Weird Videos From the Foul Depths of Youtube


From weird videos of disturbing cartoons and unsettling weather warnings, to an archive of some of the most chilling videos found on Youtube, join us as we take a look at some weird videos from the foul depths of Youtube.

5. Weird Videos – Plastic Men

While there are a large number of weird videos uploaded to YouTube, this video uploaded by user treatsforbeasts is one of the more unsettling offerings from the site. Perhaps creepier than found footage videos, this video depicts a flash animated green creature bent and contorted.

The look on the creature’s face is one of discomfort as the creature begins to repeat its high-pitched and wheezing chant over and over again, stating:

“Plastic men, women, and children want to tickle me in the wilderness. They watch as I caress my exposed spine… I’m ashamed of my own body.”

As though it wasn’t unsettling enough the first time, the creature spends the rest of the video repeating its chant as dramatic organ music plays in the background. Speaking of plastic people, the video cuts to flash drawings of a family with gnarled hands and black eyes seemingly walking toward the creature in an effort to “tickle” it as the creature states.

Speaking of its exposed spine, the video makes a point to show viewers the gnarled and exposed flesh. Just as the viewer begins to get thoroughly creeped out by the creature, it makes a point of lamenting over its hatred of its own body, causing the viewer to feel bad for the poor thing before it begins to repeat its chant over and over again.

4. Best Haul Video on the Internet

This video appears to begin like any other haul video on YouTube might. A woman sat in front of the video confessional style begins to talk about her recent shopping haul and things seem as though they are about to proceed as normal.

However, the video begins by underlying the sound of water going down a drain behind the woman’s words. Every photo and bedside lampshade has the same photo of a distraught face. This reminds the viewer that they’re actually watching what appears to be one of many weird videos uploaded to the YouTube channel YouHaveSchizophrenia.

“Is it a chipmunk?” a voiceover asks, seemingly referencing the woman’s high-pitched voice. In an odd electronica remix, the woman’s face is slowly and disturbingly reanimated by the editor. Her mouth begins to move in time with the beat and her eyes blink unsettlingly. In between going cross-eyed and having her own face replaced by that of another screaming and distressed person.

The background begins to distort as the woman’s eyes are multiplied and redistributed all across her body, her mouth doubled and moved to the top of her head in a truly trippy fashion. The music continues as the woman’s face returns to normal. However, her voice has been chipmunked in order to match the comment made at the beginning of the video, having gone high-pitched and sped-up.

It seems as though the user may have been attempting to make some commentary on the original video itself or YouTube haul culture as a whole. Either way, the video ends with a voice seemingly speaking to the user and stating, “You have paranoid schizophrenia.”

3. Weird Videos – Weather Service

This video uploaded to the YouTube Channel LOCAL 58 – COMMUNITY TELEVISION begins just like any other weather advisory video might – proclaiming a weather warning by the national emergency alert system. An unsettling alert sound begins to play.

What is not typical for these types of videos is for them to issue oddly galactic warnings for meteorological events. The distorted footage cuts to weird videos from a second camera, seemingly positioned to give viewers a snippet of the meteorological event itself. Close-up, the video seems to present a view of an unidentified planet or moon floating in space.

The next title card makes sure to warn citizens not to observe the mysterious and unnamed event with their naked eye, for their own protection.

The footage then cuts to a more traditional looking TV schedule backed by jazzy elevator music, the video is again interrupted by the emergency alert system, this time displaying the warning, “civil danger alert” with a menacing red background.

This warning is unfamiliar and seems more alarming. It’s almost as though the network or some other broadcasting entity is attempting to block the flow of emergency information to the general public.

As with many emergency situations, specifically extraterrestrial ones, the idea of the government or powers that be blocking the flow of information is one of the most terrifyingly common theories.

Two conflicting messages pass by in quick succession. The first warns civilians not to look at the sky, and to not leave their homes. This screen is almost immediately replaced by a “correctional” screen informing viewers that the event is actually safe to view and the warning has been lifted. These conflicting messages make the viewer question what is safe and what is not.

Even creepier, the next warning seems to command viewers to, “Go outside now.” Viewers now start to feel as though the feed is being hacked into by some malevolent force without their best interests in mind. The footage continues to cut away to distorted videos with ominous messages that are difficult to make out.

The message that cuts into the footage starts off advising viewers to, “look at the moon” before it is color-corrected to warn viewers, “do not look at the moon.” Viewers get the distinct feeling that there are two forces at work in the broadcast, directly at odds with one another.

The distorted warning continues to advise viewers to stay inside, avoid looking out as well as to avoid mirrors and to avoid looking up.

The video cuts back to a warning from the weather service stating, “it’s in the light, the moon came in, he found me, thru the mirror, moonlight white, white like eyes, not light but blood, I drown in him, if you are afraid, we will look together.”

Before giving the viewers any time to process this or look away, the footage immediately cuts to a view of the moon, the entity the viewers have been warned to not look at.

While this video alone is disturbing enough, this channel as a whole is known for its well-made weird videos. Part of a series composed by Kris Straub, the idea was to create an anthology series of spliced together found footage and emergency alert footage uploaded by the fictional TV station Local 58 WCLV-TV.

The channel focuses on creating well-made, bone-chilling horror advisories meant to mimic those created by government authorities or weather stations. As a whole, these videos give sense of what it might be like to experience a world-wide catastrophic event for real.

There’s quite a few videos on the channel that are well worth checking out.

2. Woody Scream

When searching YouTube for weird videos, this video uploaded by user Waffledoodle is one of the more unsettling ones. Depicting a man’s face floating against a black screen, the video is flash animated to display various parts of the man’s face moving on their own.

The man’s eyes roll back and his mouth opens wider as his eyes turn purely red. Named ‘Woody Scream’, one can imagine the man depicted in the video as ready to give a piercing, otherworldly scream of pain just as the creepy video cuts out.

This video is definitely from the weird side of Youtube.

1. Meatsleep

This is just one of many videos uploaded to YouTube as part of the channel Meatsleep Archives, a channel dedicated to preserving the original works of a channel called ‘Meatsleep’.

Over the years, the Meatsleep channel has gathered thousands of subscribers. The central figure, someone going by the online moniker Meat, has been confusing and scaring people for quite some years. Although the channel as a whole seems to be comprised of at least 11 users, all hailing from different parts of the world.

The videos are highly disturbing in nature, many depicting violent acts such as kidnapping, stalking, and cannibalism, and are not for the faint of heart. Dedicated viewers of the channel have many theories as to the video uploaders’ identities as well as the origins of the videos. Some believe the videos to have originated from a prank gone wrong, while others believe the disturbing nature of the content to have spawned from Meat himself, deeming him a likely serial killer and cannibal.

Over the years, the channel uploaded 91 videos that were taken down and replaced with a singular video entitled “No More,” as though the channel themselves made an effort to put an end to the disturbing content of their videos. Since then however, the channel seems to have completely vanished, giving spawn to countless copycat channels.

The channel Meatsleep Archives made sure to back up the original videos and has uploaded them so that fans may continue analyzing them. This disturbing found footage video titled ‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡ depicts a dank basement of an unknown location. The voice, perhaps that of Meat himself, assures an unknown person that he has “cleaned her” and reminds the person over and over that they live there now.

Disorienting shots of the basement show a bottle of bleach, a filthy shower and an ominous black bag, about the size of a human body. The rest of the video carries on in a similar fashion, drawing in potential new Meat conspiracy theorists bent on discovering the true intentions of the man behind the channel.

Those who are a fan of highly disturbing content and willing to put the work in to discover the identity and intentions of the entities behind such disturbing videos will likely enjoy going through the archives of Meat content and forming their own theories, as these are some of the creepiest videos on the internet.