8 Weird Photos That Shouldn’t Exist

These photos are bizarre!

4. Vampire Cage

This is one of many weird photos that shouldn't exist.

This is a grave from Victorian era, England. It’s thought that the cage was intended to keep villagers safe from vampires and zombies who might rise from their graves. If their corpses were reanimate the cage would stop them from escaping.

However, some historians have noted that these cages might actually have been used for the opposite reason, to stop grave robbers from pillaging wealthy family tombs.

What do you think, is this cage keeping things in or out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

3. Alien Mummy Hand

This is one of many weird photos that shouldn't exist.

In January 2017, researchers claimed that they had discovered a mummified hand that they believed to be extraterrestrial in origin.

Author Brien Foerster claims he and his team were given the strange mummified specimen from some cavers who were exploring a network of tunnels in southeastern Peru.

It alleged that the three fingered hand was found near an unusual elongated skull.

Foerster claims that X-rays were taken of the hand which shows each of the long fingers have six bones each, instead of three found in human fingers. He also said that he had a physician examine the specimen who verified that the find was made of real tissue and bone but the DNA didn’t match any known species of animal.

The conclusion Foerster and his team came to was that the mummified hand was not human but came from a lifeform of some kind.

Unfortunately, tests from independent researchers haven’t been conducted. Also the names and qualifications of Foerster’s team haven’t been verified which leads many to think that the specimen discovered is a hoax.

However, the bizarre three fingered mummified hand has fueled hope for many alien enthusiasts that this is genuine evidence that extraterrestrials have visited our planet.

2. Creepy Reflection

This is one of many weird photos that shouldn't exist

This weird photo was posted to Reddit a few years ago.

User ‘heartshiddles’ posted the photo to show off a quilt that she had made. However, in the background you can see that her reflection in the mirror is somehow looking straight at the camera.

Understandably, most Reddit users who saw the post were freaked out by the image. A debate quickly sparked as to how her reflection could be facing that direction. Some called the image cursed or haunted, saying the young girl might be a witch. Others took a more reasonable approach and simply labelled the picture a Photoshop hoax.

There’s quite a few of these altered reflection photos floating around the Internet, whether they’re hoaxes or not, they certainly make for a very creepy image.

1. Monster Spotted, Great Wall of China

This is one of many weird photos that shouldn't exist.

In June 2014, a series of photos surfaced that appear to show a goblin-like monster in a ravine near the Great Wall of China.

An anonymous Chinese tourist said he was camping in Huairou, Beijing when he wandered away from the campsite to go to the toilet. It was at this moment he spotted a bizarre looking creature squatting on a rock. He took out his phone and took a series of photos that almost defy explanation.

When local news outlets contacted the witness he said: ‘I walked far away to have a pee, and suddenly saw a monster’.

When the photo set did the social media rounds people were quick to dub the monster Gollum from Lord of the Rings or even Dobby the house-elf from Harry Potter.

Some analysts have noted that the figure bares a striking resemblance to a costume featured in a Chinese TV commercial that was aired around the same time.

So what do you think, real or fake? Did the tourist just stumble onto a photoshoot for an ad or did he really witness some kind of cryptid animal that is yet to be classified by modern science?