animatronic figure was eventually named El Eni Ayuwoki: an intentional misspelling of “Annie, are you okay,” which is a popular lyric from Jackson’s song, Smooth Criminal. The lore claims that the hideous Ayuwoki might appear in your bedroom, always around 3am. The quiet of the night would be shattered by a sound resembling Jackson’s iconic “Hee hee” vocal riff.



The infamy of Ayuwoki led to other videos, comics, and memes. The most famous is the supposedly cursed video shared by YouTuber Vann As.

The video shows a creature with Ayuwoki’s face atop a pair of long legs clad in loose black pants; the creature has no torso, neck, or arms. It walks up a set of stairs and then begins dancing manically. The muffled Spanish narration tells the story of a man coming across a Michael Jackson CD lying in the street. After playing the CD, he goes insane and is committed to an asylum.

Some say the video is cursed and that watching it even just once could induce panic disorders, anxiety and deep feelings of existential dread. There are rumours of people slipping into a permanent state of psychosis.